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Author: The Basset's Apprentice

Combat Cendrilla

If you are looking for a twist on the classic fairytale characters you know then look no further than The Seven Kingdoms by Cordelia Castle. The fairytales come to life, just not in the way we used to know and will have you on...

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And Then the Clouds Came In

Good morning book lovers. I am afraid the beautiful morning I had yesterday is now gone. When I left all of the other ladies were still sleeping, the house is now a sleeping house I guess. I think I disrupted the cats beauty...

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I Want a Peck of Pickled Crickets

Well afternoon book lovers I am here for your afternoon book fill. I know I could use some more crickets right about now. I might have had a little trouble with self control this morning. So if anyone wants to amazon prime me...

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The Last Apache Warrior

If you’re looking for a gripping story mixed wonderfully with history than look no farther than Geronimo’s Bones by Darrell Bryant. This compelling story will have you turning the pages always wanting more. This mix...

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Warm Mornings… Summer is a Coming

Well you know what happens when the Bassets are away? The chickens will play!! And also be given the responsibility of working… so I guess the chickens will work and play while the Bassets are away. But it is such a...

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