New Epic Fantasy! Quen has two warring souls, but only one can survive. When a dragon destroys Quen’s home and upends her life, she joins a band of vigilante rogues and mages hunting the beast. But her epic journey soon reveals she is the one being hunted as factions vie to control her growing power. Fans of Jordan and Sanderson will enjoy this new first-in-series epic fantasy full of myth, magic, and lovable misfits. Grab a copy today—this sale price ends soon!

Season of the Dragon (Dragos Primeri Book 1)
by Natalie Wright
4.6 Stars (43 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Fantasy

The unforgettable story of one woman’s battle to survive the Season of the Dragon. Begin your dragon adventure in an exciting new land of myth, magic, and mystery. Join the dragon hunt with a band of rogues, mages, and lovable misfits in the first book of the Dragos Primeri series.
To save her world from ruin, one woman must unite her warring souls.

Behind her, Quen’s life is a charred ruin. The dragon responsible escaped, but Quen’s vengeance quest has just begun. When she joins a vigilante group hunting the beast, she finds kindred spirits. But she’ll lose this found family, too, if they discover her secret. Quen struggles to suppress her shadow soul as they hunt the dragon on an epic journey that spans the realm.

But Quen soon discovers she is the one being hunted…

She’ll contend with a power-hungry ruler, a shadowy dragon cult, and even an esteemed leader of a school of magic. They all vie to control Quen’s growing power. But Quen’s fiercest battle lies within as she struggles to maintain control of her very skin.

Will Quen unite her warring souls? Or will her shadow soul consume her — and everyone she loves — in this Season of the Dragon?

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