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Author: The Basset

Get February ready

So here we are at the end of January. Oddly, I have been healthier and exercised more without the New Years Resolutions and Goals. I am going to make sure my brain doesn’t say anything to my body and see how long I can...

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A World Of Intrigue, Danger, And Secrets

This collection by author Jennifer Haskin are riveting and imaginative science fiction novels that expertly weaves exhilarating action and nail-biting suspense. Perfect for fans of books like The Selection and The Hunger Games....

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Make It Red

Today I am going to do a public service announcement. If you want to go out to dinner on Valentines Day… MAKE THE RESERVATION NOW! Places will be booking up super fast, so save yourself from having to reserve a last minute...

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Just For Me

I have tried to show some self control this week, but I am unable to any longer. OFF TO THE THRIFT STORE!! Enjoy the free Kindle Books! Crucible of Fear: A Thriller by D.W. Whitlock (79 Reviews) Genre: Action & Adventure |...

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