It’s Monday and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I don’t think I want to grow up. Adulting is hard and I have yet to meet an adult who rates adulting as 5 stars. Uh Oh… someone has a case of the “Mondays”. Enjoy the Kindle Books!

HARPER’S FOLLY an utterly gripping action packed thriller full of twists
by Marc Alexander
4.2 Stars (60 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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Harper has everything to look forward to, and plenty to forget…

Starting life over again after an unpleasant divorce, he lands on the exotic Seychelles ready for a large dose of independence, fulfilment and fun — eager to take the helm of his magnificent motor yacht Moon Wind.

He has invested everything he owns into creating an exciting new life for himself in paradise as skipper of his own boat.

Moon Wind is for hire by the jet-set, to explore the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

But from the start it seems his fantasy could prove folly.

Harper discovers Moon Wind’s previous owner and crew were found brutally murdered on board.

They had been secretly searching for pirate treasure.

Had they found an ancient fortune of gold lost beneath the waves or is Moon Wind jinxed by the gris-gris spells which terrify his crew?

For seemingly no reason Harper suffers a vicious attack and finds his yacht savagely vandalised.

The beautiful journalist Jo Hillman saves his life three times in as many days. How does she always end up in the right place at the right time?

Then there is the captivating Gabrielle Balthazar, who seems to know more than she is telling…

Undeterred, Harper lifts anchor to take glamorous Prince Syed on a voyage to discover the delights of the local wildlife.

But the playboy prince is a pawn in a crucial Middle-East struggle for power.

Ruthless mercenaries and armed terrorists want him dead — and anyone else who stands in their way.

Harper has never handled a gun or fought for his life.

Now, at the centre of a bloody adventure, he must learn fast. Harper’s Folly is the first in the Harper Series , full of modern adventure.

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A Secondhand Lie (The Killer Thriller Series Book 2)
by Pamela Crane
3.8 Stars (811 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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Sometimes you know things you’re not supposed to know. Things that you can never un-know. Things that will change the course of your life… and the fate of the ones you love.

I found her in our living room, bleeding and close to death, but alive. Barely. Until morning stole her last breath. The media called her killer the “Triangle Terror”… and then forgot about her. But I never forgot — my murdered sister, and an investigation that led to my own resurrection from the dead.

Twenty-two years ago, on a cold February night, Landon Worthington lost his father for the last time. After an armed robbery gone wrong, evidence and witness testimony pointed a shaky finger at Dan Worthington — deadbeat dad and alcoholic husband. But before the dust could settle over the conviction, Landon’s preteen sister, Alexis, is murdered in their home, plunging Landon’s life into further despair.

Two decades and a cold case later, Landon is dogged by guilt over their estranged relationship and decides to confront his incarcerated father-of-the-year about what really happened the night of the robbery. But the years of lies are hard to unravel. And the biggest question of all haunts him: How does everything tie into his sister’s murder?

And so begins Landon’s journey to piece together the puzzle of secrets, lies, and truths that can free his father, avenge his sister, and perhaps save himself.

A short mystery perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni’s Third Watch and Dean Koontz’s The Neighbor.

Read as a standalone or as the companion book to A Secondhand Life.

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The Haunting of Nelson Street (The Ghosts of Crowford Book 1)
by Amy Cross
4.3 Stars (1,825 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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Crowford, a sleepy coastal town in the south of England, might seem like an oasis of calm and tranquility. Beneath the surface, however, dark secrets are waiting to claim fresh victims, and ghostly figures plot revenge.

Having finally decided to leave the hustle of London, Daisy and Richard Johnson buy two houses on Nelson Street, a picturesque street in the center of Crowford. One house is perfect and ready to move into, while the other is a fire-ravaged wreck that needs a lot of work. They figure they have plenty of time to work on the damaged house while Daisy recovers from a traumatic event.

Soon, they discover that the two houses share a common link to the past. Something awful once happened on Nelson Street, something that shook the town to its core. Before they can face Crowford’s horrors, however, Daisy and Richard have to deal with the ghosts of their own recent history. What is Daisy hiding, and why does Richard feel strangely drawn to one of the town’s oldest inhabitants?

The Haunting of Nelson Street is a ghost story about a young couple fighting for their future, and about a town trying to escape the clutches of its past.

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The Red Sword: The Complete Trilogy
by Michael Wallace
4.3 Stars (2,225 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Horror

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Now in a complete trilogy for the first time, The Red Sword is thirteen hundred pages of wizards, dragons, paladins, and griffins by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Wallace.

Markal, an apprentice wizard, is thrust unexpectedly to the head of his order when his master is decapitated by a gray-skinned assassin. The order’s walled gardens have the power to restore their dead master to life, but only if the apprentices can protect his body long enough for their sanctuary to work its magic.

When a barbarian warrior named Bronwyn invades the gardens wielding a soul-binding sword and accuses the order of harboring a powerful sorcerer, Markal thinks she is another assassin come to finish the job. But Bronwyn is a paladin, a holy warrior from across the mountains, and her presence is a harbinger of a greater threat than Markal had imagined, a necromancer with the power to command the dead.

Together, they must join forces before the necromancer destroys Markal’s order and overruns Bronwyn’s homeland.

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The Mesilla: Two Valleys Saga: Book One
by Mary Armstrong
4.5 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Biographical

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At fourteen years old, Jesus ‘Chuy’ Perez Contreras Verazzi Messi is too small and frail to work the land on the family farm near the Rio Bravo in Mexico. The local padre’s tutoring reveals Jesus’s unending curiosity and fertile mind. Noted Las Cruces, New Mexico attorney and politician, Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain agrees to take his nephew, under his wing. Jesus ‘reads law’ with his uncle and shares adventures and adversity with the Fountains and other historic Mesilla and Tularosa Valley citizens. His coming of age story will take you into the wild southwest, a brewing range war, a territory struggling toward statehood, courtroom dramas, and the adventures and adversities of a boy’s quest for manhood. *A fictional memoir by Jesus about the ten years leading to the notorious and unsolved Fountain murders.

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