Last night, at my youngest baby bassets school band concert, I asked my oldest baby basset to buy four brownies for us at the bake sale table. You fly, I buy. He looked at me so confused when I said that. Apparently I have failed him as a mom and will add that to my list. Anyways, he refused to fly. I explained to him that I want brownies and I am lazy. I will buy us all brownies, just don’t make me get up. He refused again. He is lazy like me. Grrr. At the end of the concert, while everyone was heading out the door, I went to the treat table and bought four brownies…FOR ME! Not them, just me because I am petty like that. When I got into the car I announced the brownies were all for me and not them. Petty petty petty. They all laughed. I was dead serious. It was late when we got home so I left the brownies on the kitchen counter and announced that they were all mine. They brushed me off. This morning I woke up feeling kinda bad that I was being so petty. That is until I went into the kitchen and found only one brownie left. GRRRRRRR!!!! Back to petty time.

Milkshakes and Murder: A Comedy Cozy (Mom and Christy’s Cozy Mysteries Book 3)
by Christy Murphy
4.4 Stars (601 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Humor & Satire

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Will they solve this ice cold crime in time?
Everyone’s favorite mother and daughter catering and crime solving duo returns for another adventure.

Mom’s quest to win Best Milkshake in the Fletcher Canyon newspaper sparks a rivalry with the neighborhood diner. But when the judge dies after tasting Mom’s milkshake, Mom and Christy’s catering business flat lines.
Mom’s sure it was sabotage gone awry, but Christy thinks it was murder. Can she convince Mom to widen her list of suspects before their catering reputation is damaged for good?
Each mystery is complete. Read in any order. Pick up your copy today!
Find out in this fun, comedy cozy! No graphic violence. No language. Cute cat!

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Outlaw Rising: A Parse Galaxy Novella (.5)
by Kate Sheeran Swed
4.3 Stars (129 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Action & Adventure

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Secretly, Sloane Tarnish has always admired her outlaw of an uncle and his tales of not-so-legal adventures across the galaxy-but she never thought she’d be asked to help with one of his heists.

When Uncle Vin shows up on her med school campus with a plan to steal a chip full of Fleet intelligence-and the baffling idea to have her play a key role in the scheme-Sloane’s got her doubts. Uncle Vin doesn’t seem to realize that her top skills involve the kind of shots you drink, not the ones you fire.

But Vin’s convinced the Fleet’s got plans to install empirical rule across the free galaxy, and that this data could stop them before they can begin. When a bunch of rogue delivery drones start taking shots at her-and not the liquid kind-she has to figure he’s onto something.

To prove it, all she needs to do is steal the data key from the middle of a Fleet ball… and right out from under the Commander’s nose.

Too bad she’s got absolutely no idea what she’s doing…

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Beside Golden Irish Fields (The Unexpected Prince Charming Series Book 1)
by Ava Miles
4.6 Stars (2,162 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Romance

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*** Chosen as one of 20 Favorite Indie Books of the Year by the world’s largest retail bookseller***

International bestseller Ava Miles brings you another heartwarming stay-up-all-night story with this first novel in The Unexpected Prince Charming series, about a woman who goes to Ireland in hopes of a second chance at life and finds love in the most unexpected man.

Art teacher Angie Newcastle’s life is all monotone.

She wasn’t always this dull. She’d been an up-and-coming artist with the world at her feet. But after contracting the Wrong Man Syndrome and spending years doubting herself, she no longer recognizes herself.

When she loses her job, she can’t afford to keep ignoring the obvious: her life needs a serious overhaul. And she knows exactly where to start: in Ireland, teaching art classes to her ex-pat cousin’s village community.

Angie expected the golden fields beside her ancient Irish cottage to inspire her. She didn’t expect them to be populated by sheep sprayed with uplifting words. And she certainly didn’t expect anyone like their owner, reclusive sheep baron Carrick Fitzgerald, or the matchmaking ghost determined to bring them together.

Neither want to find love — especially Angie, who’s on a self-imposed man-fast because she doesn’t want her life to take another nosedive. Only she slowly realizes that Carrick is the most unexpected of Prince Charmings and that he might help her make all her dreams come true.

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I Am Fearless. A Year of Empowering Journal Prompts and Positive Affirmations for Black Women: 365 Days of Soul Therapy: Embrace Daily Self Care, Confidence … Self Love and Self Care for Black Women)
by Regina Thompson
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help | Politics & Social Sciences | Religion & Spirituality | Humor & Entertainment

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Discover Your Fearless Self: An Empowering Journey for Phenomenal Black Women
Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and celebration with “I Am Fearless: A Year of Empowering Journal Prompts and Positive Affirmations for Black Women”.

Designed with the remarkable Black woman in mind, this journal serves as your personal guide and powerful tool to:

• Embrace daily self-care, confidence, and courage.

• Navigate life’s highs, lows, victories, and struggles.

• Explore the depths of your personal strength and radiance.

• Amplify your inner strength, shattering the walls of self-doubt.

In this book, you will find:

• Large Size, Handy for Writing

• 1 year of guided journaling. 365 Empowering Affirmations with Prompts

• 365 Empowering Affirmations with Lined Pages to jot down your thoughts pertaining to each question

• Final recap to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Over the next 365 days, use this journal to redefine your narrative and seize each day with a hearty dose of empowerment and self-love. It’s a coffee meeting with your soul, a daily check-in that keeps you grounded, motivated, and most importantly, fearless.

From personal to professional, set goals and achieve them. Break the barriers of self-doubt and build a fortress of self-confidence. But remember, this journal is about more than just goal-setting and empowerment. It’s a journey to self-love in a world that often dismisses and marginalizes us.

The “I Am Fearless” journal is:

• Your daily reminder of your limitless potential and unwavering strength.

• A tool to challenge you, redefine your boundaries, and encourage you to dance to your rhythm.

• A mirror reflecting your essence, celebrating your journey, resilience, and spirit.

• More than just words on paper, it’s your story, your power, your resilience.

Remember, Queen, this is more than a journal. It’s an intimate conversation with yourself. Let these affirmations soak into your spirit and plant seeds of self-confidence and resilience in your heart. Reflect on your journey, set your sights on personal and professional milestones, and map your path to achieving them. This journal is not just about jotting down thoughts; it’s about painting the canvas of your life with the vibrant colors of your soul.

So, go ahead, step into your power and remember: You are fearless. Let’s start this journey together!

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K Company
by Robert Broomall
4.3 Stars (552 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Action & Adventure

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Harry Winston was too young to serve in the Civil War, so he enlists in the post-war cavalry, seeking glory and adventure. He is assigned to K Company, on the western edge of the Kansas frontier. What he finds there is brutal discipline combined with bad food, monotonous drill, and make-work details. Even worse, he makes an enemy of Link Hayward, toughest soldier in the company, who’s been broken in rank more times than he can count. Link thinks Harry is a coward and urges him to desert. Taunted by Link, not accepted by K Company’s veterans, Harry begins to doubt himself.

Then the company is ordered into the field, and in a battle with the Cheyenne, Harry learns what he’s really made of.

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by Jack Fiske
4.0 Stars (76 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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For Jim Turner, an ex MI5 agent on top of the IRA’s most wanted list, life is about to get very complicated.
At the heart of the matter are Mohammed Musa, a reputable Middle-Eastern businessman and Colin Walker, a ruthless London crime boss. Why do they threaten the political stability of Northern Ireland and why do the IRA and apparently MI5 want them both dead?

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