Today we have the first two novels in award-winning crime fiction author Chad Sanborn’s popular Billy Keene Stories. Chad’s writing is exceptionally light on its feet, striking exactly the right note without appearing to try too hard, and filled with twists and turns you wont see coming. Enjoy!

All Debts, Public And Private: The 1st Billy Keene Book (The Billy Keene Stories)
by Chad Sanborn
4.6 Stars (46 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Humor & Satire

How far will you go when betrayed by people you thought you knew?

An inexperienced sheriff working his first kidnapping. A lottery-winning grandmother determined to handle things in her own savage way. And the ruthless party-girl in the middle of it all.

Sheriff Billy Keene is in way over his head. He knows it and so does everyone else in the small town of Caulfield. So when the spoiled granddaughter of a local-lottery winner is kidnapped, everyone is telling Billy how to do his job. Or, worse, not telling him anything at all.

Newly-rich Arlita Hardy’s certainly not saying much and why should she?

Rather than leave her granddaughter’s life in the hand’s of a lawman as green as Billy, Arlita decides to use her money and a local thug to rescue her granddaughter — and punish the kidnappers.

And in the middle of it all: Sharla Ricketts.

As usual, she’s drinking and drugging, playing one side against the other and lying to the liars. But Sharla’s life has gotten out of hand since we last saw her in Getaway. She doesn’t realize that this time all her craziness may cost her more than she’s willing to pay.

With time running out and the meth-head kidnappers growing more brutal each day, Billy scrambles to be the first to find Arlita’s missing granddaughter. But Billy’s always a step behind Arlita… and his next step might just get him killed.

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Broken Heartland: The 2nd Billy Keene Book (The Billy Keene Stories)
by Chad Sanborn
4.3 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Humor & Satire


Sheriff Billy Keene’s still learning on the job–and learning dark secrets about the colorful people in his small, odd hometown of Caulfield.

Racist vandalism (correctly spelled, which passes for a solid clue in Caulfield) pops up after more than a few golfing buddies trade in their first wives for mail-order brides. So when one of the foreign brides is viciously attacked, Billy’s unsure — Is he investigating a hate crime? Or a crime of passion?

With his own love life in chaos – and his life-life in the cross-hairs – Billy discovers that intense passions of all kinds can push people to commit acts of heartbreaking kindness and unspeakable brutality.

In Broken Heartland, the second Billy Keene book, award-winning crime fiction author Chad Sanborn gives readers a menacingly suspenseful page-turner that’s both savagely funny and unflinchingly human.

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