One thing I will never be asked to do is tattoo a full sleeve on a snake. They have no arms.

The Thought Readers (Mind Dimensions Book 1)
by Anna Zaires, Dima Zales
4.1 Stars (396 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Science Fiction

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A new series about mind readers from a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Everyone thinks I’m a genius.

Everyone is wrong.

Sure, I finished Harvard at eighteen and now make crazy money at a hedge fund. But that’s not because I’m unusually smart or hard-working.

It’s because I cheat.

You see, I have a unique ability. I can go outside time into my own personal version of reality — the place I call “the Quiet” — where I can explore my surroundings while the rest of the world stands still.

I thought I was the only one who could do this — until I met her.

My name is Darren, and this is how I became entangled with all the Russians and learned that I’m a Reader.

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The Wrangler’s Mail Order Bride: A Sweet Western Historical Romance (Wild West Frontier Brides Book 2)
by Cindy Caldwell, Ashley Merrick
4.2 Stars (132 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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Every family has things they can’t talk about. Or won’t.

For Clara Martin, the prospect of moving to New York from snowy Chicago is her only option after losing her bakery job. Resigned to her fate, she prepares to go… until a chance encounter with endangered horses reminds her of a letter she received from her friend, Sadie, asking her to come to Tombstone, Arizona Territory, to marry a horse wrangler, sight unseen.

For Hank Archer, the only son of gentleman rancher Beau Archer, riding the trail has taken its toll. He wants more than anything to stay put on the ranch and when his grandfather leaves him property nearby, he hopes it will be a way to start a new life. The only problem is that to inherit the property, he has to be married.

When Hank’s plans begin to crumble, he finds out that his new bride knows more about horses than he realized. And about people. Can she bring them all together and help Hank realize his dream?

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The Potential
by David Davies
4.5 Stars (35 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

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What’s a threat? What’s to ignore? With the uncanny ability to take in all and size up the situation instantaneously, Chris Morehouse provides invaluable service as a chauffeur for the CIA in Bonn. Reacting from his usual instinct tempered with exceptional judgment, he saves the life of the US ambassador to Germany during a terrorist attack and gives the CIA further reason to prepare Chris for a greater role in the security of the United States.

Should Chris, a British citizen, dream so big? Will he live long enough to make dreams a reality? Life-threatening danger seems to follow him everywhere, even in his travels outside Europe. Does he have a wild imagination, as some in the FBI think, or is someone truly out to kill him?

In The Potential, David Davies ties together a plot twisting with terror, intrigue, and suspense spanning continents. From Germany to the Middle East to the United States, including the hallowed halls of Congress, justice struggles to leave its mark.

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Lost and Found
by Brandon Meyers, Bryan Pedas
4.3 Stars (38 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

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A ghostly novella of a haunted bed and breakfast in the Colorado mountains, where instead of pleasurable respite, guests find psychological terror. The story is told in two parts, in separate accounts, from two separate decades.

Pay the fee and receive your room key. We promise that Lost and Found is unlike any haunted tale you’ve ever read before.

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Mini Instant Pot Cookbook 2018: Superfast 3-Quart Models Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes – Cooking Healthy, Most Delicious & Easy Meals
by Philip Johnson
4.2 Stars (56 Reviews)
Genre: Arts & Photography | Nonfiction

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In this dedicated 3-Quart Instant Pot cookbook, you will find a hand-picked collection of Instant Pot recipes to prepare in a 3-Quart model at the comfort of your home. Making small size meals in Instant Pot is very easy and quick as it needs less amount of ingredients. It suits perfectly for a small size family or couples.

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Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

• The World Of Instant Pot

• Breakfast Recipes

• Protein Rich Poultry Recipes

• Nutritious Beans and Grains

• Fish and Seafood

• Healthy Stocks and Sauces Recipes

• Scrumptious Soups and Stews

• Meatless Cuisines

• Savory Beef, Lamb, and Pork Dishes

• Beef and Pork

• Classic Sides Snacks and Appetizers

• Desserts

• And Much, Much More

Get ready to explore a vibrant collection of healthy 3-quart Instant Pot recipes for all your cooking needs. Let’s get started.

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