This is quite possibly the last week I will ever be driving my baby bassets to school. After 14 years starting from preschool all the way up to sophomore year in high school, this is it. My oldest is taking the driving test next Monday. Hopefully he will pass. I keep telling him that it’s very common to fail the first time, but I think he will do fine. He drives better than most drivers on the roads these days. It’s a strange thought knowing that I will not have to wake up early anymore and do the morning routine that is so automatic after all these years. I wonder if I will miss it. Maybe, but not while I am still asleep at 6:30am.

Risky Bisqueness: A Cozy Paranormal Women’s Fiction (Snips and Snails Cafe Murder and Mayhem Mysteries Book 1)
by Elizabeth Rain
4.5 Stars (602 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Witches, Whiskers, and Wicked Lies: !!” Step into a world of Spells and Secrets where the truth is as elusive as the next magical dish.

When she mysteriously inherits Snips and Snails, a small soup café in a quaint little town she’s never heard of, Juli Mason discovers that her fresh start comes with a side of paranormal pandemonium.

Her Uncle’s mysterious death reveals a web of intrigue and clues that lead to a devious criminal mind who is watching her every move…
With a nose for trouble, and the help of a snarky diva of a talking cat, a hefty ghost who refuses to rest in peace, and a troublesome recipe grimoire, can this fledgling soup witch turned amateur detective unravel the dark truth behind her uncle’s murder before it’s too late?

She’ll need to dodge an elusive killer and keep her café from becoming a paranormal crime scene first.

Brace yourself for a spine-tingling adventure filled with humor, magical recipes, and enough twists and turns to leave you breathless and wanting more.

If you like laugh out loud humor just this side of Snarky, Strong Gutsy Female Leads, and have a thing for Firemen… this is the series for you. And as if all of that wasn’t enough… you’ll fall in love with Gilly~Snips and Snail’s talking Cat with loads of Sass… and Tiny, the Prima Dona Ghost who is proof positive you really can take it with you…

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Whatever It Takes: The Royal Romance: Steamy Medieval Romance
by Anna Svoboda
4.6 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | Fantasy

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The battle is over, the king is dead. The enemy army is camped at the borders, ready to pillage and plunder their way to certain victory. The fate of Levanta rests on the newly orphaned Princess Karina, who is willing to do whatever it takes to save her people from the ravages of this unwinnable invasion.

Karina must swallow her pride and beg King Hayden for mercy, even if it means sacrificing her own freedom, promising to marry the enemy king and fulfill his every twisted desire. But the infamous Burning Fury is not an easy man to deal with. Especially when he doesn’t hesitate to demonstrate his “needs” on the unsuspecting Princess.

Will Karina’s determination to save her people be strong enough for her to endure a diplomatic marriage with the perpetually angry king? Will Hayden defeat his inner demons and make the beautiful princess fall for him? Can their fragile treaty survive palace coups, assassination attempts, and rebel attacks?

More importantly, can they?

A steamy romance set in a fictional medieval world. Realistic relationships, complex characters, intriguing setting. Book 1 of the Whatever It Takes series.

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The Wick and The Flame
by Hilari T Cohen
4.4 Stars (280 Reviews)
Genre: War

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It takes a special kind of hero to stand up against the odds…
Evie and Albert. Naomi and Judah. Four very different people who join a movement to birth a nation with one thing in common. None of them ever expected to fall in love…
After the atrocities of the holocaust, it becomes all too clear that the Jewish people need safe homeland. A young and hopeful group of soldiers come together on a kibbutz outside of Tel Aviv for a most secret mission: the manufacture of bullets to face off against the British for the soul of their infant country. None of them could know what was to happen; they need to find a way to hide in plain sight all the while praying not to be exposed or even worse, captured. Danger, death and intrigue swirls around them, but they never waiver from their steadfast belief that they will ultimately be triumphant. Each one prays for a miracle to make it out alive, knowing that nothing in war is ever guaranteed…
From Paris to Prague, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, The Wick and The Flame captures the heart and soul of a nation at its birth, seen through the eyes of those who put their lives and hearts on the line to insure its future!

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Premeditated Intent: (David Brunelle Legal Thriller Series Book 13)
by Stephen Penner
4.4 Stars (1,407 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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David Brunelle, homicide prosecutor, confronts murder in a whole new, and very personal way. As he sets out to prosecute his latest homicide, a case from his past rears its deadly head again.
An open-and-shut case of domestic violence murder threatens to come apart at the seams when the defense attorney accuses the lead cop of misconduct. Suddenly, the confession and murder weapon are in danger of being suppressed, and Brunelle’s case goes from airtight to gasping for air. Meanwhile, a man Brunelle convicted of murder decades earlier finishes his sentence and is released from prison. When the jury found the man guilty, he swore to kill Brunelle when he got out, and it quickly becomes clear he intends to execute his plan to execute Brunelle.
Brunelle must battle to keep his focus, win his case, and save his life, all at the same time. Will he hold a new killer accountable or become the victim of an old killer’s long-simmering Premeditated Intent?

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The Herbal Remedies & Natural Medicine Bible
by Melanie Berryes
5.0 Stars (857 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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By purchasing this ebook, you can access 2 exclusive bonuses:

#BONUS 1 – Spice Up Your Cooking Game with Over 40 Best Natural Recipes That Will Take Your Taste Buds on a Journey!

#BONUS 2 – Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Environmental Plants for Your Physical and Mental Well-being!


Are you ready to naturally heal your body and mind with the power of herbs by taking your well-being to the next level?

Imagine saying goodbye to harsh chemicals and having the power to take control of your health and well-being without appealing to expensive or complicated treatments.
After years of extensive research and knowledge passed on, here’s the most complete and comprehensive guide for Herbal Medicine Remedies

With this 8-book-in-1 guide, you will have all the tools and information you need to take care of yourself and your family safely and healthily. You will learn the history of ancestor traditions and all that nature has to offer by creating numerous remedies to treat a wide range of health problems.

Here is a preview of what you will find inside this collection:

• Discover the fascinating world of natural medicine plants with a journey through the history of Native Americans

• Learn how to grow your plants with helpful tips on optimizing growth, knowing the suitable temperature, and having proper herbs nutrition to have natural remedies available year-round

• The Ethics of Foraging: discover how to borrow from nature’s bounty without damaging it

• Aromatherapy and Herbal Remedies for Children: 11 plants specifically selected for the younger ones with the suitable dosage for them

• Learn about the most effective essential oils and how to use them for optimal wellness, including production methods and recommended use

• Apothecary. Take control of your health with more than 400 herbs and remedies, including medicinal plants with accurate photos and descriptions and DIY to treat common conditions such as anxiety, stress, fever, sinusitis, headaches, and more!

• Authentic Herbal Remedies Handed Down to Us by Native Americans – Create dozens of preparations like antibiotics, creams, infusions, tea, baths, decoctions, and more, using only natural, safe, and Low-cost ingredients that hold immense Healing Powers

And much more… You won’t need anything else!

Explore an abundance of information and tips to enhance your journey into the world of natural medicine.

With this comprehensive collection, you cannot spend hours following complex recipes or spending money on expensive ingredients.

Everything you need can be found simply walking near your home.

This guide is the key to living a healthier and more conscious life.

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by W.R. Benton
4.4 Stars (133 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Missouri isn’t the place Corporal James Thomas remembers from before the Civil War. Deserters and thieves abound making life for his aging parents and neighbors harsh, and in too many cases, brutishly short. In the young Corporal’s case a serious head injury leaves him with bouts of epilepsy, the unfriendly reminder of his years with the Confederate Army.

James is torn, should he hold fast to his former way of life and fight for his Missouri town, or give into the desire of escaping the past and moving out west. Eventually, James can’t hide from his dreams any longer. Accompanied by his new wife and a few others friends looking for low-cost land on the western frontiers, they pick up stakes to start out for a new life in Montana.

Indian trouble and the rigors of prairie life challenge the new settler’s courage. Their task is rough and the trail is difficult, but through it all James keeps alive his mission of living his way… in a wild Montana.

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War Fleet: Planet Siege
by Daniel Young
4.3 Stars (129 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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One disaster leads to another.

Olsen and his crew managed to thwart one galaxy-ending disaster, but the realization of what the Tauians are up to, and what they are capable of, means that humanity is still at risk.

As a new threat emerges, Olsen begins to question whom he can trust.

War Fleet: Planet Siege is a non-stop thrill ride that will leave military science fiction fans hungry for more!

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