Motorbikes and Camels is an inspiring novel by Nejoud Al-Yagout that reflects on the weight of the society upon our individual choices, even if we don’t notice. Constructed in a beautiful way, the narrative showcases the life of different characters and how they all let themselves limit by what society expects them to do. In the pursuit to be accepted, they forget to be true to themselves and to look for their happiness, in their own terms. Enjoy!

Motorbikes and Camels
by Nejoud Al-Yagout
4.4 Stars (37 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Historical Fiction

A novel consisting of diverse characters and diverse tales, sometimes intertwining.

There is Salma, facing a spiritual crisis in a country steeped in dogma; Hussam – a billionaire’s son who tries but fails to conceal his gay relationship; Mohammed, a bigamist, grasping tightly to antiquated patriarchal ideals at the expense of his love life; Mike, who adopts cultural appropriation to provide him with a stable foundation when his world collapses; and the remaining characters, one per chapter, revealing the impact of collective thought matrices on the individual and vice versa.

Motorbikes and Camels is a timely book that begs the question, offered to the reader by author Al-Yagout, via one of the protagonists, Zayna: Am I who I am because of my culture?

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