In a small shore town, Madison, is a determined young woman working at a local pizza shop. Little does she know that her ordinary life is about to be shattered when Marcus, a menacing red demon, sets his sights on her, threatening her very existence. Enter Kyle, a seasoned demon hunter with a sworn duty to protect humanity. Drawn to Madison’s side, he takes on the daunting task of safeguarding her and battling the forces of darkness. Promises will be made and broken.

by Allison Thompson
3.9 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Teen & Young Adult

Lauren, a kind-hearted bookstore employee, crosses paths with the malevolent Marcus. A fateful encounter brings David, a brave demon hunter, into her life. As their bond deepens, they find themselves caught in a dangerous dance with destiny, navigating the perilous line between love and the eternal battle against evil.

Melissa and Michael, defy the odds by maintaining a blissful existence despite Marcus’s relentless pursuit. Together, they create a haven of happiness, even as darkness looms on their doorstep.

Each couple must confront their own unique challenges, fighting against the evil that seeks to tear them apart.

As their individual narratives intertwine, the fates of everyone become intertwined as well. Their lives converge in a climactic showdown against Marcus, where the ultimate battle between good and evil unfolds. Love and promises made will be tested.

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