Witch Haven, Florida, by Mike Jastrzebski, is a fast and furious ride with storytelling and world building that readers are sure to love. Enjoy!!

Witch Haven, Florida (The World’s Worst Detective Book 2)
by Mike Jastrzebski
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Horror

P.I. Artie Kowalski’s first thought was – not again!
As if it wasn’t bad enough that the ghosts of his wife and her mother were haunting him, his girlfriend, Tory, just informed him she’s a witch. Turns out it’s a family thing, her mother and grandmother are also witches. Oh, and her grandmother is suspected of killing a member of her coven.
When Artie volunteers to help find the real killer, he just hopes no one gets mad at him and turns him into a toad.

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