After work and chores today I am off to kill a few more plants. This time in the front yard. I am getting ready for Spring and I need to thin out a few of the original plants I had put in when I removed the lawn and replaced it with  a dry riverbed and bee loving plants and shrubs. Everything got so huge the plants are just too crowded. It really seems like a shame to yank out perfectly good plants, but its better to have one happy plant then three smooshed plants that have no room to grow. They gave me four good years. NOW GIT!!

The Romance is Dead (Loverly Cave Series Book 1)
by Daisy Thorn
4.4 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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You break up with your boyfriend of ten years after walking in on him with another woman. A day later you received a phone call from your mother whom you haven’t spoken to all those years and it’s to deliver gruesome news.
You have no job, no life, no future plans. And now you are moving into a new quirky town where only happy weirdos live. And the final cherry on top, the sisters who hate you are moving here as well.

Sounds fun? Because I am having a blast over here…

But nothing else shakes me as much as the local tattoo artist slash the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen who refuses to ink what I want on my body.
The romance is dead. Is that so hard to tattoo? Only Alec Colson is determined to prove me wrong and I am not sure how long my resistance can withstand his attention…

I just need to keep one thing in mind. No matter what The Romance is Dead

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Murder in the 1920s (A Green Oaks Bookbinding Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Penny Brooke
4.7 Stars (58 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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After inheriting her grandmother’s sprawling estate in the picturesque town of Green Oaks, Massachusetts, bookbinding hobbyist Charlotte Young yearns to break out of her shell. Joined by her trusty cats, Roma and Archimedes, she has her work cut out for her: her grandmother’s manor is in a state of disrepair.

But shortly after arriving, Charlotte stumbles upon a ghastly discovery while exploring her grandmother’s overgrown garden. She quickly finds herself in the middle of a century-old cold case that may have consequences in the present day.

Will Charlotte piece together the clues to uncover the mysteries of the past? Or will her sleuthing put her in harm’s way?

This fun-filled and clean bookbinding cozy mystery will have you guessing until the very end.

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The Eternal Series – Books 5 to 8 (Eternal Series – Box Sets Book 2)
by K.G. Inglis
4.6 Stars (41 Reviews)
Genre: Anthologies | Anthologies & Literature Collections | Romance

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Eternal Craving

Insatiable Desire & Covetous Seduction, Bonded Together By Blood & A Secret To Die For

Sebastian’s assignment to learn Megan’s family secret should’ve been routine. Wrong. So he tries plan B. Seduction. A brilliant plan, yet fruitless. Enter plan C. Wipe her memory of him & compel her to leave her Scottish home for Oxford.

After impulsively moving to Oxford, Megan is caught in a torrential storm when her car dies outside a drug lab. Forced to walk she loses a shoe, is sprayed with mud & is mistaken for a homeless woman. And that’s just getting to her job interview. When the drug cartel blames her for their drug bust & she discovers the Guild is also after her family secret, things get much worse. The only thing keeping her sane is a mysterious blonde vampire, Sebastian. But, as they grow closer the compulsion he used on her to forget what happened in Scotland, starts to wear off.

The secret Megan holds unlocks a puzzle that could save the world. For Seb, saving his feisty Mate is his only concern as both new and old enemies surface to threaten her.

Eternity Is Forever

This Time The Dangers They Face Are More Intimate Than They Bargained For

Ex-Special Forces, Hawke is afraid of nothing, except maybe the dark haired female with a gun aimed at him. Bound by honour to protect her & driven by overwhelming desire to possess her, those two needs clash with fiery consequences.

As an undercover DEA agent, Anna is used to danger, but when her cover in the biker bar is blown she discovers the drugs they’re pedalling are only the tip of the iceberg. Even so, she faces her enemy with confidence. It’s the danger she faces of losing her heart to Hawke that terrifies her.

As the balance of power shifts within the supernatural world it threatens to disrupt the natural order. Hawke & Anna join forces but the stakes are raised by the suspicion of a traitor in their midst.

Eternal Youth

Sometimes Destiny Is Stronger Than The Obstacles Standing In Your Way

Philippe was a 13 year old vampire for 150+ years. Now he has an adult body but becoming a chick magnet has complicated things with Nadia, the only woman he’s ever loved… secretly, and he’s stuck in her friend zone.

Nadia is a druid with almost no magical ability and her love life until now has been sadly lacking. Now she’s an Ei’Ambriath and can see auras but nothing else because, well, she’s also blind.

Grappling with their personal issues while navigating the boundaries of their relationship is tough enough, but added to the turbulent mix is Philippe’s traitorous brother. Nicholas has left a trail of bodies and now has Nadia firmly in his sights. Philippe must find a way to protect Nadia and win her heart in the process… but the clock is ticking!

Hunt For Eternity

Forbidden Desires Come At A Price

Tormented by regrets, Dray has tried and failed to forget Shani. But really, what did he expect, she is his Mate. At least, she should’ve been.

For a long time Shani accepted the emptiness of her life, married to a cruel man she never loved. Then she met Dray. Torn between her heart and her responsibility, she’s spent 3 years looking for a way out of her messed up life and return to England.

Now she’s back, but the secrets she kept from him before threaten to pull them apart again. Only, this time Dray is determined to hold onto her. Nonetheless, before he can claim his Mate, he must deal with the man hunting her. Her husband. A cunning man Hell bent on killing Shani and kidnapping her 3 year old daughter. Dray is desperate to protect the family he thought he’d never have, but is he willing to risk their lives to save them?

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Oemor: Where Evil is Bred
by Marc Towers
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Amber, a 30-year-old widow burdened by recent misfortunes, sought a fresh beginning. In a hurried decision, she relocates to a small, Midwestern town. As she settles into her new surroundings, she can’t help but notice the peculiarities that engulf the community. Intrigued, she embarks on a quest to uncover its secrets, gradually peeling back its layers and revealing a nefarious cult.

Devoted to a powerful and ancient demon, Amber learns they’ve been kidnapping children, murdering, and raping in plain sight. With time running out, Amber attempts to expose them before they become aware of her intentions. Will she succeed, or will they apprehend her, subjecting her to the same fate suffered by their numerous victims?

Blending elements of history and horror, Oemor takes readers on a captivating journey, chronicling the cult’s origins and delving into the present, where justice may finally catch up to them after centuries of heinous crimes.

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North Coast 500: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Scotland’s Iconic Highland Route)
by Harrison Walshaw
4.5 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Travel

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Why choose our North Coast 500 Travel Guide?

Vivid and Captivating Imagery
Be mesmerized by pages adorned with vibrant, full-color images. Experience the Scottish Highlands’ breathtaking beauty as each photograph unveils the region’s soul.

Explore Scotland’s Breathtaking Landscapes: Journey through picturesque villages, past serene lochs, and over majestic mountains. Our guide brings these landscapes to life with vivid photography and detailed descriptions.

Discover Historic Wonders: Uncover the secrets of ancient castles, mystical ruins, and legendary battlefields. Each page is a portal to Scotland’s rich history and heritage.

Savour Local Flavours: Delight in the culinary treasures of the Highlands. From cozy pubs to gourmet eateries, our recommendations cater to all tastes and preferences.

Adventure Awaits: Whether it’s cycling on scenic routes, hiking through hidden trails, or experiencing the thrill of motorbiking, the guide is packed with activities for every adventurer.

Connect with Nature: Our guide highlights the best spots for wildlife watching and outdoor pursuits, ensuring an immersive experience with the natural wonders of the Highlands.

Rest in Comfort: Find the perfect stay with our selection of charming B&Bs, luxurious hotels, and unique accommodations that offer a warm Highland welcome.

“North Coast 500: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide to Scotland’s Iconic Highland Route from Inverness to the Mystical Beyond” is your comprehensive companion, ensuring that every mile of your journey is as magical as the destinations themselves. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned explorer, this guide is an indispensable resource for anyone venturing into the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Begin your unforgettable journey along the North Coast 500 – a road trip like no other.

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Son to the Servants of the God of the Dead: 9 weird western stories
by Trevor R. Fairbanks, Paul Chatem
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns

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Nine weird tales of the old west including: Ghost Town Girl, Sun without Mercy, Moon without Honor, Scarshine, The Palomino Ranch Hands, Blood Moth, Marauder, Guns ‘n Buzzards, Rat Eyes and Drunken Bullet!

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