I love the feeling of walking into the Dollar Store with a twenty  dollar bill, and knowing I can afford anything I want in the store. ANYTHING!! Today it’s supplies for my youngest’s birthday. ANYTHING I WANT!

The Alex Files: Books 1 – 3: Alexandra Destephano Psychological Medical Thriller Novels (Women of Valor)
by Judith Lucci
4.4 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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The First Three Novels of the Gripping, New Orleans Psychological Medical Thriller series in a digital collection.

A psychological medical thriller series featuring the strong female lead of Virginia-born nurse and lawyer Alexandra Lee Destephano, along with Commander Jack Francoise of the New Orleans Police Department, and Dr. Robert Bonnet, Alex’s former husband and a prominent Crescent City surgeon.

These hospital conspiracy crime novels center on the characters as they encounter murder, death, malpractice, and the supernatural in the Big Easy’s most famous hospital.

Welcome to the best-selling psychological medical suspense thriller series which blends together hospital drama and romance, political intrigue, domestic terrorism, espionage and the grisly work of a serial killer madman.

This spell-binding box set holds the following books:

Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center
Alex’s law degree won’t help when the enemy is a force of terror

The Imposter: Life Is Not Easy In The Big Easy
Can Alex and Monique survive a madman terrorizing Crescent City Medical Center?

Viral Intent: Terror in New Orleans
The president is in New Orleans, and a deadly virus is on the loose

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Summer Sky: A British Rock Star Romance (Blue Phoenix Book 1)
by Lisa Swallow
4.1 Stars (376 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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She’s a girl running from a broken heart. He’s a rock star escaping the fame that’s breaking him. In an English seaside town, their cars and worlds collide.

Sky Davis arrives home to find her long-term boyfriend with another girl and takes an unscheduled holiday to Cornwall to escape the heartbreak. Rock star Dylan Morgan can’t cope with his celebrity life controlled by other people. He walks away from his role as lead singer of Blue Phoenix, leaving behind chaos and speculation.

One accommodation mix-up later, the pair are forced to spend time together in a cottage by the sea.

Sky decides Dylan is an arrogant guy with too many tattoos, and Dylan is amused by the smart-mouthed girl who doesn’t recognise him. But they soon discover they’ve travelled to Broadbeach for the same reason — to escape from reality to a place with happy childhood memories.

Losing themselves in a world where they know nothing about each other, the unlikely match start an all-consuming, secret romance that heats up their rainy English summer. But can their summer fling survive when they’re forced back into their differing realities?

Summer Sky is the first book in the Blue Phoenix rock star romance series from USA Today bestselling author Lisa Swallow. Perfect for fans of captivating steamy romance, hot and brooding British rock stars, and strong, sassy heroines.

Summer Sky is not a standalone and has a cliffhanger. The series is complete.

Please note: the book is written in British English and contains spelling, grammar and idiom that may appear incorrect to some readers.

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Moon Base One
by Patrick Rivers
4.4 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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Trapped in a maximum-security prison on the moon, Zeek Star knows his life is in danger and plans to escape with a group of fellow prisoners. He soon learns that escaping is not without its own perils. In order to succeed he must first defeat a sadistic AI, befriend a strange alien with psychic powers, overcome his own addiction to exotic drugs, and find ways to survive inside a deadly virtual reality game. When Zeek and his companions reach their destination, the Colony of Mars, they quickly find that their troubles are only beginning, and that to survive the dangers ahead they must tap into abilities they didn’t realize they had.

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ALL FIRED: A classic western adventure novel (The Real McCoy Book 1)
by Curtis Long
3.3 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Literary Fiction | Westerns

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Time to cowboy up.

When he got off the train, he just expected his inheritance and a quick trip back east.

But McCoy finds something else at play. Foul play.

It’s gonna take a heck of a lot to fight the powers that are controlling the town, and only one man is all fired to stand up to the bullies.

Fans of classic western adventure are gonna love The Real McCoy series because the good guys always win. Grab your copy today.

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Raina Sun Mystery Box Set Vol 1 (Books 1-3): A Chinese Cozy Mystery (Raina Sun Mystery All Boxed Up)
by Anne R. Tan
4.4 Stars (620 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

FREE for a limited time

This set includes the first 3 books in the Raina Sun Mystery Series. For readers who like cozy mysteries, quirky characters, a dash of humor, and Chinese-American culture.

Raining Men and Corpses

Graduate student Raina Sun is on a quest to collect an outstanding loan from her college advisor. When she stumbles on his dead body, she becomes the prime suspect. And the only man she ever loved reappears as the lead detective and wants to reignite their passion (or at least he’s sending out smoke signals). She must summon her sleuthing skills to find this cunning killer before she becomes the next victim. There’s no place for an amateur when it comes to murder…

Gusty Lovers and Cadavers

Graduate student Raina Sun thought she knew what she was getting herself into when she volunteered to take the new foreign exchange student shopping on the last weekend before Christmas. But between a riot for the last hot toy, an abandoned baby, and a dead body, the holiday turns into a season for mayhem. She must summon her sleuthing skills to protect this baby and track down a hidden killer before she becomes the victim. There’s no place for an amateur when it comes to murder…

Breezy Friends and Bodies

Raina Sun is cleaning her grandma’s house in San Francisco in preparation for Chinese New Year when she finds her deceased grandfather’s secret journal. When she loses it in a mugging incident and her grandfather’s BFF dies under mysterious circumstances, she is drawn into another murder investigation. She must summon her sleuthing skills to find this skulking killer before she becomes the next victim.There’s no place for an amateur when it comes to murder…

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