I have no idea whose kids these are! There are two teenage boys living in my house and they claim that I am their mother. But when I asked them what treats they want for camping they said, “We don’t really need anything.” WHAT!???? WHO ARE YOU!!!??? My list is Oreos, Junior Mints, and ice cream. And that’s just for me! Those are not my kids.

Fat Man Blues: A Hard-Boiled and Humorous Mystery (The Tubby Dubonnet Series Book 9)
by Tony Dunbar
4.1 Stars (1,710 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Thrillers

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“KEEP YOUR HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDERS,” the lawyer counseled his client… the axe murderer. “The literary equivalent of a film noir -fast, tough, tense, and darkly funny” -Los Angeles Times Book Review

Along with a deeper descent into New Orleans’ menacing underworld, this NINTH installment in Tony Dunbar’s humorous, hard-boiled Tubby Dubonnet mystery series brings new restaurants to try, a new assortment of colorful characters, beguiling courtroom scenes, and – yes! steamy shower sex.

Ex-con Angelo Spooner is trying to start a legit business, but he just can’t catch a break. Just as his healing Holy Water, “Angelo’s Elixir” is about to go upscale, the sticky strands of the Big Sleazy’s tangled web of crime and corruption reach out to ensnare him. What’s a law-abiding parolee to do? He can’t get caught with a gun, but maybe that axe in his shed could help him extricate himself. But when low-level creep Frenchy Dufour’s henchman turns up nearly beheaded, Angelo’s fate rests in the capable hands of laid-back lawyer Tubby Dubonnet.

Tubby’s been trying hard to lay low, too. As those closest to him are targeted by frightening attacks, he suspects his dealings with the clandestine society of Cuban exiles who’ve plagued him lately are far from over. Tubby would love to have nothing further to do with “that crazy band of geriatric lunatics”. But the old Cuban revolutionaries have taught their sons well. Now their grandchildren, heirs to a substantial cache of weapons and money, burn with a dangerous zeal to prove themselves.

Meanwhile… a man’s got to eat! The epicurean counselor does his best thinking when he’s well-fed. Our good luck! -as we vicariously sample our way across New Orleans’ culinary panorama on the hunt for an axe murderer. But sleuth does not live by bread alone — even in a Tony Dunbar legal thriller. Ignoring his own advice to his client to “keep your head on your shoulders”, Tubby’s lost his to the lovely Peggy O’Flarity. It’s about time Tubby had some steamy sex – and maybe a little happiness? But fortune teller Sister Soulace has her doubts.

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A Divine Invite: Ancients
by Maggie Havoc
4.8 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Horror

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Ellie, who is the focus of a Divine Secret, innocently triggers a series of supernatural events after she risks her life to save a stranger.

Now that she can see beyond the mortal plane, Ellie stumbles across the Soulfull Tavern, a bar containing patrons with morally questionable occupations. There she encounters the enigmatic Johnny Knight, Hell’s notorious contract binder. His charismatic, beguiling nature leaves her feeling enamored.

Johnny, who feels inexplicably spellbound by her, whisks her off into his world of soul scouting and debt collecting in an attempt to unearth the cause of her existence before she is discovered by otherworldly creatures.

Ellie’s escapades inevitably catch up to her, and after experiencing a life-shattering event, a despondent Ellie is brought to her knees in front of Hell’s most nefarious soul. God will send his most revered divine being to her side, but not before Ellie passes her third trial. Question is, can she hold out that long?

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Not Fake for Long
by Weston Parker
4.5 Stars (2,736 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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The one person I can’t stand wants me to be her bridesmaid.

My sister. Not that I have time for her crap.

I’m a stockbroker in training and the last thing I need is to cater to my high-maintenance sibling’s every desire.

And her first request? To learn to ride horses. So she can enter the wedding on one.

You’ve got to be kidding me. We’ve never even touched a horse before.

With lots of peer pressure and guilt tripping, we head to a breathtaking ranch, and lucky for me, the horses aren’t the only beautiful things to look at.

The riding instructor is honestly the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. Everything about him sends me in a tizzy.

Best of all, he’s nothing like my sister’s rich jerk of a fiancé.

Wealthy guys are the worst. I work for them, with them, and avoid them at all cost.

This hottie and I hit it off, and he offers to be my plus-one to the wedding, with a fake romance attached to it.

I couldn’t be more thrilled until things start to not feel so fake anymore.

I’m falling for his charm, his way with words, his scorching body.

He’s perfect, until he’s not.

Turns out, he’s a billionaire in disguise. And here I thought things wouldn’t be fake for long.

Guess I was wrong.

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Duty Of Care: A Rex Dalton Thriller
by JC Ryan, Laurie Vermillion
4.6 Stars (2,096 Reviews)

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It’s Rome. It’s August. It’s early morning. It’s going to be a perfect day. Rex and Digger, his former military dog and best friend, are in Rome. They are at a trattoria not far from the famous Spanish Steps. Rex is hoping that Catia Romano, the woman he fell in love with four years ago, would make an appearance. It’s been two years. Rex’s memory stirs. He can see her auburn curls fall across her face, her blue eyes sparkling beneath her lashes, and he wonders if her smile still reaches them. But then her image fades from his mind’s eye as his hand reaches for the vibrating phone, and within seconds he knows that his plan to see Catia will come to nothing, as he listens with growing alarm to Rehka, his IT expert in India, telling him that former CRC colleagues of his came to her apartment and wanted to know where they could find him. My cover is blown, my extended vacation is over, and John Brandt could be in perilous danger. John Brandt, the CEO of CRC, whom they all referred to as the Old Man, has been abducted, and CRC needs Rex’s help. It’s a matter of life and death. Do I have a duty of care? Just when he puts the phone down, Catia is there. Stunning as ever, breathtaking, more beautiful than in his most romantic dreams. His eyes flick to her hands, no rings. Damn! “Come on Digger.” He stood, grabbed Digger’s leash, and walked away. Damn!Thus, begins another nerve-wracking quest for Rex and Digger to save someone. This time, someone from Rex’s past. A past which he is trying to escape from.

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A Lark’s Tale: A Regency Cozy (Verity Lark Mysteries Book 1)
by Lynn Messina
4.4 Stars (622 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Mystery

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Verity Lark knows everything.

As the London Daily Gazette’s popular gossip columnist, she is extremely adept at sneaking into houses, assuming disguises and overseeing a vast network of spies to ensure she stays abreast of the beau monde’s comings and goings. If it sometimes seems as though she was hiding behind the settee during a particularly fierce quarrel between a husband and his wife, it’s most likely because she was hiding behind the settee during their fierce quarrel.

But nobody knows her.

Writing under a pen name, Verity safeguards her anonymity via an elaborately constructed alter ego. Seemingly everywhere, Mr. Twaddle-Thum is in fact nowhere. He has never met with an informant or skulked in a dark alley. He simply does not exist. That is why she is so startled to discover he has recently been spotted at a variety of locations. A Twaddle-Sham is knocking about London and in such a ham-handed manner he is inciting people to murder.

At least that’s what Verity thinks is happening when she stumbles across a plot to kill him.

Or her.

Who is the real target?

Well, see, that’s just the problem because Verity can’t actually say.

For the first time in years, she isn’t sure of anything.

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Red Runs the Plain (The Plains Series Book 1)
by W.R. Benton
4.5 Stars (317 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Action & Adventure

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From the Author of ‘War Paint’ & ‘James McKay U.S. Army Scout’
Escaping from the Oto Indians who brutally slaughtered his whole family, fifteen-year-old Jarel Wade runs aimlessly into a snowstorm. On the verge of death he’s rescued by a pair of cantankerous old mountain men as rugged as the mountains off which they live. Taken under their wing, Jarel proves himself worthy of the trail, but something’s coming; something far more sinister that will test every ounce of his newly earned skills and mettle. A rogue former British Army officer is systematically exterminating the free trappers. He wants to corner the fur trade for himself, and he commands a pack of thieves, murderers and outcasts who know the mountains as well as they know how to dig Jarel a grave.

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