In Victorian era England, Amelia Westcott must make her way in the world and joins the London stage. Though she becomes the favorite of the Prince of Wales, the prince’s close friend Kit Beaumont is convinced Amelia is a gold digger trying to capture a rich husband. But Kit is unable to help himself as he begins to fall for Amelia. As they are thrown together in London, New York’s Broadway and Paris, Kit realizes he wants Amelia as his own though someone near the couple vows they will never be together.

The Belle of London
by Nicola Italia
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Foreign Languages

On the English stage, the Belle of London is born…

During the late Victorian era, Amelia Westcott is without family and few friends and is forced to make her way in the world. Talented and beautiful, she takes to the London stage and attracts the attention of numerous powerful and wealthy men including the Prince of Wales.

But a close friend of the Prince’s is little impressed with the lovely actress. Christopher “Kit” Beaumont is not taken in by Amelia’s charms and believes she is a gold digger set to sink her claws into any man who will give her a comfortable life.
Kit knows nothing about the strong and independent Amelia who gains a powerful patron in the Prince of Wales even as she is given the moniker The Belle of London.
As her star rises, she vows to have nothing to do with the arrogant, handsome Kit.

From the London stage to New York’s Broadway, Amelia and Kit are thrown together and a battle of wills and passionate personalities ensues as Kit suddenly realizes he wants Amelia as his own.
Though Kit has decided that no other woman but Amelia will do, someone else is plotting to make certain the two are never together.

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