Today is the day! The first day of school. I am nervous. Not for my baby bassets. They will do fine. I am nervous about getting them to school on time. I woke up at 1:30 am, freaking out that I was late. I did the same thing at 4:30 am as well. I see a nap in my future. Sadly, gone are the days of walking my babies to the classroom to meet the teacher on the first day. Now I barely get near the school. The schools are much bigger, so to avoid drop-off traffic jams, I say goodbye on a side street. I am going to cherish every one of these drops off though, because soon enough they will be driving themselves. oh no! I am getting the “Sad Parent Gloomies” I have no intention of crying. NO! Instead I am going to buy myself a plant…FULL PRICE! Nothing gets rid of the “Sad Parent Gloomies” like a little present. YAY!

Harder They Fall: A Gripping Private Detective Crime Mystery (Harder They Fall Private Investigator Crime Thriller Series Book 1)
by Solomon Carter
4.1 Stars (2,313 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Crime Fiction | Thrillers

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Detective Dan Bradley becomes the victim of a devastating attack. Bradley and his partner Eva Roberts are left to pick up the pieces. But they soon learn of other victims.

The private detectives must track down a villain unlike any they have ever known. Relentless and bitterly cruel, he strikes people from Dan Bradley’s past. Each victim is connected to the boxing club where Bradley boxed in his youth, but the targets have little else in common.

Bradley hunts for suspects and potential new victims, but without an obvious motive, progress proves almost impossible. Yet plenty of people are depending on him. Bradley is determined to stop the villain before the senseless attacks turn into murders. But Dan is weak and needs time to heal – time he can ill afford.

Events take the detectives to North Devon to investigate the mysterious murder of a celebrity blogger…

Their nightmare tracks them down.

And the vendetta is taken to the next level.

But Bradley has no choice… He must face his demons or die trying…

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Superdreadnought 1: A Military AI Space Opera
by C.H Gideon
4.2 Stars (277 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction

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Alone and unafraid. Sometimes you prevent war by hunting down your enemies.

Integrated with a superdreadnought, the artificial intelligence known as Reynolds takes his ship across the universe in search of the elusive Kurtherians. He comes to a revelation. He’s better in the company of living creatures.

He needs a crew. He needs information. And he needs to continue his search and destroy mission.

Needing a crew and getting a crew are two completely different things. Reynolds is out of his element as he tries to reach out and make friends. Through it all, he has his vessel, the superdreadnought, the most powerful warship in the galaxy.

Or so he believes.


Inside this book is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this book is not for you.? ?

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Heartless (Amato Brothers Book 1)
by Winter Renshaw
4.3 Stars (801 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Romance

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My obsession was born of innocence and good intentions, and it began the day I spotted a handwritten journal lying in the bushes outside a townhouse on Lexington Avenue. It was raining sideways that morning, and my plan was to return it the next day; safe and dry.

Only I kept it.

I kept it, and I read it.

A week later, overwhelmed with curiosity and feeling guilty for harboring secrets that didn’t belong to me, I tried to return it.

Only I wasn’t expecting to meet him.

Unapologetically heartless and enigmatically sexy, he claims he knows nothing about the journal I found outside his place, but the reticent glint in his blue-green gaze tells me otherwise.

There’s something different about him; something damaged yet magical, and I’m drawn to him; pulled into his orbit.

There’s just one problem.

The more I get to know him, the more I’m positive the journal belonged to him… … and the more I find myself hoping, selfishly, that I’m wrong.

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Discoveries: A Dystopian Fantasy Quest covering the span of the globe (The Magicium Series Book 1)
by T.N. Baldwin
4.4 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity has been forced underground by Mythtakes, fantasy creatures created through the power of magicium. And when the Mythtakes rebelled, the secrets of manipulating magicium were lost.
Carla is smothered in secrets. Logan obeys without thinking. Junior regrets every choice he makes. They all want one thing. All three are in a race to the broken city of Shanghai to recover a prized canister of the magical substance. Determined to brave the Open, each will discover about the lost science of magic on their quest – and will risk being torn apart by their mistakes, past and present.

If you don’t know you’re in a race, how do you know when you’ve won?

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Ooey-Gooey Panini Cookbook: Enjoy Thirty Make at Home Delicious Panini Recipes
by Nadia Santa
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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The Panini recipe cookbook consists of a wide range of panini sandwiches. A considerable variety of panini sandwich recipes are available in this book that uses the essential ingredients available at home. In this cookbook, the recipes consist of all meats like pork, beef, turkey, etc.

These panini recipes are full of cheese and are cooked until their bread turns out to be crispy from outside. These recipes can be helpful for any person no matter a beginner or a professional chef. All the panini recipes take a very short period and get ready quickly.

These paninis can be used in breakfast, lunch, midday snacks, appetizers, and dinner. The most famous panini recipes included in the book are:

• Pizza Panini

• Tandoori Chicken Panini

• Southwestern Panini

• Chocolate Swirl Panini

• Turkey and Cheese Panini

• Pesto Turkey Panini with Red Pepper Aioli

• Fig Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Panini

• Chicken Florentine Panini

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