If you ever wonder if you have puppy proofed your house enough, the answer is, “No”. Always no. The answer will never be yes. Put the puppy on the ground. Everything her nose touches she will think is hers and proceed to put it in her mouth. Be sure to put your Fitbit on, because you will be doing a lot of walking around the house. Side note: My new puppy thinks her name is “Don’t Eat That”.

Chicago Blue: A Fast-paced and Funny Crime Caper (Red Riley Adventures Book 1)
by Stephanie Andrews
4.1 Stars (1,063 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Crime Fiction | Thrillers | Mystery

FREE for a limited time

She’s not a karate expert.
She can’t pick a lock.
And she certainly isn’t a master of disguise…

But Riley is stubborn, and this is her city. She’s not going down without a fight!

If you like female characters who are strong, funny, and real, then you’re going to love Kay Riley, a Chicago cop wrongly accused of a terrorist bombing, and on the run for her life. A wiser woman might flee the country, but Riley is determined to clear her name. Armed with a quick wit and some friends who don’t mind breaking a few laws, Riley becomes an amateur vigilante. Can she stop the killer before they strike again?

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Fate of Wizardoms Boxed Set: An Epic Fantasy Series, Books 1-3 (The Wizardoms Epic Book 1)
by Jeffrey L. Kohanek
4.4 Stars (2,837 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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A spectacular tale of adventure, intrigue, & betrayal.
Where wizards rule, magic reigns supreme.
“I haven’t enjoyed a story like this since Lord of the rings. I couldn’t put it down.” – Review

Power. The ambitious thirst for it.

But when a power-hungry wizard lord seeks to expand his rule, he triggers events unforeseen. The balance of magic is altered, races of old return, and beasts of legend stalk the land.

Unlikely heroes armed with magical objects are drawn into the conflict:

• Jerrell “Jace” – A snarky, clever thief whose outrageous exploits force him to hide his identity.

• Narine – A daring wizardess caught between her mad wizard lord father and jealous brother.

• Rhoa – A determined acrobat, armed with enchanted blades and a thirst for revenge.

• Rawk – Exiled for urges he cannot control, this dwarf possesses unique magic abilities.

• Brogan – A disgraced warrior who labors beneath the weight of his regrets.

These characters lead a compelling and memorable cast including ruthless wizards who vie for thrones able to grant the power of a god. How do you defeat a god?

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Text Me On Tuesday: All is Fair in Love and Texting … (An Accidentally in Love Story Book 1)
by Melanie Summers, Whitney Dineen
4.3 Stars (3,189 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment | Romance

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***All books in the series read as standalones.

All is fair in love and texting…

Aimée Tompkins here. I’ve been trying to break into the catering world in the Big Apple for a whole year and have been hired exactly zero times.

So, when I get an email from an architecture firm offering me my dream gig, I go all-out to prepare the greatest lunch those Wall Street types have ever eaten. Everything must go smoothly.

Unfortunately, as soon as I get to the office, things go spectacularly off the rails. Apparently, I’m in violation of their crazy no perfume policy and am given new clothes that will never fit me. I’m then forced to shower in the boss’s luxurious office bathroom (seriously, it’s bigger than my apartment).

Just as I’m getting out of the shower, I hear a man’s voice on the other side of the door. Wait. Did I forget to lock it?

Yes. yes, I did.

I don’t manage to cover up in time and wind up sliding stark naked right into the arms of a tall, dark, and British hottie. Who incidentally, doesn’t let go of me before he insults me.

Later that night his assistant, Byron, messages me. I make no bones about how much I hate his jerky kabillionaire boss, and just like that we strike up a friendship via text–sharing our deepest secrets. Only, it turns out, I’m not texting Byron at all. I’ve been texting Mr. Hot and Grumpy the entire time. OMG.

I really, really want to hate him. I should tell him where to shove his drafting pencil. Shouldn’t I?

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Road to the Breaking
by Chris Bennett
4.3 Stars (566 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Sagas

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Nothing survived “The Breaking” unchanged; lives and fortunes, love and hate, freedom and slavery…

It’s early 1860, and war hero Captain Nathaniel Chambers, commander U.S. Army Fort Davis in the west Texas wilderness, has received shocking news – his father is dead. He must return home to Virginia and claim his inheritance before a maniacal neighbor can murder his widowed mother and seize the family plantation.

But he’s torn by a terrible dilemma – to stay in the army and turn his back on his fortune, his mother and his beloved childhood home, or become the thing he despises; a slave master! Is there no other choice?

An epic journey across a young nation seething with debauchery, brutality, corruption, and political intrigue, unwittingly on the brink of an unimaginable disaster; the American Civil War. Nathan Chambers has left the violent army life behind in Texas, never imaging he’s on the very Road to The Breaking.

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Dungeness and Dragons: A Driftwood Mystery (The Driftwood Mysteries Book 4)
by William Cook
4.4 Stars (290 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Suspense

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The pulse-pounding fourth installment of The Driftwood Mysteries.

When the crabbing boat Johnny B. Goode is lost with all hands in a ferocious January storm, Officer Charley Whitehorse, “The Tracker,” believes it was not an Act of God, but an act of murder.

At the same time, young women are disappearing up and down the Oregon coast. The latest, Patricia Carmody, has vanished without a trace on her way to audition for a movie.

As Whitehorse and his partner, Tony Esperanza, scramble to untangle the web of clues, they tumble into a plot of human trafficking, vicious killings, and international conspiracy.

Pour yourself a drink — coffee, tea, wine, or something stronger — turn off your phone, and fasten your seat belt. The ride is about to begin.

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