Inherent Chaos by Terry Lloyd Vinson is a tale filled with horror and suspense novel like no other. Read with the light on!

Inherent Chaos
by Terry Lloyd Vinson
Genre: Suspense | Horror

Diagnosed as terminally ill, Boone Harrison’s final wish is to reunite with a long-lost offspring he had once so callously abandoned. Unable to drive the required thousand-plus miles required for the reunion, he hires Bradley Kane, a man facing down his own demons, to chauffer him down the long, winding trail from eastern Montana to northern Mississippi.

As the three-day odyssey transpires, the older man regales Kane with tales of a tragic family history spanning nearly three centuries, each story more cruel, sadistic and horrifying than the last.

In the face of the Boone Harrison’s rapidly deteriorating health, the pair eventually arrive at the secluded, desolate country farmhouse of the mysterious kin he has so desperate sought.

As night falls beneath a fittingly foreboding blood moon on the isolated ranch, a terrifying legacy will be either put to merciful rest or given new, horrific life.

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