So many baby TURKEY!!!! Oh they are so cute. The turkey that live by city hall have a few new additions to the flock. I found this a bit odd. I don’t know a whole lot about turkey, but I would think the babies would hatch in the Spring, not in the Fall. They are adorable and mamma is doing a great job guiding them around the town. She is not part of the generation of Turkey that used the sidewalk, so as drivers we all have to keep a sharp eye out for them. Little guys just popped out of nowhere to cross the street. They live by a retirement village, so everyone drives 35 in that area anyway. Right across from city hall and the church is the Veronda-Falletti Ranch. The word ranch makes it sound like a big piece of land. It’s actually only a few acres. I mention them because there is a constant rotation of farm animal going through the farm. Right now they have baby pigs. BEYOND CUTE. So everyday when I drive the baby bassets to school, I see baby pigs and turkey. The cuteness overload is a delight! It’s the best way to start the day.

Shanghai Story: A WWII Drama Trilogy Book One
by Alexa Kang, Roberta Kagan
4.3 Stars (57 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Drama & Plays

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A WWII saga in the heart of the world’s most decadent city in 1936. Enter the Paris of the East, where one man and one woman strive to hold on to their dreams as the Communists rise and the shadow of Japan closes in.

His country stood on the verge of a new beginning and the gate of hell. The Kuomintang promises the dawn of democracy, but the Communists threaten civil war while Japan’s unbridled ambitions loom.

All Clark Yuan wants is to see his fellow countrymen’s lives improve. He joins the KMT, hoping to play his part to make China a better place. He vows to Eden, the beautiful Jewish girl he admires from afar, Shanghai would be her forever home.

But power and money are at stake. The line of good and evil shifts. To achieve his ends, he must bargain with the devils. How much of his soul would he sacrifice to reach the greater good?


Fleeing the rise of the Nazis, Eden Levine came with her family to Shanghai, hoping to build a new life.

The dazzling city made her swoon. From the pinnacle of luxury, big band jazz, to a safe haven for Jewish refugees, the country that turns no one away is the beacon of hope. But behind the glitz and glamour, the darkness of human nature lurks.

A heinous crime shocks the international community.

Would she defend an innocent Nazi soldier and risk the ire of her own people? With only her new friend Clark by her side, could she defy the clutch of racial strife to see justice prevail?

“I dream of a day when all nations’ flags would fly in unity of peace. I dream of a world where no law or human divide would stop two people from falling in love.”

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Winston Chase and the Alpha Machine (Book 1)
by St. John, Bodhi
4.5 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Action & Adventure | Science Fiction

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Winston’s biggest fear had always been the school bully. Turns out, waking up to being a half-alien freak was worse.

Why? Oh, maybe the bruises that glow neon blue. Or the even higher odds of being rejected by his dream girl. Or, best of all, the sudden attention from gun-toting goons in dark suits.

Winston’s mom thinks some junk left by Winston’s long-missing father in a safe deposit box might make things better. Not likely.

It’s going to take more than alien artifacts and a plastic baggie of clues to stop a mysterious government organization. It might take Winston giving up everything he’s ever wanted. And everyone.

Armed only with his wits, his snarky best friend, and a few wicked new abilities, Winston has to stay one step ahead of a lunatic and dive into the past. Otherwise, there won’t be a future.

Winston Chase and the Alpha Machine is book 1 in a completed trilogy packed with electrifying fun and adventure.

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by D.M. Mortier
4.3 Stars (45 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Romance | African American

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Destined To Inherit A Kingdom

I thought my life was all mapped out: inherit the throne, bring more advanced technologies to the realm, further the interests of my people, and marry the girl my father chose for me; pretty simple, right? Sadly, my life wasn’t simple at all.

His Father’s Murder Changed Everything

The chaos started when a rival king from another realm brutally murdered my father, held my mother and sisters hostage, and then blackmailed me into marrying his spoilt witch of a daughter to save their lives. Did I tell you that I’d already signed a contract to marry the daughter of my father’s best friend? Of course, the bastards tried to kill her, but I was able to foil that act and hide her away. Who knew that my child bride would become this beautiful, brilliant, and fierce woman, determined to retake her place in my life? Finally, after years of being trapped in an existence I never wanted, I can see a glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel of my life.

Bred To Be A Queen

My future was set, my husband selected, and my career path determined. I trained all my life to be his wife, his queen. It seemed that our journey into the happily ever after would never come. When he stumbled into my apartment after yet another vicious attack on his life, I’d had enough! If I didn’t do something now, our future would ever be lost.

Taking Matters Into Her Own Hands

I knew I was supposed to wait for him to lead the way, but how can I ignore the constant threats on his life, the paralysis of our lives together, and standby and do nothing?

Sometimes a woman has got to save her man even when he doesn’t realize he needs saving.

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Into the Impenetrable Fortress: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Austin Grayson
4.4 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Westerns | Romance | Classics

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There is a reason Cord McAllister, a budding aeronautical genius decided to return to Boulder, Colorado. His father, also a scientist, is missing and he needs to find him. However, Boulder has been under siege by a local warlord, who has created an impregnable mountain-top citadel. How will he use his ingenuity to find a way to infiltrate the mountain fortress and rescue his father along the way?

Cord must join forces with the local sheriff and his headstrong yet enticing daughter to stop the warlord and destroy the deadly technology he has stolen, presumably from Cord’s own father. If their mission fails, there is a weapon of war which could bring destruction to more than just Boulder, Colorado. The future of the entire nation, even the human race, is at stake. Will they successfully face all obstacles that separate them from the ultimate goal, bringing back peace?

Angry Comanche and embittered miners are just a few of the dangers that lie ahead in their journey. Hot air balloons, knock-out bombs, the cutting edge of the day’s technology is used to mount a rescue for the ages, a harrowing and dramatic adventure that explodes across the page. Will the rescue team save the entire nation from obliteration at the hands of a madman? A must read for fans of adventurous historical fiction with a touch of romance!

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Our Little Secret (Jake Hancock Private Investigator Mystery series Book 5)
by Dan Taylor
3.9 Stars (25 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment | Foreign Languages | Mystery

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Our Little Secret is the fast-paced and action-packed fifth chapter in the Jake Hancock series of private investigator mysteries, and a sequel of thrill-a-minute mystery Bad Guy Detective. We hope you enjoy it!

Book description – Jake Hancock Private Investigator Mystery series Book 5

Hollywood-based private investigator Jake Hancock is retired… again. Until Megan Books, a former client and friend, comes back into his life. Megan hasn’t just shown up at Jake’s door to shoot the breeze. She’s got a gig for Hancock. One really personal to her.

Megan needs Hancock to find out what her boyfriend was doing in Hickston, a small town hundreds of miles away from Vegas, the place he said he was for the weekend.

Jake heads to the town, but on the way, he comes across a drugged-out-of-her-mind college-age girl walking by the side of the freeway. She’s been raped. Where? In the same town Megan’s boyfriend visited for the weekend. And the sheriff, according to the girl, didn’t seem too concerned about her rape allegation.

Hancock has two cases to investigate in Hickston. What he doesn’t realize is that one of the investigations could be deadly. But which one?

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° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °