What if your past CRASHES into your present? Golden Mountains is an exciting and compelling novel by the Dutch journalist, columnist and writer Marcel Beijer. In Golden Mountains, he unfolds a fascinating mystery. A story of friendship, greed, and finding the inner strength to deal with the past to face the future. In the book, the author gives new meaning to ‘history repeats itself’. He brings back the life of this lost city of Rhyolite and its inhabitants. Based on true facts.

Golden Mountains
by Marcel Beijer
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Fantasy | Contemporary Fiction

As though she, kneeling by her bed, had said an evening prayer. With her stomach on the mattress, arms under her torso, and knees on the floor.
Only the deep red pool of blood and unnatural state of her lower legs betrayed that she had not been overcome by spiritual devotion, but that life had been rudely snatched from her body.
A lifeless body of a young, beautiful woman. Shot from behind. Three bullet holes in her side, one in her neck.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
After, she might have cried out again. Or had she, with a deep sigh, immediately collapsed on the mattress that must have received her body in a deadly embrace?
And then, moments later, the gentle whispering of blood over the wooden floor could be heard. Dripping from the hem of her skirt. Passing into a dead silence.
The silence that lasts forever.
Or not?

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