A contract killer. A governor’s son. And the gunshot heard around the world. The Greatest Good is the pulse-pounding first novel in the Garrison Chase Thriller series. If you like dogged heroes, shocking twists, and heated battles for justice, then you’ll love Craig N. Hooper’s electrifying tale. Buy The Greatest Good today and brace yourself for a wild ride!

The Greatest Good (Garrison Chase Thriller Book 1)
by Craig N. Hooper
4.3 Stars (1,984 Reviews)
Genre: Men’s Adventure | Thrillers

Garrison Chase has one shot left. Finally back on duty after a year-long suspension for insubordination, the black-ops-turned-FBI agent is desperate to prove he can be a team player. But he’s horrified when the first day of his assignment goes sideways after his house nearly explodes and the man he’s supposed to protect catches a sniper’s bullet.

Relieved his charge was only wounded by the hit, Chase wonders if he was the actual target. So when he’s ordered off the case and away from the victim, the hot-headed former operative refuses to obey even if it could cost his career… or his life.

Can Chase unravel a sinister conspiracy before he’s permanently out of action?

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