Five out of six of us are not part of political extremes and want meaningful reform.

If you are reading this, chances are you are part of this silent-but-overwhelming majority. In a world where narrative is controlled by extremes, where do we find our voice? How can we recover our national talent to solve problems?

The Reformer’s Dilemma
by Ricardo Rossello Nevares
4.2 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Politics & Social Sciences | Foreign Languages | Biographies & Memoirs

As a scientist, entrepreneur, and former governor, I look at my experiences — good, bad, and ugly — through a critical lens, to explore the challenges to reforms. Some of the stories from this book will be told for the first time, including my ten hours with President Trump, the devastation of Hurricane Maria, managing a fiscal-economic crisis, the social uprising that prompted my exit from office, and the surprising, unsolicited vote back into politics.

The Reformer’s Dilemma draws a path forward in three main ways:

1. The Reformer’s Dilemma: Our society requires a rapid rate of change, yet it is hard to come by. Why? Crisis if you do, crisis if you don’t. This provokes a standstill. How can we address this?

2. Framework to Reform: We will weed out the factors that impact the pace of reform and, ultimately, develop a model for reform dynamics with insights for policy makers and voters alike.

3. The Radical Middle: We will explore the opportunity to rethink and reshape the ill-portrayed middle into a political force that directly tackles the challenges to reform.

The silent majority should stay silent no more. Raise your voice and be a part of the effort to depolarize societies and help democracies.

Step past the divide and solve the Reformer’s Dilemma.

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