I just read an article titled “More is More: The End of Minimalism” It goes on to talk about how an auction house was tasked with auctioning off interior designer Mario Buatta’s things who he passed away in 2018. It was thought that the auction would be modest considering how minimalism is the new thing. Instead, people went nuts paying a lot of money for a lot of unnecessary stuff. One particular item was “An imperfect porcelain tureen shaped like a bunch of asparagus, estimated at between $2,000 and $3,000, went for $25,000.”  I know I am late to most parties, but I am just getting started with the minimalism movement and I would like to finish what I started. I was late to making sourdough bread, and fanny packs as well. Can we please just create a slow lane for those of us who might have work or laundry to do, and just can’t keep up with what’s the latest and greatest? Hmmph.

Pushing Brilliance: (Kyle Achilles, Book 1)
by Tim Tigner
4.5 Stars (3,388 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Political | Mystery

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He really didn’t.
But proving it,
will be a killer.

Framed for murder and on the run, former Olympic biathlete Kyle Achilles is also in the crosshairs of assassins’ guns. Why? He has no idea. He’s fighting blind against two master strategists and one extraordinary invention–known as Brillyanc.

Achilles’ only ally is the other prime suspect, a beautiful Russian mathematician who is either the best or worst person to ever enter his life. Katya was engaged to Achilles’ brother — before he died.

Chasing clues while dodging bullets, Achilles and Katya race around the globe, uncovering a conspiracy conceived in Moscow, born in Silicon Valley, and destined to demolish both the White House and the Kremlin. Along the way a lost soul finds purpose, a broken heart confronts forbidden love, and America gains a new hero.

Packed with heart-stopping surprises, paced by razor-sharp plotting, and populated with richly rendered characters, Pushing Brilliance will leave you breathless and longing for more.

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A Dogtown Christmas: An Oklahoma Lovers book
by Callie Hutton
4.8 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Guthrie, Oklahoma, 1912. Priscilla Cochran intends to prove to the world she is a grown up woman, able to take care of herself. She accepts a job as a teacher in Dogtown, Colorado where the man who hired her thinks she is a woman of ‘mature years.’
Mitch Beaumont is tired of young women who come to Dogtown and leave in tears because it is not a built up city with entertainment a young woman would want. He has finally secured a teacher for the town who has assured him she is a middle aged spinster, and will be able to last through the hard winters.
Then twenty year old Priscilla steps off the mail coach and falls at his feet in the mud.

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The Althea Rose Mystery Boxed Set: (Books 1-3 + 2 Novellas): A Paranormal Cozy Mystery (The Althea Rose series)
by Tricia O’Malley
4.6 Stars (159 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Tricia O’Malley comes a magically fun and addictive mystery series.

One Tequila: Tequila Key is just like any other small town and I’m just like any other small town psychic. Scratch that. Tequila Key is a world onto itself and some people might think that I am one crayon short of the box.

And, if we’re being totally honest, Tequila Key is just like any other small town – if that town boasts a voodoo priestess and a few white witches for flavor. Turquoise blue water and the best margaritas this side of Mexico make it hard to leave.

I’m Althea Rose, co-owner of Luna Rose Potions & Tarot Shop, and I’ve just stumbled into a love triangle while trying to save my best friend from being accused of murder.

See? Just like any other small town.

Tequila For Two:

There’s always one in the bunch.

The one who takes things a little too seriously – a little too far. The fanatic, if you will.

When a radical Pagan group blows into Tequila Key to celebrate the autumnal equinox, Althea Rose’s psychic senses start tingling. She goes on full alert after meeting Horace, a Gandalf wannabe who reminds Althea of an old man playing dress up. One look into his pale eyes sets her straight, and soon Althea’s best friend Luna is forcing her to learn a magickal protection spell before they investigate Horace and his festival. To make matters worse, Althea botches the spell and the results are… interesting to say the least.

Oh, and about that love life of hers? There’s no time for love when bodies start turning up on deserted beaches. Soon, Althea is in way over her head as the full moon starts to rise and the clock counts down on the killer wandering Tequila Key’s quiet streets.

Tequila will Kill Ya: (Novella- 106 pages)

Tequila Key’s local white witch, Luna Lavelle, has been looking forward to celebrating All Hallows’ Eve with her new Wiccan group for months now. Little does she know that her perfect weekend is about to be ruined by a strange curse that descends upon Tequila Key. Together with voodoo priestess Miss Elva, Luna must work against the clock to save the residents of Tequila Key.

When handsome Dr. James gets involved in the fight, Luna realizes that it isn’t just her life that is in danger – her heart is on the line too.

Three Tequilas:

It’s hard to resist a good old-fashioned treasure hunt.

And far be it from Althea Rose to do so. Even if her boyfriend, Cash, is less than thrilled about it. When an esteemed institute in London hires Althea and her dive master buddy, Trace, to document a high-stakes treasure expedition, they are pulled into a game that neither of them had realized they were playing.

In a race to find a rare Aztec emerald lost on a sunken pirate ship, Althea is forced to use every trick in her book to stay alive.

Even magick.

Tequila Shots & Valentine Knots: (Novella- 67 pages)

Valentine’s Day has arrived in Tequila Key and Miss Elva, the resident Voodoo Priestess, has been asked to concoct a love potion for a couple that needs some extra spice in their marriage.

When her pirate ghost, Rafe, sees the potion and thinks it is for Miss Elva – all hell breaks loose.

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The Strider and the Regulus (The Star of Atlantis Book 1)
by Tricia D. Wagner
4.8 Stars (9 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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A famed pirate relic — the Star of Atlantis — lies forgotten someplace along the rugged Welsh coast, where waves and stone clash and where creatures of legend are said to hold sway. When thirteen-year-old Swift finds a map to the treasure, he sets out to claim it and prove his worth to his skeptical brothers who seem determined to thwart his every step. To tease out the secrets of the Star of Atlantis, Swift must take on the gallant Celtic Sea with its azurite waves, its capricious winds, its enigmas… its monsters. And to realize his dream, he must face the most formidable challenge of all — his own father. A masterfully written YA literary fiction story of a boy finding his own way.

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The Amish Carpenter’s Daughter
by Hannah Schrock
4.7 Stars (605 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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While Susanna Glick knew everything about money, she soon realized that she knew nothing about love.

Ever since she could remember, Susanna had watched her father, Isaiah Glick, writing in his black ledger every night. His ledger entries kept track of all the money he made, his investments, and his various business interests. By the time Susanna was sixteen, she knew every entry by heart. Under her father’s tutelage, she had become just as ruthless and money-hungry as him.

When she turned twenty, she couldn’t wait to prove to her father just how ruthless she could be.

Vernon Horst lost his parents five years before. While all his friends were courting with marriage in mind, Vernon cared for his little sister. He was now solely responsible for the mounting expenses following his parents’ funerals and losing the buggy. His situation was exacerbated by the merciless storm that severely damaged the only home he and Mary had ever known. Isaiah Glick helped him with a loan when the banks would not, and true to his word Isaiah helped, but not without adding a hefty interest.

When Susanna realized that by taking Vernon’s weekly payment, she had resigned him and little Mary to a week of just oatmeal for meals, she came to the knowledge that she and her father might just be committing a sort of extortion. As these thoughts start to grow in her mind, Susanna knows her father will never see things her way.

Can Isaiah let go of his greedy ways? Will Vernon be able to repay his loan? Can a little girl make a grown woman see the truth? Enjoy this sweet Amish love story that deals with the challenges of everyday life and how to find your way back to God.

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