I am a little disappointed in myself. By this time I would have had most if not all of my Christmas shopping done, and would have been in full smugginess. Here we are, half way through November and I have only bought a few little things. I haven’t even made a list! It’s not that I am feeling like a Scrooge or anything. I still love the holiday season, but gift buying this year seems different. Hubby says we should just make gifts for everyone. It’s not a bad idea at all. I just need inspiration. I bet a Hallmark Original Christmas Movie will do the trick!

Dead Funny: Four Women, Four Dead Bodies…Well OK, Five (A Dark Comedy Crime Fest: Book 1)
by Jinx James
3.8 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Humor & Satire

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DEAD FUNNY – A killer collection of ballsy women and their stories.
DEAD FUNNY confirms that the world is as crazy and off-kilter as you always suspected. It’s an outrageous quartet of Noir-Ha-Ha short stories throbbing with dark humour and suspense. It focuses a dark satirical light on the lives of four very different, but equally ballsy women who cross a moral line to get what they want.

Annabel, a fast-fading celebrity, will do more or less any anything to remain popular… yep, ANYTHING, including an unintentional homicide! Best read with a cool drink. That’s CELEBRITY ROAST.

Tayla is the famously beautiful Aussie Supermodel from hell who finds herself in a lurid jam at the swish end of London. The King Rat of the paparazzi has a score to settle. What’s even tastier for him is that the deal they strike is over a dead body and their conspiracy of silence. But Tayla is one tough cookie, as he soon finds out in PAPARATZ, a Noir-Ha-Ha scum-fest.

Anita had a game plan until the day she became TRAPPED IN CLOUD CUCKOOLAND. Her life showcases the sleazier side of Switzerland. Forget cuckoo clocks, dirndls and yodelling. Just watch Anita’s initial fascination, her growing fantasy and then horror as her life melts down into a vintage, non-PC train wreck of a crime thriller with an ironic twist.

Robyn, the obsessed fan from FAN FATALE, is reaching for an impossible dream. Her dark plot is to befriend and live with the TV star she idolizes. The trap is set. But hold your breath.Think Psycho meets Fatal Attraction.

The bodies mount up in this dark comedy crime fest. Jinx James likes to call DEAD FUNNY “Noir-Ha-Ha at its feistiest”.

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Wedding Bells on Victory Street: Gripping and heartbreaking World War 2 saga fiction (The Bryant Sisters Book 2)
by Pam Howes
4.4 Stars (2,084 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction

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From Amazon bestseller Pam Howes comes a heartbreaking World War Two novel about a young woman trying to make the best of history’s darkest hour. Is a happy ever after impossible?

Liverpool, 1943. For Bella Rogers, life is looking up. She loves performing with The Bryant Sisters, the singing trio who have become the country’s sweethearts, putting a smile on the faces of the brave boys fighting the Nazis. But then tragedy strikes when a telegram arrives: Bella’s beloved father has been killed in France.

Unlike her poor Mam, Bella has someone to share her grief with. Her childhood love Bobby is home from the war. He lost a leg but she counts her blessings every day that he’s alive when so many young men haven’t made it back. Bella longs to give her heart to Bobby but she is hiding a secret that may change their lives forever. Will he still love her if she reveals the truth?

But when bombs screech down on Victory Street in the middle of the night, blowing houses apart, Bella may lose both the home she loves and the family who mean everything to her. With so much loss around her, will Bella be brave enough to snatch her chance of happiness? And when the war is finally over, will wedding bells ring out on Victory Street again?

An utterly unputdownable, heart-wrenching historical novel that will have you completely hooked from page one. You’ll lose yourself in this gorgeous wartime story of love, loss and family secrets. Perfect for fans of Wives of War, Nadine Dorries and Nancy Revell.

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Dinosaur Mazes for Kids Ages 4-8: Maze and Dot to Dot Book
by Buzzing Bee Press, Simi Raghavan
4.6 Stars (74 Reviews)
Genre: Foreign Languages | Children’s eBooks

FREE for a limited time

Created by certified teachers, this dinosaur-themed activity book will help your little one(s) develop important educational skills while having tons of fun!

In this engaging maze and dot-to-dot activity book, your kids will be excited to head out on a Jurassic adventure with 7 cute dinosaur characters. They will challenge their problem-solving skills as they lead each dinosaur through mazes (set amidst scenes of Jurassic wilderness) in search of hidden clue words. They will need to avoid dangers such as erupting volcanoes as well as the ever-present ravenous raptors. The dot-to-dots will allow them to develop their fine motor skills as well as allow for some fun coloring once completed. Parents and caregivers are also encouraged to join in alongside their little one(s) in the bonus raptor-themed adult versus child maze challenges.

Key Features:

• 43 beautiful originally illustrated activity pages that will engage and challenge your child

• Four levels, increasing in difficulty (appropriate for ages 4-8)

• A dot-to-dot to complete and color in at the end of each level

• Encourages family bonding with 7 adult versus child maze challenges to do alongside your children

• Clue words to find after each maze (Children will practice printing the words out together at the end of each level to form fun sentences)

• Durable, travel-friendly, wipe-clean cover

• Large 8.5″ x 11″ format

• Created by certified teachers

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Xtreme Behavior (Xtreme Ops Book 3)
by Em Petrova
4.6 Stars (507 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure

FREE for a limited time

This special operative and a K-9 handler must work in close proximity to stop a bomber. They might kill each other… or wind up in bed.

After a string of deaths are linked to a man locked up for another crime, Special Operative Alix Broshears and his team are racing against the clock to stop him before another person dies. Bringing in the gorgeous handler from a local K-9 unit makes sense — unless you ask Broshears’ libido. When it comes to the intelligent woman who thinks on her feet, his control is tested every damn minute.

Vivian Valentine is up for the challenge of joining the team on yet another mission with her K-9 partner, Zack. She’s also determined to prove her worth to a certain special operative who takes arguing with her seriously.

Sure, they hate each other. They’re also friends.

And there might have been one encounter in a closet, but they don’t discuss that.

Despite their strained ties, when Broshears learns Vivian’s in peril, the race is on to save her. Nothing can keep him from holding back his wrath against their enemies… or his feelings for the woman he’s determined to rescue.

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Operation Watchtower: 1942 Battle for Guadalcanal (WW2 Pacific Military History Series Book 1)
by Daniel Wrinn, Griffin Smith
4.1 Stars (319 Reviews)
Genre: History | Biographies & Memoirs

FREE for a limited time

A powerful account of the tide turning WW2 Pacific Theater campaign.

In the height of the second world war, US forces launched a long and gruelling campaign to take the island of Guadalcanal, mounting the first major land attack against Japanese forces. What followed was a 6-month string of devastating battles as these two forces wrestled over this key military position.

In the wake of near-daily aerial attacks and several determined assaults from the Japanese navy, the Guadalcanal campaign culminated in a victory for America and marked the first of many offensive attacks aimed at neutralizing the Japanese in the Pacific Theater.

Now, this thrilling book recounts the story of the Guadalcanal campaign in vivid, gritty detail. Exploring the forces involved, the major battles, and the daily struggle of trying to maintain control of the coveted Henderson airfield, Operation Watchtower examines the pivotal moments which led to the Allies seizing the strategic initiative in a key turning point of the war.

Perfect for fans of WW2 history books covering the pacific, this brilliant book pays tribute to the brave soldiers on both sides of the conflict, recounting their story for both passionate history fans and anyone searching for an in-depth look at of one the greatest battles of World War 2.

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Briarwitch Academy 1: A Whisper Before Dawn
by KC Kingmaker
4.3 Stars (335 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

I don’t look for trouble. It finds me: murderous teachers, sexy supernaturals, devious plots.

My name is Dawn Rose. I was the food-scavenger for my group of outcasts in the Fringe — what used to be LA County before the Abnorms and supernaturals turned it into a hellscape. But I never expected to witness a brutal murder-by-magic.

Now I’ve been whisked off to Briarwitch Academy, the place where magic goes to grow. The faculty think I have an ancient untapped power. Yeah, right. Like I’m going to fit in with drunken gnomes and goth pixies. And then there are the smoldering shifter dudes. One of them basically stalks me. The other hates me. I want them both.

I’m just trying to survive the bullies and my classes and the magical weirdos who don’t think I belong here. But when evil threatens the academy, I have to stop it from reaching back home. And that whole murder thing? I know who did it. And he knows I know. And life’s about to get way more complicated…

This is a slow-burn reverse harem paranormal romance with more heat than a fresh ghost pepper and more mystery than that missing Tupperware lid in your kitchen.

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