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Crucible of Fear: A Thriller
by D.W. Whitlock
4.1 Stars (79 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literary Fiction | Thrillers

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A man’s life in chaos. His young daughter at risk. What is a pound of flesh worth?

Since the death of his wife, advertising executive Dante Ellis has struggled to rebuild a stable life for himself and his young daughter, Abigail. Their idyllic world is plunged into a harrowing nightmare after he’s targeted by a group of ruthless hackers known only as Dark Messiah. Soon after, a highly advanced dragonfly drone flits through the shadows, watching his every move. Like a harbinger of evil, terrible things happen whenever it appears.

Dante soon discovers no part of his life is too sacred to be used against him, no secret buried too deep. What began as a veiled threat rapidly descends into a desperate conflict for everything he holds dear.

From the glittering streets of Hollywood to the shadowy digital underworld, this riveting, fast-paced, technothriller shows what might happen if everyday technology was used to turn our darkest secrets into our greatest fears.

A word of warning: You may never look at dragonflies the same way again.

Fans of Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz with a dash of Stephen King will enjoy this non-stop thrill ride through the dark world of modern cybercrime.

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True Blue (North Brothers)
by Amy Knupp
4.6 Stars (234 Reviews)
Genre: Sagas | Contemporary Fiction

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She was jilted on her wedding day. He’s the best friend waiting in the wings.

Lexie Gallagher is starting to think she’s better off alone. Her family fell apart years ago. Her relationships all end in disaster. Is she the common denominator who causes everyone to leave? Everyone but her best friend, Gabe, who whisks her away from the scene of the latest breakup.

As the human resources VP for North Brothers Sports, Gabe North understands people and how to meet their needs. What Lexie’s always needed is a true-blue friend, doubly so when she’s left at the altar. Of course he’ll be her shoulder to cry on — even though he’s wanted to be more than friends for years.

As Lexie heals from her recent rejection, Gabe is everything she needs… and then he becomes even more. But when life gets tricky, can Lexie believe that true blue is forever, or will she find herself eternally alone?

True Blue is the third stand-alone story in the North Brothers contemporary romance series. Dive into this sexy series today!

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California Toothpick (Rip Campbell Book 1)
by Curtis Long
4.4 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Westerns

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Hunted by the Apache.

Chased by the Cavalry.

Hounded by Bounty Hunters.

How can they get away?

Rip Campbell’s life is turned upside down when his younger brother is accused of murder.

Desperate to keep his brother, his brother’s fiancé and himself safe, he sets out on a journey across the harsh Mojave desert.

But as they flee from the law, they soon realize that the dangers they face are greater than they ever could have imagined.

Bounty hunters, hostile Apaches and the relentless pursuit of the US Cavalry all stand in their way.

With the scorching sun beating down on them and the unforgiving desert sapping their strength,

Rip must use every ounce of his wit and skill to keep them alive.

As the stakes get higher and the odds stack against them, Rip must confront the truth that blood may not be thicker than water in the desert.

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Lehengey & Lafdey
by Varun T
4.0 Stars (83 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Humor & Satire

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They say that marriages are made in heaven; but weddings, my friend; weddings are executed in hell! After writing three political thrillers, all of which helped me garner a bit of fame and intellectual fanbase, I was convinced that politics is perhaps the most difficult field a man can engage in. But then, matrimony came along and politics suddenly felt like the non-essential elaichi in this Mughlai Biryani called life.

When my ‘loved ones’ subjected me to scenarios unimaginable, when as the groom I had to wait for an hour for my baaraat to arrive, when certain ‘rituals’ scarred me with shame for the rest of my life, I so wanted to give it back to the society! And hence, ‘Lehengey and Lafdey’ was born.

LnL will raise your ire, tickle your funny bone, and show you everything except what a wedding is supposed to be: a sacred union. In a world filled with romantic novels, where love always wins in the end; patience, perseverance and the insane ability to bear a butt load of crap is required to emerge victorious in the holy war of matrimony.

Enough talk! Jump right in and witness a whirlpool of emotions, with a cup of masala chai and some fryums on the side. Put your seat belts on, for it is going to get crazy. Welcome to the world of Lehengey and Lafdey!

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The Last Resort: A Forgotten Coast Mystery (Forgotten Coast Mysteries Book 1)
by Sal Bianchi
4.3 Stars (325 Reviews)
Genre: Sea Adventures | Action & Adventure

FREE for a limited time

For many, Apalachicola is a failed tourist town on Florida’s Forgotten Coast, but for Police Chief Randall Cole, it’s home. So when he gets a call from a concerned shop owner that the town’s hoarder and conspiracy theorist hasn’t been around for a couple of days, he takes it seriously. When Cole finds the poor man dead under a pile of his own hoard, it looks like an unfortunate accident, but for him, there’s more to the story.

As he digs into the man’s murder, it gets more and more dangerous. Someone doesn’t want Cole to find the truth behind the conspiracy theorist’s death or the failed resort in Apalachicola, and they will kill to have their way. Too bad for them that Randall Cole doesn’t die easy.

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Diabetic Slow-Cooker Recipes (In The Kitchen Cooking Book 1)
by June Kessler
4.0 Stars (39 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Diabetic Recipes

Slow Cooking and Braising

Using a slow-cooker is an economical cooking method that saves time and money. The awesome slow-cooker allows you to assemble a recipe in the morning and leave it to simmer all day. While you’re busy doing other things. Now you have the recipes for great tasting, healthy slow cooker meals! Without the preservatives, additives or colorings that commercial food has.

Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

To help manage blood sugar levels, it is essential that you follow diabetic diet plan guidelines. Checking blood glucose levels and preparing meals is a great step towards managing blood sugar levels. Consuming the correct foods will help manage diabetes. The foods suggested for any diabetes diet plan are ideal for those with diabetes and everyone else. Nevertheless, Understanding the effect of carbohydrate on blood sugar levels is key to managing diabetes. The carbohydrate in food makes blood glucose levels go up.

Exchanges and Nutritional Facts

Nutritional facts and Exchanges to help you manage diabetes, while maintaining a healthy diet.

Save Money

To help save money, you can use less-expensive meat cuts that reach optimum tenderness as they simmer.

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