I am in a terrible mood. AWFUL TERRIBLE MOOD! I know… not what you’re used to hearing me say first thing in the morning, but it’s the truth. This morning I had to sign, scan, and email forms to my baby basset’s school. This should have been an easy task with a printer that is only six months old. But printers, no matter what their age, never really want to make life easy for their owners do they? Nooo. They actually put a lot of effort into making their owners mad as heck. I woke up at a level 1 out of 10, and five minutes into my day I hit level 12. The printer fist wouldn’t recognize me, then it wouldn’t scan, then it wouldn’t print. It called me fat and ugly and flipped me the bird. I finally had to offer it a piece of my soul for it to agree to scan. At that point I was grateful I got that much. I am now dead inside, but I got the forms signed and printed.

by M K Boers
4.4 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological | Thrillers

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A marriage made in heaven, a murder made in hell.

Why kill the man you love?

Lizzy was struggling, everyone knew that.
He shouldn’t have done those things.
He shouldn’t have pushed her so hard.
And now, her children, her marriage, her hope – gone.
It was all her fault, she knew that, but was there a chance of redemption?

Lizzy Dyson’s on trial for her life. She knows she must pay for what she did, even if it wasn’t planned, but will the jury believe her?


A domestic noir, suspense-filled psychological drama about heartbreak and betrayal, Sleep reveals what drives a woman to murder.

Deals with the sensitive subjects of miscarriage and depression.

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SUMMER SOLACE: Women’s Fiction Novel about life and love, in small town Texas (Healing Book 1)
by Susan B. Nickson
4.9 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Friendship | Romance

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Haunted by her personal tragedy, Annie Jenkins flees to the countryside to heal. But when her niece visits for the summer, Annie must put aside her sadness to deal with a recalcitrant teen. Between horseback riding lessons and barn dances, Annie finds her place in small-town life. At a friend’s barbeque, the county’s most eligible bachelor shows an unmistakable interest in her. Should she reach out to her husband and mend fences, or reach for the tall Texan?

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A Savage Flower: A Psychological Thriller
by Judith Weinstock
4.3 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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When faith and charisma collide, reality as we know it threatens to collapse.

Dana Naveh has always been the perfect daughter – intelligent, studious, and ambitious from a young age. She is loved by her parents, and has a family of her own with her husband and sweet daughter. Her life has progressed easily along the safe path to bourgeoisie.

But then, without warning, everything changes.

One day, she confronts her parents with a difficult and fateful reality – she and her husband have decided to bind their fates to the mysterious David, a cult leader who draws them to the remote village he has founded in Latin America. Dana and her husband relinquish all ties with their former life.

From the moment Dana disengages, the lives of the Naveh family will not be the same again. Everything they once believed in has collapsed, and they are forced to face a new and frightening reality.

Far away, among the savage flowers, Dana slowly begins to see that David’s promises are far from reality. Would it be too late for her to find her way back?

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Little Lantern, Deep Darkness: The Complete Trilogy Boxed Set
by Sakiv Koch
Genre: Literary Fiction

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A Debt-slave’s Son Will Become the World’s Most Unlikely Superhero.

Book I: The Light of Dead Fires

Himalayan foothills, 1934

Smastrus Anand — a fourteen-year-old, fatherless boy — understands what it is to live with sorrow in his heart. His mother, Nina, is a debt-slave, and Smast has been forced to grow up on a steady diet of hunger and oppression.

Pintu, the ultra-privileged son of Nina’s employers, has always taken pleasure in abusing and bullying Smast. Life as Smast knows it changes forever one evening when he finally hits back at Pintu.

Smast’s unthinkable act rips open a Pandora’s box. Two things emerge from it: i.) a long-buried secret that devastates and strengthens Smast simultaneously, and ii.) the unwelcome attention of the enigmatic, ruthless woman responsible for destroying Smast’s parents’ lives before his birth.

This woman, Pintu’s mother, would stop at nothing to crush the remnants of hope still surviving somewhere deep in Nina’s shriveled heart — a hope that stems from and inheres in her only child.

Atmospheric, lyrical, and fast-paced, the first installment of Smast’s epic tale chronicles his metamorphosis from a punching-bag to a fledgling, imperfect fighter struggling for his inalienable right to live and love on his own terms.

Book II: The Gullibility of Demons

Smast’s cherished dream is finally coming true — he is going to the City of Gods! But Sona has withdrawn her protection from him, transforming him into a lamb thrown amongst hungry hyenas.

A sadistic prank by Pintu goes horribly wrong, scarring Smast’s very soul, forcing him to run for his life. Battered and overwhelmed with grief, he somehow manages to reach the backstreet of a royal palace. From the moment he first sees the lovely, guilt-racked princess, PRAGVI SINGH, Smast’s concept of ‘self’ vanishes absolutely — for him, everything will always be about Pragvi.

A demonic man is hellbent upon abducting Pragvi. Another, equally monstrous, man is guarding her with his life. Smast is about to get caught in a hellish crossfire that will make his previous misfortunes and perils appear childish in comparison.

Fast-moving, intense, and suspenseful, The Gullibility of Demons is as much a magical-realism sprinkled story of timeless love as it is an evocative, atmospheric psychological thriller.

Book III: The Ignorance of Knowers

Smast breaks prison and runs for his life after being accused of a heinous murder. He reaches Letlive — a remote valley in the Himalayas.

Over three thousand years ago, Letlive was the secret hermitage of the divine sage Agastya — one of the original authors of the Vedas. Agastya established Letlive as a long-term repository for an ultra-secret, ultra-powerful manuscript, which confers incredible powers upon its chosen ‘Knowers’. Smast is stunned to discover that he, too, is a Knower, perhaps the most significant, the most powerful one of all times!

Letlive is a heavenly place and Smast has arrived here after enduring hell all his life, but he must go back into the old, cruel, dangerous world for Pragvi, who matters infinitely more to him than his own self.

When he gets back to Devgarh, the metropolitan where he experienced both his greatest trauma and his greatest joy five years ago, history loops in on itself: he is once again ensnared in the evil, mysterious web that’s been spun for Pragvi.

Nothing whatsoever — not unspeakable agony, not the certainty of losing his life — will deter Smast from taking on the enigmatic enemy stalking Pragvi since before her birth.

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The Depths: A Novel of Undersea Horror
by Nick Thacker
3.9 Stars (657 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Sea Adventures

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In a hidden research station underneath five miles of ocean… … Something lives.

Jen’s son has been kidnapped and her boss brutally murdered. She wants to find her son, and she wants the answer to one question: why?

The answer lies deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean – in a forgotten research station buried under five miles of water in an oceanic trench. The station — a fully-functioning city — has been abandoned for over thirty years, and no one knows what they will find when they get there.

Jen quickly discovers that there’s something the station has been trying to hide.

Something that could prove devastating to the rest of the world…
Something that’s alive. And wants to kill them.

Will she save her son, or will they perish beneath the ocean?

The Depths is an exciting, fast-paced thriller/horror hybrid that perfectly blends genetic engineering, deep sea adventure and exploration, military thrillers, and action-packed horror.

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