Tenacious, brave, but ultimately uplifting, Catch Me If I Fall is Nikki’s honest account of her struggles addresses the stigmas of both mental health and disability. Nikki not only powers through adversity to prove the doctors wrong with their physical prognosis, but also addresses her mental health issues with an inner strength she never thought she had.

Catch me if I fall: How mental health broke my back but didn’t break me
by Nikki Rodwell
4.9 Stars (31 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Medical eBooks | Biographies & Memoirs

‘What happened?’was the question on friends’ and family’s lips… when Nikki Rodwell landed in hospital with a broken back and spinal cord injury during the summer of 2019. But neither she nor her husband could find the words to explain…
Nikki’s previous psychotic episodes had always been safely locked away under the guise of a nervous breakdown. She had lived her life in fear of the judgement of others, that they might think she was crazy. But this time was different. When a psychosis hit her out of the blue at the age of fifty-two, her hand would be forced; she would have to find a way to tell people what led to her tragic accident.

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