So I jumped out of the car before my hubby could come to a full stop, when we arrived home last night from our oldest baby basset’s football game. A kitty was getting ready to poop in the flowerbed right in front of my house. I jumped out so fast my hubby had no idea what I was going on. I ran up the driveway doing what I thought was the best method to chase a cat away. I barked…loud. Yaaaa… sometimes I am weird even for me. That cat took off like a cat out of H. E. double hockey sticks. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, until this morning. That cat came back and peed on my cauldron. HOW RUDE!! It is ON KITTY!

The Complete Kate Benedict Cozy British Mysteries (The Kate Benedict Series)
by Carrie Bedford
4.8 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Suspense | Mystery | Women’s Fiction

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With just a hint of the paranormal…

Kate Benedict at first seems a delightfully by-the-book cozy female lead: a successful architect at an elegant firm in rainy London with a penchant for sleuthing, even if it means landing her smack dab in the middle of the wrong place at the wrong time. But she has something else going for her no other genre investigator does — the mysterious ability to see a death-predicting aura over the people around her. And she just can’t help but help them avoid the unthinkable — at all costs.

Now available as one complete box set, this irresistible murder mystery series is sure to be a treat for international suspense armchair travelers that like their cozy female sleuths smart, savvy, and a tad psychic. Think traditional British mystery with a metaphysical twist.


Life spins out of control for Kate Benedict when she sees a dancing aura above certain people’s heads that seems to signal death. Suddenly she’s psychic. But that can’t be! Psychic’s not acceptable in her circle, where the supernatural is strictly for the superstitious. And yet… people are dying. People close to her.

Kate’s tentative attempts to talk about her new-found metaphysical gift are met with eye rolls, so much so that she can’t even tell the nice Scotland Yard detective who’s investigating the death of a close friend, Rebecca Williams. And now Rebecca’s neighbor has an aura.


Two politicians and her best friend have the death-predicting auras London architect Kate Benedict can see despite her most fervent wishes. She’s had the dubious gift for a year now, and suddenly there’s no longer any ignoring it.

But the only way to get to the two pols is via her old friend, DCI Clarke; yet her warnings go unheeded. Her frustration builds when her best friend, Anita, refuses to believe in the auras’ existence as well — even when one appears over Anita’s boss in the hospital where she works. And then Anita develops her own aura.


What began as a quiet Friday night dinner date with an old childhood friend turns into a manhunt when Kate arrives at the rendezvous just in time to find her friend Ethan leaving in a taxi. Kate is alarmed to see the distinctive swirling pattern above his head. When Ethan’s disappearance is followed by a series of cryptic text messages, Kate goes looking for him at his sister’s house in Florence, but it’s immediately clear that whatever danger threatened Ethan in London has followed Kate to Italy — his sister Claire has a matching aura! Soon Kate and Claire are on the run, constantly watched and followed,repeatedly threatened and attacked… never knowing who they can trust.


Kate is off to a glamorous weekend party in Scotland at the formerly grand castle belonging to the uncle of her boyfriend Josh. But the festive occasion turns solemn when Kate notices an aura above the head of Josh’s beloved Uncle Fergus. Blessed – or cursed – with the ability to see auras that indicate that death is imminent, Kate can sometimes avert disaster -if she can discover the source of the danger. Otherwise, Josh’s favorite uncle will die in a matter of days.

Thus is the scene set for a deliciously traditional British cozy with a touch of the paranormal thriller – complete with ghostly characters from the past; the requisite medieval weapons collection; and a creepy, ruined, closed-off wing of the castle. There’s also a vaguely menacing assortment of servants and locals and a castleful of dodgy house guests, all wrapped up in mysterious gloom as thick as the Scottish fog… but warmed by a cozy library fire and a nearly priceless collection of single malt scotches.

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Webley and The World Machine: A Steampunk Adventure Full of Snark and Sass. (The Hall of Doors Book 1)
by Zachary Chopchinski
4.6 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Science Fiction | Fantasy

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A strange coin. A mysterious elevator. And a war deep within the Earth that could destroy the world.

Adal and Arija aren’t concerned with what makes the world go round until they follow an old coin into a dark cave.

Because deep in the Earth is a world they never dreamed possible. A world that will challenge their most important beliefs. A world that will soon be torn apart by war.

Webley controls the center of Earth, but not all his creations are happy. And when the hidden plot to overthrow him turns violent, Adal and Arija are forced to choose sides.

But the dangers are more than they could have predicted. Will their hidden feelings for each other help them through it, or rip them and the world apart?

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Celtic Cross
by Tammy Doherty
4.3 Stars (137 Reviews)
Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Westerns

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~ A Christian Historical/Western Romance

Shot… Bleeding… Barely Conscious… She’s Dying! A stranger arrives on the Donovan ranch one breath away from dead. Matt Donovan doesn’t hesitate to help, despite her unknown past.Who is she? Will the man who shot her come riding down the trail after her, shattering peaceful Glenpark, Colorado?

When Cristeen wakes, one thought haunts her day and night: trust no one.

Matt fears Cristeen’s fierce independence will lead to tragedy. Can he help Cristeen see the need to trust the Lord before it is too late? Can Cristeen overcome her belief that loving can only bring heartache?

Then a madman bent on revenge tracks her down. Matt cannot rescue Cristeen this time. Only the Lord can save her now — if she has enough faith to trust.

Sometimes you have to forget who you are to become who you’re meant to be.

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Stone Army: A Harvey Stone Action Thriller (The Stone Cold Thriller Series Book 11)
by J.D. Weston
4.4 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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A twisted assassination plot.
A deadly super-drug is born.
And Harvey Stone is hell-bent on revenge.

Harvey Stone seeks peace and solitude, choosing to spend Christmas alone in his farmhouse in Southern France.

But when a missing girl arrives on Harvey’s doorstep, a sequence of events unfolds that push the boundaries of human performance to its deadly limits.

Cassius Kane, criminal entrepreneur and his team of scientists have developed a performance enhancing drug that in the wrong hands could change the course of history forever.

His dastardly plan to fuel an army of trained killers with the super-drug and assassinate the prime minister soon escalates into an international escapade with dire consequences.

But little do they know, their efforts have woken the beast, and Harvey Stone is out for revenge.

Can Harvey put a stop Kane’s plans? Can he destroy the super-drug forever and prevent the assassination?

Find out in Stone Army, the eleventh book in the action-packed Stone Cold Thriller series.

Hold on to your seats. Stone Army is a thrilling ride from beginning to the end!

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Make Artisan Bread
by Daniel Isaccs
3.4 Stars (17 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Bake like a True Artisan Baker… Yes make Artisan Bread

Learn How To Bake Artisan Bread Like A Baker. Understand the fundamentals of baking different types of breads. Then get to work with over 100 Delicious Bread Recipes

Do you want to bake great artisan bread for your family and friends or take your hobby to the next level and win that baking competition ?

Learn the Fundamentals of baking different types of bread and the tips and tricks to making perfect artisan breads.

Ever wanted to Make the Best French Breads in your own kitchen?

You Will Learn The Following:

• The Basics of Baking

• The Fundamentals of Baking

• Different Types of Breads

• The Different Techniques of Differing Breads

• Hot Tips on Making Awesome French Breads

• Over 100 Artisan Bread Recipes

Whether you just want to learn more about the Artisan Baking or already understand it and want extra help making Amazing Baked Bread, this book is for you.

So don’t delay it any longer. Take this opportunity by buying this artisan bread baking guide with over 100 delicious recipes now.

You will be shocked by how many faces you can turn with your amazing artisan breads.

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