Why do spiders come inside houses? It is literally like walking into a wasteland. No plants and very few bugs. It is nothing but strange cold walls, lifeless ground, and people screaming at you. They are not only screaming at you, but they are also threatening you with huge wads of paper towels or vacuums. I really wish someone would clue them in on them not being welcome in houses. Especially on the ceiling right before I go to sleep.

Lord Harry of Hawthorn Hall
by Angela Hughes
3.1 Stars (49 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction

A cosy feel good short story; A Lord in need of a wife, a missing painting, a flower show and a cake contest. What could go wrong or what could go right?

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Sting of the Scorpion
by Lawrence Hebb
4.3 Stars (51 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Action & Adventure | Men’s Adventure

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The Army doesn’t want them, they’re too much trouble!
MI6 does, they’re the best at what they do, and they need the best.
MI6 have a problem.

A missing agent kidnapped and taken to hostile territory for interrogation.
Only one option is open, and that’s a high-risk rescue operation over two hundred miles into hostile territory with no support.

A ‘do or die mission’ where the stakes are high and failure isn’t an option.

‘Great book. Fun from beginning to end. Humorous at times, action all over the place, the troop are just what you expect and the bosses even more so,’ (one reviewer said)

Sting of the Scorpion is the first book in the high octane ‘Scorpion one’ series By Lawrence Hebb
Strap in and join the team today for an adventure that will have you wanting more.

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Eli: A Fantasy Epic Adventure (A Ranger’s Tale Book 1)
by Marc Alan Edelheit
4.7 Stars (1,170 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Action & Adventure

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A dangerous mission. A war of the Gods. An epic destiny.

When elven rangers Eli’Far and Mae’Cara are dispatched to hunt down the dangerous criminal Mik’Las, the mission seems simple enough. Mik’Las has committed the unthinkable crimes of murder and kidnap, and though he’s a former ranger and skilled in the deadly arts, Eli is confident they will bring him to justice.

But after Mik’Las flees into the human kingdom of the Castol, Eli and Mae find their mission suddenly wrought with complications. Lord Edgun, an oppressive man grinding his people under the heel of his boot, has left its people desperate. Things grow even more complicated when the elves run into Jitanthra, a strange human girl being hunted by Edgun’s men, and who has connections to a mystical outcast, an elf currently imprisoned by Edgun.

Soon, Eli and Mae find themselves unexpectedly drawn into the middle of a rebellion, a struggle between gods, and the opening stages of the dreaded Last War.

Find out why readers have fallen in love with Amazon bestselling author Marc Alan Edelheit’s books. Sit back and enjoy this wild ride.

Elven ranger Eli’Far, first introduced in Stiger’s Tigers, rapidly became one of the fantasy genre’s standout characters. With A Ranger’s Tale, Edelheit pulls back the shroud to reveal the shocking and exciting tale of how Eli starts down the path to a destiny he can scarcely imagine possible, a fate that sees him inextricably linked to Stiger.

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THE HARBOUR MASTER’S DAUGHTER a compelling saga of love, loss and self-discovery (Devonshire Sagas Book 1)
4.3 Stars (4,625 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction

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Prepare to be swept away by an utterly heartrending saga of one woman’s fight to find happiness.

Devon, 1867.

Free-spirited Rebecca Westbrook recognizes her perfect match when she sees him. His name is Captain Adam Bradley.

She is the harbour master’s daughter.
He is smouldering and sophisticated — the most eligible captain ever to sail into the quay.

Anyone can see it’s meant to be. But Rebecca is anything but charmed. Her heart belongs to Tom Mason, a lowly cooper she’s known forever.

Her father doubts Tom’s ability to provide securely for her. But Tom has a plan to prove him wrong. And until then, passionate Rebecca refuses to wait to be with him.

But fate has other plans.

Tragedy strikes, shattering the couple’s dreams of a life together. Vulnerable and alone, how will Rebecca survive without her soulmate?

With the threat of bringing shame on herself and her family nipping at her heels, Rebecca can see only one way out. Is she strong enough to take it?

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A to Z Ice Cream Making Ice Cream at Home for Total Beginners
by Lisa Bond
3.5 Stars (487 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Making Ice Cream at Home, You’ll Love it!

Welcome to this book. The following words are not to be taken lightly. They were not written lightly, but they are words of great importance. They are words which I have never used about any other topic. Until now! Are you ready? Here they are:

This book will change your life.

There, I said it and you know what? I mean it. This book is about making your own ice cream. That short description alone tells you everything you need to know about the importance of this book. Will this book actually change your life? Yes, yes it will. This book will tell you a little about ice cream and a lot about how to make it.

Once you are able to make your own ice cream, the possibilities are endless. You will have an infinite supply of the world’s best treat. You will suddenly find yourself the talk of the town, the envy of your neighbors, the “Ice Cream Maker’.

With great power comes great responsibility. This book will empower you in your dessert creating skills. You should not take your new role lightly. Your family and friends will be asking you, nay begging you, to make more and more ice cream and do you know what? When you are able to make ice cream, it is your responsibility to make it for all those who want it.

If the previous paragraph scares you, then it has done its job. If you are not ready for this life challenge, then close this book and put it back on the shelf, preferably under another book. If you are reading this on an e-reader, then do not do that, just delete it. If you are not ready to become a cold-treat hero, then it is best to stop your journey now, wait for a while and try again when you are ready.

If this brief introduction has bolstered you, if it has ignited a fire in you, a fire which could melt a thousand ice cream scoops, then you are ready to begin your journey into the frozen wastelands of sugar and cream. You are ready to pick up the sprinkles and chocolate sauce and dive head first into the sundae of life.

It was at this point of the book that I was going to insert a little information about ice cream, a little “what is ice cream?’ chapter, but you know what? If I need to explain what ice cream is to you, then you are not ready for this. Besides, who does not know what ice cream is? Instead, let’s move onto the next chapter and find out a little about the history of ice cream.

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