I was sitting at my desk when I heard a strange noise. It was very very annoying, so I got up and looked around the room a bit to see if I could determine where it was coming from. I searched every corner of the room, flipped every switch, but was stumped. I Sat back down at my desk and realized it was my computer. At my desk. (heavy sigh) Seriously?

A Peachy Mess (Sweet Peach Bakery Book 2)
by Wendy Meadows
4.5 Stars (170 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Religion & Spirituality

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If you can’t handle the heat, you’d better stay out of the kitchen.
After everyone’s favorite baker finds herself stranded in a dusty desert town while searching for a missing friend, a grisly discovery causes her to jump head-first into a hunt to unmask a deranged murderer. Momma Peach ain’t afraid of no killer – and she certainly doesn’t take kindly to threats, either.

But when a dark storm rolls over, her stay quickly takes a turn for the worst. With the floodwaters rising, secrets bubbling to the surface, and – Lord help her – a hairy tarantula spider named Old Mac on the loose, Momma Peach will have to roll back her sleeves and battle a darkness that threatens to consume the whole town… all while praying the floodwaters don’t carry her out to the ocean because, after all, Momma Peach can’t float.

Will Momma Peach catch the killer lurking in their midst? Or will she be pulled down into a watery abyss that will extinguish her stove once and for all?

Dive into a fun and hilarious cozy mystery novel that will delight readers who love larger-than-life mysteries, wild adventures, and a no-nonsense amateur sleuth with a penchant for solving the most dastardly puzzles. Scroll up and grab your copy now.

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Butterfly Islands (Chronicles of the Twenty-One Butterflies Book 1)
by Chris Seabranch
4.3 Stars (807 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Fantasy

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Casey is only fifteen years old when her stepfather tries to marry her to a perverted and brutal man twice her age. However, minutes before the wedding, Casey flees into the jungle where she is rescued from her pursuers by a mysterious woman who sets the terrified young girl on a path to becoming a pirate – a path full of adventure, danger, personal struggles, and self-discovery.

Struggling with her own fears and desires, Casey hovers between being an innocent teenage girl confused about love and her own sexuality, and becoming a ruthless pirate seeking revenge on those who have taken all she cherished away from her.

Casey strives to win the trust of the Twenty-One Butterflies, a group of female pirates living on Butterfly Islands, a mystic place filled with dazzling butterflies by day and swarms of moths carrying terrifying parasites by night. A disastrous trip by the Twenty-One Butterflies to a floating city in the sky known as God’s Mercy, changes everything. While trapped once more in the hands of her former husband-to-be, Casey discovers that there is a traitor in their midst. From that point on, it is a race to save her new friends’ lives and to escape from the man who wishes to make the young girl his wife and a slave to his twisted desires.

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Victim of a Delusional Mind (Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters Thriller Series Book 1)
by K. J. North
4.2 Stars (2,183 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Crime Fiction

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Tragedy enters the quaint coastal town of New Haven, Oregon when the recently released convict, Ross Conrad, vows to make good on a ten-year-old threat. Private Investigators, Troy and Eva Winters take on the case when they realize their good friend, Jasmine, is the object of his delusional obsession.

When the threat becomes deadly and Jasmine turns up missing, Troy and Eva go on the hunt for Ross and his captive. The chase leads them from the Oregon coast to the dense forest of Puget Sound, Washington. Following clues and evidence of bodies left behind, Troy and Eva must find Jasmine before her time runs out.

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The Scot’s Betrayal (Highland Swords Book 1)
by Keira Montclair, Angela Polidoro
4.5 Stars (2,046 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction

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A warrior with a wounded heart.
A lass in desperate need.

Will destiny be on their side in Scotland’s War of Independence?

Destiny sent the famous warrior Alexander Grant three grandsons on the same day, at the same time. Or so the story goes. Alasdair Grant, one of the three, struggles to believe he has any special purpose. The future has never seemed bleaker for Scotland — or for Alasdair’s own family. And yet, he cannot help but wonder if fate has reached for him at last when his grandsire sends him to MacLintock Castle to help Emmalin MacLintock, the very lass who has possessed his thoughts.

Emmalin would have been laird of her castle had she not been forced to marry a controlling English baron. Her heart longs for a different life, a life in which she leads her people and a handsome, strong Highlander stands by her side. A Highlander like Alasdair Grant. When the baron dies unexpectedly, Emmalin is relieved, but that feeling quickly fades when an English garrison shows up to storm her castle. Worse, there’s evidence someone in her life might be in league with them.

Alasdair and one of his cousins arrive in Emmalin’s hour of need, giving Emmalin a glimpse of what life might be like with him by her side. If Alasdair can open his wounded heart to Emmalin, it will bring him one step closer to his destiny, but he’ll need to have faith in himself — and in Scotland — to do so.

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The Crusades: A History From Beginning to End (Medieval History)
by Hourly History
4.0 Stars (667 Reviews)
Genre: Education & Teaching | History

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Discover the remarkable history of the Crusades…

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The Crusades are the prototype and epitome of the Holy War. The fight to take control of the city of Jerusalem, believed to be the most sacred Holy City to two distinct religions of Christianity and Islam, has lasted far longer than the two centuries of the Crusades and its reach has extended far further than Europe and the Middle East. Over the course of nine organized campaigns and many more unorganized ones, the Christian west militarized in the name of God to push back the threat of Islam advancing from the east.

Understanding the Crusades is key in understanding the religious divides that still threaten the order of the world.

Discover a plethora of topics such as

• Peace in War: A Background to the Crusades

• The First to the Eighth Crusade

• Establishing the Crusader States

• The Children’s Crusade and Crusading Against Christians

• The Last Crusade

• And much more!

So if you want a concise and informative book on the Crusades, simply scroll up and click the “Buy now” button for instant access!

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GUNHAWKS WESTWARD (Thrilling Western Adventures)
by John Glasby
4.1 Stars (211 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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All he had was his ranch and his daughter. He would defend them to the death.

When Austin Klagge starts killing off his men to gain control, rancher Kent Michener realises he’s facing no small threat.

The ranch was all Michener had to leave his daughter and, following the death of his wife, she was all he lived for.

He was not going to let his ranch go, no matter what Klagge did to him.

But he can’t do it alone.

Frank Corrie is a newcomer to Fresno City, a dirty town, notorious for its evil and ugliness.

However, he didn’t expect to be faced with corpses within minutes of his arrival.

With death bringing Corrie face to face with Michener, they realise they may have found allies in each other.

Desperate to not be pushed off his land, Michener is willing to ignore Corrie’s suspicious past.

Corrie is an expert gunfighter, and that’s all he needs to win the fight with Klagge and protect his daughter’s future…

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Chair Yoga for Seniors Over 60: Enhance Your Quality of Life in Just 10 Minutes a Day with This Illustrated Guide. Step-by-Step Gentle Exercises for Pain-Free Mobility, Balance, and Mental Clarity.
by Uma Devi
4.9 Stars (135 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Are you seeking an enjoyable, effortless, and fast way to improve your balance, maintain your wellness, and stay active, regardless of your age or physical abilities???

Do you want a RISK-FREE and ACCESSIBLE way to practice yoga from the comfort of your home to overcome anxiety andimprove your sleep?

Look no further than Chair Yoga for Seniors over 60, a comprehensive guide written by Uma Devi, a highly qualified and certified Chair Yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience.

In this easy-to-follow book, Uma Devi has designed a program specifically for seniors who may have MOBILITY ISSUES or physical limitations that make traditional yoga poses challenging.

With STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS and accompanying ILLUSTRATIONS, you’ll discover a variety of gentle yoga poses that can help you improve your mobility and promote a greater sense of vitality and rejuvenation. All this without putting undue strain on your joints.??

The book’s 10-MINUTE DAILY ROUTINE and simple step-by-step instructions make it a breeze to get started, even if you’ve never tried yoga. With modifications and variations for each pose, you can adapt the practice to your needs and abilities. Plus, you’ll learn breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to help reduce stress, overcome anxiety, improve your sleep, and enhance your overall well-being.

Practicing this method with minimal effort, you can:

Increase your range of motion and flexibility to easily do the things you love.

Enhance your stability and coordination to reduce the risk of falls and injuries for greater confidence and independence.

Say goodbye to back pain and joint/muscular discomfort and enjoy the freedom to move comfortably and confidently.

Boost your cognitive function and memory to stay mentally sharp and engaged.

Build your well-being and minimize anxiety to lead a happier, healthier life.

Improve your sleep quality and energy levels to wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.


A proven method tailored specifically for seniors based on age-old techniques.

67 Chair Yoga poses, with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, and with specific benefits for each posture.

9 specific sequences dedicated to age-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Stroke, and more.

A dedicated chapter with detailed instructions for these cases with poses to avoid and those to prefer.

13 sequences of varying duration, ranging from 7-10 to 60 minutes, to build your daily activity plan according to your time and ability.

And much more.

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Desert Gold: A Fast-Paced Action-Adventure Thriller (A Monk and Lee Adventure Book 2)
by Tony Reed, Darby O’Shaughnessy
4.4 Stars (88 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

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As an impending natural disaster threatens the Sonoran landscape, Lincoln Monk and Mich Lee search for a lost goldmine in Desert Gold the second Monk and Lee Adventure by Tony Reed, bestselling author of Neptune Island.

Ex-cops Lincoln Monk and Mich Lee left the rat race with a simple plan: travel the world, work along the way, and live the dream. But life seldom goes according to plan.

When a run-in with ruthless land baron Desmond MacLean ends in an uneasy truce, Lincoln and Mich have no desire to face the MacLean family of cutthroats ever again. However, as they leave MacLean’s county, a corrupt local sheriff arrests them, takes them to a remote location in the Sonoran desert, and hands them over to a rival family — a family hell-bent on vengeance and confronting a dark secret from the past.

Caught in the crossfire between two feuding dynasties while the forces of nature threaten to devastate the land, Lincoln and Mich use the only bargaining chip they have: a cryptic map to a lost goldmine that could lead to wealth beyond everyone’s wildest dreams, or to their violent death beneath the sands of MacLean’s kingdom.

With family rivalries reaching a breaking point and the land tearing itself apart, can Lincoln and Mich survive long enough to decipher the map and lead them all to Desert Gold?

With a good dose of humor, Desert Gold will not only keep fans of gunfights, helicopter battles, natural disasters, and nonstop action turning the pages, but it will leave them wanting more.

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