There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to put their foot down and say, “This is how it’s gonna be.” Yesterday was that day for me. I was a bit dramatic about it as well. Everything closed down a week before my baby basset was supposed to celebrate his birthday with his friends. Now, here we are almost a year later and once again my youngest will not be able to celebrate with his friends. I feel really bad for the guy. I feel really guilty as well. I also feel a little selfish. I have been wanting to get back to Disneyland for a while now, and I saw the perfect opportunity to bypass the usual discussion with hubby and went straight to making the decision. WE ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND! YESH! Hubby didn’t put up much of a fight. You can’t say no to a sweet boy who is missing out on two birthdays now!! It will still be a while before we can go, but I just shaved about two years off the wait time. I Fast Passed it!!!

Tell Me No Lies (Lily’s House Book 2)
by Rachel Branton
4.5 Stars (517 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Foreign Languages

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Tessa Needs a Husband — and Fast!

With her trust fund in jeopardy, Tessa Crawford enters into a relationship with a mysterious neighbor that soon turns into something more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.

Two days before her wedding, Tessa Crawford’s world crumbles, leaving her hurt and betrayed. Worse, if Tessa doesn’t marry and receive her trust fund, her sister Lily will lose her house and the homeless girls she helps will have nowhere to go.

But Tessa can’t marry just anyone, can she?

Gage Braxton, the guy from next door, is willing to help her out, but rumors hint that he’s an ex-con. Tessa quickly finds herself attracted to a man who has no intention of ever falling in love or of passing on his terrible legacy.

When Tessa stumbles across evidence that may be proof of Gage’s innocence, suspects begin to line up. Someone is willing to kill again to see that the truth remains buried, and if Tessa doesn’t hurry and solve the old murder, she will lose not only her chance at love but may become the murderer’s next victim.

Rachel Branton has created an exciting, romantic story with a new take on a theme that never gets old.

Note: All the stories in the Lily’s House series are complete stories without cliffhangers. Reading all of them will catch you up with characters in previous novels, but you do not have to read them in order. Enjoy!

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My Heart as the Map: A Poetic Journey of Self Liberation
by Matt Buonocore
4.8 Stars (40 Reviews)
Genre: Self-Help | Religion & Spirituality | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Spiritual Poetry for times of hardship

“This life is a great unraveling of mysteries.

This grand adventure to the end of time,

it calls our souls to journey.

What danger lurks beyond the known?

What is my own true value?

These questions call the heart to fly,

and reclaim your own true birthright.” – Matt Buonocore

My Heart as the Map is a a poetic journey of self liberation . Each poem provides a new vibratory experience that guides the reader towards spiritual growth. This book is my journey from awakening to the present day. The book is meant as a catalyst for spiritual growth, the goal being to ignite the fire that lies dormant. We are all called to serve, to serve ourselves and then the world. Let this be a message to all that would choose the path of service, the true path. As each fear disintegrates we walk closer to the truth of our nature, and this is my truth.

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The Iron Sword (The Fae War Chronicles Book 1)
by Jocelyn Fox
4.6 Stars (315 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

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Tess O’Connor stopped believing in fairy tales as a child when her father died… but all that changes when she discovers that her best friend Molly is half-Fae — and has been summoned to the Unseelie Court by Queen Mab herself. The Queen of Night and Winter sends Finnead, one of her trinity of Named Knights, to escort Molly to Court, willingly or unwillingly. Mab believes that Molly is the fulfillment of a prophesy, the half-Fae child foretold to become the bearer of the Iron Sword, a legendary weapon that could mean the difference between victory and defeat for the Fae in their struggle against an ancient evil. While Tess quickly learns she is no match for the shadow spreading through the Fae world, she refuses to let her best friend face it alone; and as the first mortal in Queen Mab’s court in over five hundred years, she must use all her quick wit and tenacity to keep herself and Molly alive in the beautiful, dangerous Fae world as they hurtle toward the war that could destroy it…

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Be and it will Be: The simple and easy way to find peace within
by Ronny Hatchwell, Zach Sivan
4.1 Stars (14 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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We discover creation through our state of being!

Most of us believe that something needs to happen or to be achieved in order for us to be happy. We all have that one thing or more, typically related to money, relationships, or better health, which we see as essential for our well-being.

And then, in many cases, that thing happens to us. But after a short reprieve, we find ourselves back to the same feeling of lacking another thing that would make us happy.

The secret revealed in this book is that happiness and serenity are our default state of being.

We do not need to add something, but rather feel through and let go of those negative feelings that hinder our natural state of being. And it is much simpler than we think as we don’t really create our lives but rather discover creation as God has already created the Universe.

Be and It Will Be is a practical spiritual book showing readers how to originate desired changes in their lives through their state of being. The book is written in a conversation format, displaying a dialogue between Zach Sivan, a young entrepreneur, looking for the solutions for mundane challenges in business, family and career, and Ronny Hatchwell, a spiritual guide, channeler and the founder of Be and It Will Be method, who is helping him to achieve powerful insights and conclusions.

This book is one of those books that you can always open randomly and immediately relate to what is on the page. You will find in it all the wisdom and practical advice that you will ever need to create a real change towards the life you wish to have.

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Deadman’s Lament (The Deadman Series Book 1)
by Linell Jeppsen
4.3 Stars (216 Reviews)
Genre: Classics

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The year is 1872. Twelve-year-old Matthew Wilcox leads a charmed life on his family’s sprawling ranch in Washington Territory until a series of tragic events leave him orphaned and in the clutches of a vicious band of outlaws. Threatened by the gang leader’s perverted cousin, Top Hat, Matthew also faces Indian attacks, dangerous wildlife, and a deadly snowstorm. He survives but burns with an overwhelming hunger for revenge.

Thirteen years later, Matthew – now a Spokane County sheriff – realizes that Top Hat is riding again with a new gang called the Mad Hatters. It means risking his friends, his family and the love of a good woman, but Matthew must find the man who destroyed what he once loved most in the world. To that end, he and his posse venture into Idaho gold country to capture the Mad Hatters.

Top Hat, however, has a different idea. He turns the tables, heading to the sheriff’s hometown of Granville and going after everyone Matthew holds dear.

What follows will haunt Sheriff Wilcox for the rest of his life as he confronts the hatred, vengeance and retribution buried deep in his own soul. Matthew will do anything, though, to put an end to A DEADMAN’S LAMENT.

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