A struggling former military man fights to keep his Off-Duty Rescue Ranch running. With the help of new love, more ex-military friends, matchmaking horses, and his billion-dollar inheritance, the ranch just might make it. These steamy, small town military romances will leave you swooning with a happily ever afters. Keep reading to see how the Off-Duty Rescue Ranch prevails against all odds.

Off-Duty Saint: A Military, Small Town, Holiday Romance (Off-Duty Rescue Ranch: Holiday Origins Book 1)
by Zee Irwin
4.3 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Small Town & Rural

An ex-military doctor vowing never to love. A singer who sold her soul for fame. A gray horse who played matchmaker between them. And time running out before love could seal the deal…

When the past proved love couldn’t be true, Chris focused instead on doing good in the world through his mountain rescue ranch for horses and therapy to help ex-soldiers heal. But the ranch took more money to operate than he realized. When faced with a challenge from his father, he forced Chris to consider the unthinkable: to marry by a deadline to earn his billion dollar inheritance. Would he do anything to save his ranch before bill collectors knocked on the door?

He briefly considered his brother’s idea: to find a woman in his small town community near his secluded ranch who would marry quickly for money. But where would he find such a willing woman?

Nicoletta always had big dreams for the country music stage. Often focused on herself, she didn’t win awards for friendship on her road to success. One accident and one big break later, she landed in front of a music mogul’s son, Chris Magnus — the man with the biggest heart on this side of Nashville, but the man who hated the music world with a passion.

When something ignites between them, could a gray horse named Fifty play matchmaker and bring the two together for a better common cause: Love?

Or, with time running out, would someone else foil their plans before love could save the day?

This Christmas could be their best. While their past proved love wouldn’t last, and their lies mired in the present, the future — could be exactly what they wished for and needed the most.

Readers 18+

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Off-Duty Holiday: A Best Friend’s Brother, Military Romance (Off-Duty Rescue Ranch: Holiday Origins Book 2)
by Zee Irwin
4.6 Stars (19 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

A military man in need of a new mission in life. A romance writer lacking experience. A fake relationship might be exactly what they want. But in the end, will they get what they really need?

Will is off-duty for the holidays, visiting his sister while trying to decide if he should remain in the Army or seek civilian life. Enjoying the holiday at home, he doesn’t need the complications of falling for his sister’s best-friend to heat up the situation. But when a fake dating proposal is presented to fend off his meddling mother’s attempts at matchmaking, he realizes the brilliant scheme has many benefits.

Ava is a romance author finding love only between the pages she writes. But when she accidentally wakes up in Will’s arms while staying with her best-friend for the holiday, she suddenly wants more between the sheets. Her attraction to him is undeniable. Their fake dating situation is fun and provides plenty of experience to add to her writing.

But does their plan at the family holiday party go off without a glitch? Does it lead to a real romance once the holiday is over? And about Will’s career prospects — does another mission call to him, leading him to do something more fulfilling with his life? Does a chance encounter steer Ava back into Will’s arms for good?

These insta-love, steamy, small town, military, holiday romances provide the origin story for the Off-Duty Rescue Ranch. Hot, former military men, strong women, and matchmaking horses prove that where there’s a will, there’s a way up the mountain to true love and happily ever afters.

Readers 18+

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Off-Duty Cupid: A Steamy Small Town Military Romance (Off-Duty Rescue Ranch: Holiday Origins Book 3)
by Zee Irwin
4.8 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Foreign Languages

The Off-Duty Rescue Ranch is growing, but while the boss is away on honeymoon, there’s no time for play. Ex-military man Ryder has his hands full, managing everything. A new stallion at the ranch is causing a ruckus. The other ranch hands are playing pranks. And the new accountant, Monday, looks awfully familiar — and gorgeous.

Monday never expected this, coming face-to-face with Ryder, the man who saved her life long ago with one sentence: “Wait in the Truck.”

Ryder never expected the angel he had saved one night so long ago to end up years later on his ranch.

When trouble from their past steals her away, will Ryder ride in — this time on his stallion — and save her once again?

If you love steamy insta-love, hot military heroes, and small town romance, the Off-Duty Rescue Ranch series is a must-read. Hot, former military men, strong women, and matchmaking horses prove that where there’s a will, there’s a way up the mountain to true love and happily ever afters.

Content Warnings: abuse, captivity, stalking. Readers 18+

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