Happy FOURTH OF JULY!! Oddly, we have nothing planned for the day. No parties, no fireworks, not even a little BBQ of our own. I think we are still exhausted from our camping trip and the heatwave we are experiencing right now is certainly keeping us indoors. A lot of the fireworks shows are being canceled due to the heat. Maybe we will watch a fun movie together. I heard of this one called “Born on the Fourth of July” It’s a Tom Cruise movie, so it’s gotta be fun and filled with action, right? Hahahaha… Yaaa… I know, I know.

The Protector (Jack Widow Book 17)
by Scott Blade
4.6 Stars (3,895 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Thrillers

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They want her dead. But there’s a problem. Widow stands in the way.

Widow walks the side of the road at night when a pair of headlights is headed his way. It’s the first car in hours. With a thumb out, he hopes to get a ride. But when the car drives erratically at high speeds, Widow dodges, nearly being rammed to death. The driver barrels the car into a tree. It turns out the driver had a heart attack. Waiting for help to arrive, the driver enlists Widow’s help. The driver is a US Marshal. He was on his way to stop an attack on one of his witnesses. She’s been in the witness relocation program, hiding, living a new life. Now, they know who she is. They want her dead. Her only hope is her new protector — Jack Widow.

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Caught on Camera (The Davenports Book 1)
by Kim Law
4.3 Stars (1,713 Reviews)
Genre: Sagas | Women’s Fiction

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America’s golden boy and a woman with a scarred past trying not to get caught on camera…

JP Davenport was born political royalty.

There’s no escaping the attention always focused on him — no matter how hard he tries.

And when the senate seat needs to be filled, all eyes in the country turn his way.

But he doesn’t want it.

His attention is focused on one thing — Vega, the beautiful videographer trying to score an interview with him.

Despite their instant chemistry, she seems immune to his charms.

Which only makes him want her more.

He doesn’t know the truth.

Being with him would thrust Vega in the spotlight and expose her own secrets.

After hiding for years behind the lens to escape her past, she doesn’t want to be put in front of it.

Yet her feelings for the dashing, charming, golden boy of American politics places her front and center.

When their attraction finally combusts and dirty deeds from the past resurface to sully the present, will it mean an end to their future, or is love worth the risk?

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Menace in the Mysterious Train: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.4 Stars (471 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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When Edgar Campbell arrives in Red River, he falls victim to a deceitful poker player and loses every worldly possession he has. Without hope, a horse, or even a pistol, Edgar gambles on a chance meeting with someone that will turn things around. Fortunately, luck smiles on him when he is assigned with the simple task of accompanying a cattle baron’s livestock to another town. Little does he know that amongst the cattle there is a cargo much more valuable, that will get him into trouble and will put his life in grave peril. What will Edgar be willing to risk in order to accomplish a mission that isn’t as innocent as it first seemed? Will he manage to protect the valuable shipment and defeat a murderous gang that disperses fear in its wake?

While Edgar is running for his life, he crosses paths with his boss’s daughter, who, determined to prove her worth, disguises herself and jumps on the same train with him. When Edgar discovers her true identity, he will do whatever it takes to protect her from the vicious outlaws who have invaded the train. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes that her braveness and wit have made him lose his mind. But as long as criminals are after them and his life is at stake, he has no time for love. Will Edgar help Rose survive the treacherous journey? Will he manage to get out of this train safe and sound, despite the endless challenges he encounters?

Fierce crossfires and an unprecedented hide and seek, take Edgar and Rose on an adventure that will remain indelible in their minds. Will they endure the wild ride across the frontier west? Or will overpowering forces ruin their chance at happiness once and for all?

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Discovery: The Mars Frontier Series Book 1
by Paul Rix
4.1 Stars (196 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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What if we’re not alone in the Universe? Georgia Pyke is about to learn the truth, but at what cost?

2034 – Boots on Mars. America wins yet another space race. Human exploration and colonization of the Red Planet can begin.

Earth’s resources are diminishing. Against a backdrop of global unrest, hunger, disease and poverty, the Earth’s superpowers send their most courageous astronauts on separate missions to conquer a brave new world!

Mission specialist Georgia Pyke arrives on Mars with bold ideals for the future. She wants to create a colony that doesn’t contain the petty rivalries and jealousies of Earth. She just needs to find a way to achieve her goal when the colonist’s main focus is on surviving the hostile environment.

When a near-death experience opens Georgia’s eyes to much larger possibilities that could alter the future of the entire human race, she inadvertently sets a deadly chain of events in motion.

Little does she know there is a traitor in their midst. Someone who has been holding a grudge for six years. A grudge that has been silently festering and waiting for an opportunity for revenge. And murder is about to be the first crime committed on Mars.

Can Georgia prevent a tragedy from occurring to the colonists?

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The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop (The South Side Stories Book 2)
by Abigail Drake
4.4 Stars (1,186 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction

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A brilliant chemist. A dusty old magic shop. A secret book of spells. What could possibly go wrong?

When PhD candidate Grace O’Leary finds a book of spells hidden in her Aunt Lucy’s run-down shop, the scientist in her itches to try them out. She mixes up a batch of love potions as a joke — and is left facing the consequences when they actually seem to work.

Her dream of becoming a professor is in peril, the shop is on the verge of closing, her aunt has become forgetful and confused, and a handsome reporter named Dario Fontana keeps sniffing around for a story. The last thing she needs is for him to find out about the love potions and expose her as fraud, but the sizzling chemistry between them is soon too powerful to deny.

With her personal and professional life in chaos, and her budding relationship with Dario in jeopardy, Grace is faced with a difficult choice. Fixing what is broken means going against every logical bone in her body. Can Grace silence her scientific brain long enough to accept the truth about magic… and also about herself?

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