Little Casper is going to learn the hard way that cats will tolerate only so much before they give you a claw filled whooping. Casper keeps attacking Sinny’s tail, and when Junebug is in the room, she will chase Casper away or just get between Sinny’s tail and Casper. Casper has gotten a few good chomps in and I can see Sinny is holding back on his punishments, but it really won’t be long before he has had enough. I’m not sure if I should let Sinny show him who is boss or not. Cat’s can do a lot of damage with one little swipe of the claw. I have no idea, so I am not going to decide right now. Right now I am just going to laugh at Caspers butt. He was fixed while we were gone, so his butt is shaved. He is walking around with a bald fanny. I wonder if the breeze feels extra cold and his bare fanny. It’s a seriously bare pink fanny. I feel like I should put pants on him.

Cold Comfort (Bridgette Cash Mystery Thriller Book 1)
by Trevor Douglas
4.7 Stars (85 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

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How do you catch a killer who never leaves a clue?
Bridgette Cash is a rookie detective working her first murder case. The circumstances surrounding the murder of a young woman lead her to believe it’s the work of a serial killer, but nobody is listening. Convinced the killer will strike again shortly, can Bridgette find enough evidence to catch the killer before another young woman is murdered?

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The House (Armstrong House Series Book 1)
by A. O’Connor
4.2 Stars (353 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Historical Fiction

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Can a house keep secrets?

1840’s – When Lord Edward Armstrong builds the house for his bride, Anna, the family is at the climax of its power. But its world is threatened when no heir is born. Anna could restore their fortunes, but it would mean the ultimate betrayal. Then the Great Famine grips the country.

1910s – Clara finds life as lady of the manor is not what she expected when she married Pierce Armstrong. As the First World War rages, she finds solace in artist Johnny Seymour’s decadent circle. Then the War of Independence erupts and Clara is caught between two men, deceit and revenge.

Present Day – When Kate Fallon sees the house it is love at first sight. She and her tycoon husband Tony buy it and hire the last Armstrong owner, architect Nico, to oversee its restoration.

As Kate’s fascination with the house grows, she and Nico begin to uncover its history and the fates of its occupants in centuries past. But then, as her husband’s business empire faces ruin, Kate realises that they are in danger of losing everything.

Betrayal, deceit, revenge, obsession – one house, one family, three generations

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Electronic Gags: A Futuristic Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller
by Kudakwashe Muzira, Lawrence Loromancent Kindled, George Orwell 1984 Nineteen-Eighty-Four
4.1 Stars (70 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment | Humor & Satire | Action & Adventure

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Electronic Gags presents a chilling portrait of a dystopian United States ruled by a tyrant.

After a military coup, the United States of America becomes an autocracy. To tighten his grip on power, President Brandon Ward, the megalomaniac at the helm of military dictatorship, introduces a new surveillance system that can monitor people’s offline conversations. Privacy is dead.

Freddie’s life changes when the government arrests his best friend, Michael, for attending an opposition meeting. Michael’s mother accuses Freddie of betraying her son. Against all odds, Freddie must prove his innocence and save Michael from death row. The only way for Freddie to save Michael is to overthrow the government.

Unlike your everyday action hero, Freddie is not an agile ex-special forces operative. He is just a fat biologist who works in a wildlife refuge. And the government is watching him. It is watching everyone.

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Sweet Haven: Sweet Blooms Cafe
by Dean Hodel
4.0 Stars (29 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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She’s out to prove that size doesn’t matter.
He’s trying to prove passion beats experience.
Can these two headstrong pastry chefs find the perfect recipe that only love can provide?

After six years of being the face of a three-star Michelin restaurant, plus-sized pâtissier Lili Stephenson is told she doesn’t fit the new corporate image and is sent back to the kitchen. Frustrated about the new size requirements, Lili packs up her pastries and heads south to a job offer too tempting to resist — the new pastry chef at the Sweet Blooms Café.

Conrad Rogers moved to Sweet Blooms to reinvent himself. When the head pastry chef announces his retirement, David expects a promotion, not competition. When Lili arrives with her big-city attitude and award-winning wine cakes, things really started to heat up.

Two chefs with something to prove to themselves and each other, both fighting to make Sweet Blooms Café their new sweet haven.

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Essential Oils: Unleash the Power of Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Aromatherapy, Beauty, and Stress Relief
by Aubrey Azzaro
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Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting

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REVEALED: The Astonishing Health Benefits of ESSENTIAL OILS

You are about to experience how wonderful using Essential Oils can be for your entire health!

A message from Essential Oils expert and best selling health author Aubrey Azzaro

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A Preview to Essential Oils

* What are Essential Oils?

* What are carrier Oils?

* Infused Oils

* Introducing Aromatherapy

* How does Aromatherapy work?

* Inhaling Essential oils

* Physical application of essential oils

* Safety Tips

* How should you dilute your Oils

* Essential Oil Recipes

Essential Oils for Beginners

This book is geared towards anyone who wants to gain a great understanding of essential oils. This book is written in an easy to follow and understand format!

Essential Oil Recipes

Each oil serves a different purpose and different application. I show you how to use them in unison to concoct your own personal blends to suit whatever need you want.

* Blending essential oils in order to achieve emotional well-being

* Blending essential oils in order to achieve physical well-being

* Blending essential oils for impactful skin care and personal hygiene

Invest in Yourself and Great Health

The information in this book could easily sell for double of triple the price! For less than a cup of your coffee you could be learning about essential oils and making the greatest investment you can ever make.

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