It’s a horrible thought to think there is a chance of people making fun of you because you are a silly bird that can’t fly, and your only comeback is, “I AM NOT A BIRD!!!” But they laugh at you anyways. Did they even notice your polka dot pants?

Seychelle Collection: The Complete Seychelle Sullivan Series (South Florida Adventure Series Book 8)
by Christine Kling
4.6 Stars (417 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Sea Adventures

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She’s much better at handling boats than bodies — dead ones, that is…
The ocean is dark and dangerous — no place for a woman. Or is it?

As the only female tug and salvage captain on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront, Seychelle’s not out to prove anything. She just wants to get the job done, whether that means salvaging boats or lives.

From a missing ex-lover to a monster with a machete, Seychelle faces the dangers head on, while enemies who will stop at nothing try to put her out of business for good.

First five books of this Florida thriller series at more than 50% off regular price.

SURFACE TENSION: Seychelle answers a Mayday call from a five-million-dollar superyacht only to find a blond with a knife in her back, and the captain, Seychelle’s former lover, is nowhere to be found.

CROSS CURRENT: Seychelle intercepts a swamped fishing boat in the Gulf Stream — inside the boat are a murdered woman and a little girl in a white dress. Determined to keep the child from being sent back to Haiti, Seychelle becomes obsessed with the forces that nearly killed the girl.

BITTER END: Sey didn’t see the sniper who shot Nick Pontus at the helm of his yacht, but there are plenty of people, from Russian mobsters to Indian casino owners, who wanted the guy dead. But the cops zero in on Molly, Seychelle’s childhood friend.

WRECKERS’ KEY: Key West was built by the wreckers, but when a friend is killed, Seychelle begins to suspect a chilling scenario: are modern-day wreckers using technology to cause yachts to crash onto the reefs-and killing off whoever gets in the way?

MOURNING TIDE: Five years later, deep in the waters of a Florida swamp, a more mature Seychelle is working aboard her salvage tug Gorda, when she finds human bones. Years ago, she promised herself that she would stop the reckless chasing after justice for those she’d loved and lost. But can she?

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Cowboy Coming Home (Coming Home to North Dakota Western Sweet Romance Book 2)
by Jessie Gussman
4.5 Stars (1,726 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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He saved her life. She owes him a summer. The price might be too high for both of them.

Armstrong Brant stepped between Glory Baldwin and a charging cow. He ended up with broken ribs and a farm and family he couldn’t care for through the pain.

At the prompting of The Sweet Water Piece Makers Quilting Club, Glory volunteers to watch Armstrong’s four children while he recovers. She owed him and it made sense. But she never expected to fall for a man with four boys.

Armstrong isn’t comfortable sitting around. And he’s definitely not comfortable watching someone else do his work. But he’s downright surly at the idea of allowing another woman into his life after his ex simply walked away.

Still, he doesn’t have much choice since he can’t even change a diaper with his broken ribs.

Spending a summer together might convince both of them they could take a chance on each other, but when his ex walks back into his home, he’s faced with a choice: does he walk away from the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Or will he come home to stay?

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Shield-Maiden: Under the Howling Moon (The Road to Valhalla Book 1)
by Melanie Karsak
4.6 Stars (1,357 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Romance | Fantasy

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Chosen by Odin.
Destined for Valhalla.

In my dreams, Odin whispers to me.

He tells me I’m destined to wield a legendary sword.

He tells me my road will bring me to Valhalla.

But when I wake, I’m only Hervor. Fatherless. Unloved. Unwanted. Jarl Bjartmar, my grandfather, calls me cursed. My mother, her memories stolen by the gods, has forgotten me. Everyone tells me I should have been left to the wolves, but no one will tell me why.

None but Eydis, a thrall with völva magic, believes I’m meant for a greater destiny. Yet who can believe a devotee of Loki?

When the king and his son arrive for the holy blót, the runes begin to fall in my favor. A way forward may lie in the handsome Viking set on winning my heart, but only if I unravel the mystery hanging over me first.

Readers will relish Shield Maiden: Under the Howling Moon. This sweeping Viking historical fantasy retells the Norse Hervarar Saga, depicting the life of the shieldmaiden Hervor.

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Ill Wind (The Deuce Mora Series Book 4)
by Jean Heller
4.6 Stars (380 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Literature & Fiction

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Hard-hitting veteran reporter Deuce Mora is awakened in the pre-dawn hours and called to the scene of a gruesome hanging to identify the body of a dear friend, an FBI agent on the verge of taking down one of Chicago’s biggest Mob operations. Deuce knows it’s murder, but the authorities have no choice but to call it a suicide – the death scene was triple-locked from the inside.

And with that, author Heller, a former journalist and frequent Pulitzer nominee, takes her place with Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the great Edgar Allan Poe himself as one of the few authors ever to pull off a locked-room murder. In this one, half the fun is trying to figure out the locked-room puzzle. And the delight of finding one in a contemporary mob mystery.

The other half of course, is the tenacious Deuce herself, the tough, hard-boiled, and ever-human reporter who goes places the cops don’t even know about. And Heller’s intricate, action-packed mystery story.

The ill wind sweeping the Windy City has also whipped up two more unexplainable deaths – of perfectly healthy, able-bodied young mobsters,key witnesses about to flip on the top leaders of the Mob operation. Neither the Chicago police nor the FBI can come up with a cause of death – and they’ve looked at every kind of toxin – but our meticulous investigator, whose stock-in-trade is death-defying leaps of logic, fits together a couple of impossible puzzle pieces. The downside is that the bad guys figure out where their greatest exposure lies – and Deuce quickly becomes their new target.

Enter a Washington reporter who has been following the organized crime investigation for months at its source, in D.C. He and Deuce share a dark secret and he knows exactly where to apply pressure on her demons to keep her on the trail of her friend’s murderers. But as the Windy City begins to look more and more like the Chicago of Al Capone days, with bodies turning up in the river and shoot-outs in public places, Deuce discovers she couldn’t walk away even if she wanted to. Whoever is at the top – and this is Chicago, so the top is always way up – will stop at nothing to shut down this investigation.

WHO WILL LIKE IT: First of all, fans of puzzle mysteries and locked rooms! Followed closely by admirers of get-the-story-or-die reporters like Hank Philippi Ryan’s Jane Ryland and Kelly Lange’s Maxi Poole, Chicago private investigators VI Warshawski and Libby Fischer Hellman’s Georgia Davis, kickass female detective protagonists like Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone and Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan; and anyone who admires tough-minded women sleuths who’re good in a fight.

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Crochet for Beginners: A Complete Guide to learn the art of Crochet with All the Tips, Tricks, And Projects Ideas
by Thea Weber
4.7 Stars (201 Reviews)
Genre: Crafts, Hobbies & Home

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Do you wish to master crocheting?
Are you learning to crochet and seeking for simple patterns?
Are you trying to find a new creative pastime that will let you create your own clothes, accessories, and much more?

So why not continue reading to learn about the supplies you’ll need as well as a few of the fundamentals of crochet if you’re interested in learning more about this widely-liked art and creating some of your own crochet masterworks? If so, you may want to give crocheting a shot.

One hook & one string of yarn are used to create the fiber art of crochet. It is simple, a lot of fun, & full of opportunities. The primary distinction between crochet & knitting is that with crochet, just the stitch on the hook is ever active. If you’re just learning how to crochet and therefore are curious what essential supplies or tools you’ll need, look without any further!

In this book, you will discover:

Crochets Basics
Crochets stiches
How to Crochet for Left Handed
Tips and tricks for crochet
The patterns and projects
Types of Crochet
Beginner crochet mistakes you need to avoid
Blocking your crochet
21 Common Crochet Questions Answered

And Much More!

The book will teach you how and where to crochet as well as provide you detailed instructions for making a variety of fabrics. This manual also includes drawings and details on the different supplies and equipment you can utilize. You will be able to complete your projects utilizing basic to expert approaches by studying this manual. Additionally, learning to crochet is quick and simple. Start knitting scarves, shawls, garments, and anything else that strikes your fancy!

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