Watching an old Johnny Carson 1975 clip of Ann-Margret singing and dancing, I realized a lot of the dance moves I see by performers today were done by her first. HOLY MOLY! That lady had talent. Where on Earth did she get all that energy? I’m going to watch the video a few more times and see if I can absorb any of that energy right now to get me through the morning.

Death in the Quadrangle (An Inspector Kenny Mystery Book 2)
by Eilís Dillon
3.7 Stars (157 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Since his retirement from King’s University, life has been rather quiet for Professor Daly…

In fact, a peaceful retirement, even when that retirement has been punctuated by helping the police to solve the odd crime, may be slightly over-rated: at least in Daly’s opinion.

So when he is invited back to King’s University to deliver a series of prestigious lectures, his heart leaps.

But on arrival he discovers that he has not been called back to the university on account of his literary knowledge…

On the contrary, he has been called upon purely because the retired professor has experience of solving crime.

And somebody has been sending the president of King’s threatening letters. Somebody within the university, it seems, wants him dead.

Perhaps aware of his own arrogant, materialistic and bullying nature and the effects it may produce, President Bradley seems genuinely worried for his safety.

And so Daly, assisted by Inspector Mike Kenny, sets about finding the author of the poison pen letters.

Until Bradley dies. Poisoned.

At which point, Daly and Kenny find themselves seeking a murderer among the university’s population.

And what a strange and mixed population it is; every single member seems to have their idiosyncrasies, and at least one kleptomaniac and one rat-obsessive are included in their ranks.

Virtually all, however, are united in their hatred of Bradley.

But who killed him, and why?

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The Bandit’s Lady : Age Gap Alpha Hero Romance (Rule Breakers Book 1)
by Lizzy West
4.0 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Short Stories

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I’m frightened, I’m tired and all alone in this world. And it’s my eighteenth birthday. Ever since my mom and stepdad passed away, living with my stepbrother has been literal hell for me. My sister stole some money from his family before running away for good. And now my stepbrother wants that money back. He knows I don’t have $40k stashed away, so he’s making me work in the most horrendous and humiliating way until every penny is paid back.

What I wasn’t expecting, on my first night at the casino, was a tall, handsome, and slightly dangerous stranger to whisk me off my feet… and give me back my freedom, and possibly even a chance at love.

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The Lost Relic (ENIGMA Files Book 1)
by Joshua James
4.3 Stars (917 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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Indiana Jones meets The X-Files in this thrilling, globe-spanning adventure about the greatest treasure hunt of all time — where ancient secrets collide with cutting-edge technology.

In the high-stakes world of ancient artifacts and clandestine organizations, a trio of unlikely misfits are drafted into a desperate race to prevent the assembly of a long lost device.

• Rhett, the stoic ex-military leader haunted by his past

• Dinah, the conflicted academic with a penchant for solving ancient puzzles

• Fabien, a dangerous man driven by a personal quest

All are bound together by a cause bigger than any of them.

With the aid of some of the most powerful inventions of antiquity, they journey from the peaks of the Himalayas to the heart of war-torn Ethiopia, and from the depths of the rainforest to the unexplored realms of spacetime.

But what they seek might be more powerful than they were led to believe, it’s origins more mysterious, and their enemies more numerous. An ancient force waits in the shadows, threatening to unravel the fabric of existence.

How far will they go to save a world on the brink of ruin?

The Lost Relic is the heart-pounding first installment of the ENIGMA Files series, where every relic unearthed can change history, or destroy it.

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Snowbound Justice
by Ethan Westfield
4.0 Stars (259 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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The small town of Bellevue, Nebraska is in a state of chaos in the winter of 1885. Cal Tamarind, the dashing prosecutor, is determined to bring justice to the small town after a gruesome family murder. But the odds are stacked against him when the accused is defended by a pretty out-of-town attorney.

Will Cal’s ideals prevail, or will they succumb, along with everything else in that doomed building?

Jennifer Bolton is determined to protect her client, even in the face of intense scrutiny. Fortunately, there is one man in Bellevue who still believes in her: the idealistic prosecutor who becomes her only ally in a world full of enemies. When a deadly snowstorm traps them in the courthouse, Jennifer must fight for her life as two killers circle closer. With everything against them, will her newfound love be enough to protect them both?

Will she have the chance at a romance that she so richly deserves, or will she join the others in a snowbound grave?

As tensions mount and resources run out, the courthouse becomes snowed-in, trapping the opposing forces together. The battle inside the courthouse is just as intense as the snowstorm threatening to crush the building, and everyone inside it. Can Cal and Jennifer find a way to bring justice to Bellevue, or is the danger inside the walls even deadlier than the one outside?

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The Golden Hand (Duntisbourne Hall Book 2)
by LP Fergusson
4.1 Stars (94 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery

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Perfect for readers of The Appeal and Richard Osmon’s Thursday Murder Club

As the summer season gets into full swing at Duntisbourne Hall, it looks as if love is in the air again for hall guide Max Black, but life is getting complicated. His daughter has decided to spend the summer at home, and the arrival of Hector Schofield, an author on a mission to find Lord Rochester’s famous monkey, threatens Max’s future happiness with fellow amateur sleuth Sam Westbrook.

When a momentous discovery at the Hall propels Hector from confidante to suitor in Sam Westbrook’s eyes, Max thinks things couldn’t get much worse until a mindless prank by one of the students put him, his daughter and his colleagues in danger of losing everything they hold dear.

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The Ultimate Greek Cookbook: 111 BEST Greek Dishes To Cook Right Now (Balkan food Book 4)
by Slavka Bodic
4.1 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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There is nothing more soul-warming and satisfying than a home-cooked meal.

Home cooking is very personal and, thus, makes food taste way more delicious.

You pick all the ingredients that go into your dish.

Play with the flavors to adjust it precisely to your liking until it is perfection.

However, the same old recipes may get boring, even the most favorite.

• Have you been out of meal ideas lately?

• Do you enjoy trying new cuisine?

• Are you looking for nutrition and health-oriented recipes?

If yes is your answer, then you are in great luck!

This ultimate cookbook offers you 111 best dishes from Greek cuisine.

The author lovingly chose the most traditional recipes. The meals that Greek mothers were making for ages. Well-balanced, delicious and nutritious dishes for any occasion and everyday cooking.

Besides a plethora of meat, poultry, and seafood options, this ultimate cookbook offers many vegan Greek recipes.

Don’t be discouraged by a new cuisine.

The recipes are simple, and ingredients are widely accessible.

You don’t need to be an experienced chef either to cook with this book. As it is thorough, detailed, and full of Mediterranean recipes are beginners.

From succulent gyros, soups, warm and cold salads to delectable desserts, the plethora of flavors will satisfy the most jaded foodie.

Have a taste of a new culture with this traditional Greek cookbook.

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