“The life of Badfreaky the witch” Book series. An adorable story with imaginative characters and story-line. There are some very valuable life lessons cleverly weaved into the plot, such as the importance of kindness, manners, and caring for the environment. The illustrations are vivid and filled with beautiful details that enhance the story and really bring the characters and scenery to life! A delightful adventure for readers of all ages and fans of tales filled with magic and fascinating settings!

Badfreaky – The meanest witch (The Life of Badfreaky the Witch Book 1)
by Konstantinos Adamopoulos
4.0 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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Once upon a time, in a forest known as Bright, Marily, a four-year-old girl, lived happily with her parents; a good witch named Goodypie and her husband, Mr. Goodweather.

All the creatures of the forest loved Goodypie because she is able to protect them by ruining the evil potions created by Meanloudmouth, a very bad witch.

One day, while Goodypie was boiling some plants and flowers in her big cooking pot, Marily noticed a little house appear inside of the pot. Suddenly, Marily fell into the pot and by the time she was rescued she had been magically turned into a mean-spirited and wicked witch.
Marily ran into the forest and away from home.

As her parents desperately tried to find her, they discovered that she had been transformed into the notorious Badfreaky, the meanest witch in all the world and stars.

Will Goodypie and Mr. Goodweather be able to save Marily before Badfreaky wins the day? Or will the wicked witch use her ultimate power and turn them to stone… forever?

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Badfreaky the cherry snake and the indecisive dragon (The Life of Badfreaky the Witch Book 2)
by Konstantinos Adamopoulos
3.9 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

Did you at any time of your life turned from a good person to bad one without really wanting to? And after a while from bad to good?

After drinking the same magic potion which made her very bad, suddenly Badfreaky becomes very good. She begins a battle to achieve what she wants very most. The trials begin…
A humongous monster eats her, a gigantic crab threatens her, huge pitch-black spiders want to cut her into pieces, disgusting cockroaches want to eat her alive, a ginormous snake, mad about cherries swallows her and bloodthirsty dragons want to burn her with the fire that comes out of their mouths!

How will she and Kixy, her beloved friend, deal with all these dangers?

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Badfreaky The Dinosaurs and Ancient Greece (The Life of Badfreaky the Witch Book 3)
by Konstantinos Adamopoulos
4.5 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

Why did the dinosaurs disappear? Who is truly responsible for their extinction? Do aliens exist? Who are they and what do they want? And how come a tyrannosaurus is eating the Parthenon?

Dinosaurs! They excite us, and at the same time, they scare us! Once, they were unquestionably rulers of our planet. Until they disappeared, and another animal species prevailed and prevails to this day. Humans!
With logic and ingenuity, we partially tamed nature and protected ourselves from its extreme elements. As social and rational beings, we created societies, evolved technologically, and developed civilization!
It is an absolute necessity, however, for us to continue the triumphant course, to approach mother nature which brought us into this world and sustains us, with heartfelt respect and humbleness with a solid disposition to protect and preserve all living and inanimate beings which surround us and compose this masterpiece of the universe that we name planet Earth!

Badfreaky is magically transported to a world where raw violence and the law of the fittest prevail, to a world where the agonizing and endless battle for survival is the sole purpose of every living being.
Uninvited, she visits a world of terrible and horrific dinosaurs and is in life-threatening danger! Further on, she moves into a completely different world. A world where philosophy and art, strength and beauty, science and democracy, comedy and drama flourished as they first manifested in ancient Athens. In the end, she receives an invitation to a third world! Divine this time!

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