Junebug is sick. I don’t think it is sick sick, I think it is the new food I bought her. I ran out of her regular food and so in a pinch I went to the grocery store and bought one can of a famous brand of organic stuff. I figured it was organic, so it would be just fine for her and she could deal with it for one day. By the looks of my couch, the floor, and the carpet, that would be a huge NO. Poor little girl is looking at me like I am trying to kill her. Sinny the cat is giving me the evil eye as well. On one hand it’s sweet to see that Sinny cares so much for Junebug, but on the other hand the evil looks he is giving me is just horrible.

Covenant: A Thriller
by Brandon Massey
4.4 Stars (65 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Thrillers | Suspense

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From the award-winning author of Dark Corner and The Other Brother comes an unforgettable thriller of family secrets, toxic faith, and high-tech suspense.

On a golden summer morning, fifteen-year-old Anthony Thorne is on a fishing boat with his father, rods cast into the lake, when the crack of a rifle shatters the silence. His father slumps forward, blood leaking from his chest. Horrified, Anthony spins in the direction of the gunfire, and sees a shadowy figure race away from the shore and vanish in the cover of the trees–a vision that will haunt him for years to come…
Anthony pulls his dad into his arms, but he is beyond help. He dies in Anthony’s embrace, Anthony’s scream of anguish echoing across the still waters.

Fifteen years later, a happily married Marine veteran and author of a bestselling series of crime novels, Anthony has achieved a measure of success. But the past still haunts him- — in spite of his eyewitness testimony, his father’s murder was declared a hunting accident, and no one was ever brought to justice.

On the anniversary of his father’s death, a mysterious message arrives from an unknown sender that promises to lead Anthony to the truth. But is Anthony’s helper the angel he’d been waiting for–or a devil in disguise?

Determined to find answers, Anthony and his wife soon find themselves hunted by a team of assassins dispatched by a powerful organization with frightening technological resources. The killers pursuing them are as fanatical in their beliefs as they are well-equipped- — loyal followers of a charismatic leader who might be the most dangerous man in America…

Lightning-paced and gripping from the first sentence to the explosive finale, Covenant marks Brandon Massey’s entry into the arena of high-stakes action thrillers–a story exploring today’s issues that will resonate with readers long after they’ve turned the last page.

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The Enemy: Highland Soldiers 1
by J.L. Jarvis
4.0 Stars (276 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Only an enemy soldier could save her life-and her heart.

Highlander Callum MacDonell battled lowland Covenanters at the service of the King. Now charged with hunting an assassin, his journey will lead not to justice, but to a murderer’s passionate Covenanter sister, Mari McEwan.

Betrayed and abandoned by the man she loved, Mari faces judgment by a tribunal of her people demanding she name the father of her unborn child, or be exiled from her beloved home and family. Sick and trembling, she knows that she must refuse. And yet, if she does so, a cruel fate awaits her.

Book 1 in the Highland Soldiers series, Scottish historical romances set during the turbulent Covenanter times of seventeenth century Scotland.

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Time’s Adversary
by J. G. McGovern
4.0 Stars (52 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Thrillers

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A corrupt businessman called Andrew Vaughan is resurrected after his death by Eyelight Industries, a 22nd century megacorporation with no guiding principle except profit. Vaughan is offered a second life in an android body, on the condition that he take over as CEO of the company.

In the year 2118, virtually everyone is hooked up to Eyelight, a system that began as a search engine and social network but which now controls almost every aspect of human life. A growing religious organisation called the Church of Sagacity opposes the technology, encouraging its followers to disconnect, to throw off the shackles of digital oppression.

To keep his new life, Vaughan must overthrow the Church. But why does he keep having strange visions of other worlds?

Time’s Adversary is a visionary cyberpunk novel of around 70,000 words. Reviewers have compared it to the works of Robert A. Heinlein and Philip K. Dick.

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The Secrets We Keep
by Mia Hayes
4.0 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Sometimes, the people who seem the happiest have the most to hide.

But it’s imperative Elizabeth put on a brave face. So when she’s not going to Costco or day drinking with her best friend, she’s trying to create a new, drama-free life in the suburbs.

And it seems to work – until an anonymous gossip blog begins spilling the women of Waterford’s darkest secrets.

Now, the blurred conversations and blank spots in Elizabeth’s mind give wa yto panic and anxiety. If her secrets – like a hospitalization for bipolar disorder and a suicide attempt – don’t stay buried, she faces social shunning.

Because after all, life in Waterford must look Instagram perfect at all times.

With her mental health in tatters and her marriage on the brink of imploding, Elizabeth fights to protect her family, her reputation, and her sanity.

A delicious mix of gossip and darker narrative, The Secrets We Keep is a brilliant look at life in the social media age, friendship, and the stigma of mental illness.

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Murder in Mystic Grove (A Liz Bean Mystery Book 1)
by S.F. Bose
4.6 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery | Women’s Fiction

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Can a young, female protagonist solve a murder mystery in her small town and clear her mother’s close friend, who is a key suspect? Or will it all explode in her face and cause deeper problems with her family?

A new murder mystery by S.F. Bose featuring Liz Bean, woman sleuth and aspiring private investigator..

Liz Bean Mystery Series

Book 0 – Missing in Mystic Grove (Prequel)

Book 1 – Murder in Mystic Grove

Liz Bean has a new job as a private investigator intern for Sam Nolan Investigations in her hometown of Mystic Grove. When a longtime Mystic Grove resident is murdered, fear cuts through the village. Liz is shocked when she learns that her divorced mother’s boyfriend, Ben, is a key suspect in the murder. When her mother calls to hire Liz and Sam to clear Ben’s name, Liz hesitates. Her demanding mother has never asked for her help before.

After a debate, Liz and Sam take the case. They chase down leads, following the evidence as it twists and turns through Mystic Grove and beyond. With all of the lies and deception they find, Liz realizes that Mystic Grove isn’t the innocent village she remembered. Was the murder a simple robbery or an act of revenge? Or was the killing connected to darker activities like illegal gambling and organized crime? More threatening events convince Liz that the killer is still in Mystic Grove and might be gunning for her. Can she find the killer before he strikes again?

This action-packed mystery featuring a young woman sleuth and her private investigator partner, Sam Nolan, will keep you guessing all the way to the surprising ending.

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