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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

How Did That Movie End?

Morning y’all today is my last day for a while… don’t be sad as much as I love the job I am looking forward to getting some much needed rest. Last night my brothers and I were watching a movie together and I...

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Let’s Be Quick I Have A Date With Some Crickets

Good afternoon my adoring subjects… it is I Queen Jackie (but you already knew that). I must be quick as I was walking in I noticed a new box of crickets and I am just dying to get my hands on them before the rest of the...

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All Work And No Play

If you are looking for a story that shows how love may be difficult but it is possible to love someone unconditionally through it all than look no further than Spiral by author Mila Ferrera. You will fall in love with her...

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A New Song Does Not Help

Morning everyone…ugh so I was so sick of my alarm that I decided the simple solution was to change the song that woke me up… let’s just say it did not work… I have come to realize it doesn’t matter...

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Where Is My Crown

Really my adoring fans I still love you but I feel like some days I am putting more into this relationship than you are… I mean last night I dreamt you bought me a new crown… and I have been told that sometimes my...

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