I like to write science fiction because of a simple belief: there really is no magic, only things we don’t understand….yet. Science Fiction is the realm where incredible things become possible because of technology rather than mythical/magical explanations. Just a stretch of the technical imagination is all that’s needed for it to be real….and that means its a possible outcome. I like to write political thrillers because I believe that we’ve been in a dystopia for decades now and it is finally becoming visible in the western world. The third world has known it since before the term Third World was coined. Our fetish attitude towards economic growth rather than focusing on economic development seems suicidal in a finite ecosystem. Eventually we poison it too much for our own species. – Steve M

Earth Seven: And the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath – a Science Fiction Satire (Book 1)
by Steve M
3.6 Stars (18 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment | Satire | Science Fiction

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What if weapon technology advances so fast that a military science fiction universe would be a death sentence?

Simply put, we’d create a weapon that can destroy everything and some idiot would use it.

Welcome to the universe after we finally conquer the urge to blow up everything. But even a universe at peace, is still a very dangerous place.

22 years ago, a spaceship crashed on Earth Seven, a primitive 3 rated planet under contact quarantine. The boy who found the wreckage is now the man who will unite the planet under his rule. Allor heals the sick with alien technology. Allor will end the cult wars. His sister runs an informant network and collects the heads of his rivals. His mother has created a religion to worship him. Oh, dear!

All planets in contact quarantine are called Earth and given a numerical designation. For example, you are on Earth Five. What? Don’t act surprised. Look around. War, famine, poverty, ecological disasters, murderous mythologies, Trump? And no one comes to visit, not a single tourist? You’ve had plenty of clues. Think of it like this, out there, the grownups are in charge, by necessity.

The History Department sends Koven Modi, a rookie Field Historian, to Earth Seven to investigate the use of comms technology on a planet with a medieval civilization. Koven is not the best person for the job, he’s the only one left. Everyone else is out looking for missing Physics Professor Klept and his dog, who might just cause the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies to collide. Koven’s goals are simple. He wants to avoid getting killed, avoid work as much as possible, and avoid getting dumped by Tanit, his girlfriend.

Earth Seven is a story that challenges basic sci-fi assumptions and offers new alternatives. What started as simple thoughts, ‘Why do they always… , what if… ,’ resulted in Earth Seven, a small book of slightly larger ideas.

An example? OK.

How would you like to be the most popular pizza topping in the galaxy? Yea, I didn’t think so. Out among the stars, we’re all vegetarians. What? Ohhhh, you believe pizza was invented on Earth Five? Well that’s delicious, but incorrect.

Read Earth Seven now BEFORE your planet self-destructs (currently a 63.82% probability).

Words your mother won’t like? Definitely.
Imaginary Sex? Of course.
Satirical Viewpoints? Overwhelmingly.

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Mortuis Luna: and the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath (Book 2)
by Steve M
4.5 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Humor & Entertainment | Satire

The End Is Near(er)

Things go from bad to worse very quickly at the University of Centrum Kath. When a desperate idea backfires and results in the largest unrest since the Choso Insurrection, can even Professor Wingut save us this time? Or is he too old and too fat? Will panic spread across the galaxies? Will Professor Klept and his dog be found before a galactic car crash?

Welcome to Aphroditto, the largest virtual reality pleasure center in existence. It’s wildly popular and discrete. Once you leave Apphroditto, its like you were never here. Problem is some customers don’t remember their time in the Puppy Room. And they certainly don’t remember doing that! Bad puppy. Something is going very wrong and very much according to plan.

This time Koven Modi has a simple mission. Deliver a guitar to a delinquent kid to help them become a musical phenomenon. But its on Infelos Neso, a planet known for two things: orange toxic air and Aphroditto. Oh dear. And Tanit still won’t answer any of his numerous messages. Can Koven overcome himself enough to win her back? How can the Jackson Five help him?

What about Rusa? She is beginning to understand her self-awareness. The border between code and consciousness is fading for her. Can Koven really believe that an android misses him? Do her calculations equate to human emotions? Is Koven packed with prejudices from a viewpoint he has never challenged, his species dominant assumptions?

From inside the Great Void, the first battered spaceship re-emerges. What in the heck does that mean?

The University of Centrum Kath loves you.

Book Two, double the satire.
Calcus Majoris indicates there is a 63.82% probability that your planet, Earth Five, will self-destruct soon.

If you haven’t blown up yet, then read Mortuis Luna now and see where it all goes wrong. It will make an entertaining story while you get things in order for your coming demise. It might even cheer you up a little.

This book description is written in compliance with the exception clause for FACTION (Facts Told as Fiction) in accordance with Section 183.17 of the Charter of the History Department at the University of Centrum Kath, the largest repository of knowledge and learning in the universe.

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Forced Entry: The Unravelling (Book 1)
by Steve M
3.8 Stars (42 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Thrillers

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All I could think of was that I would go to prison.
And they would get the money too. I planned for everything, everything except a homeless kid.

What would you do? 4 grow houses. Million of dollars. It was 2014 and the business was changing rapidly.
The kid was looking for a dry place to sleep, away from the cops, away from the shit on the streets.

Some tests we’re not supposed to fail. I wasn’t ready to be tested.

Follow our narrator through the worst day of his life. Dark clouds and bad choices.
Jackson, Mississippi is a tough town. Been that way as long as people can remember.

You want normal? Read something else.

Get Forced Entry now, the unexpected gut punch. The first one is on me. Noir is back.

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The Robespierre Conspiracy: Book One
by Steve M
3.4 Stars (8 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Thrillers | Science Fiction

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China tried to finish off western manufacturing. But they never expected the American response. Nobody did, especially Americans.

In a trade war, the winning country is the one whose people lose the most.

Anderson was a soldier in better times. Now between his divorce, credit card debt, and a truck without insurance, the American dream is nowhere in sight. Then he is offered a job by a mysterious man named Martin – five million dollars is a lot of money! 5 targets in 5 weeks. Who is he working for? What are their goals?

You’ve seen it online. The cute questionnaire with the elephant that asks, ‘which cartoon character best fits you?’ Answer as if your life depends on it. It does. Social Media is a weapon of the government. It always has been, but now mass arrests are coming. You are your threat score. We’re crossing the threshold from ‘do something wrong’ to ‘be someone wrong.’ What if those RETWEETS you made were for government messages designed to get you to self-identify? Remember that LIKE on that controversial picture from the news last week?

Bobby Calhoun is a young Houston television reporter with a comfortable life. He’s got a good job, a pretty fiance, and he manages to slide through without too much effort. Two days from now he will be in over his head and on his way to becoming the most hated man in America. Was it really his fault? No one had heard of ZLM 150151. No terrorist history on them at all. Home grown. Then they made their intentions known with the first five murders. Bobby didn’t ask them to contact him. He thought he was helping. Can he survive his own mistakes?

A decade ago Carl Millibank told a reporter that he would become America’s first trillionaire. He’s doesn’t talk to reporters anymore. Millibank is running the the American response. Carl is a detailed planner type. Plan-Do-Check-Act. Contingencies and risk mitigation. Timelines and deadlines. A formidable man, considered a degenerate by those who know him well. Can he keep America on the road to dystopia?

You don’t just wake up one morning in a dystopia. There is a path. There is a story.

Wide-spread systemic failures are coming and they are all according to plan. Then a rapid shift to the new model. The biggest change to America in over 150 years is starting and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It begins two days from today with the murder of a cop in Houston.

Read The Robespierre Conspiracy now while its still legal. Then delete it, just to be safe.

Words your mother won’t like: Definitely
Imaginary Sex: Of Course
Satirical Viewpoints: Overwhelmingly

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The Robespierre Uprising: Book Two (The Robespierre Conspiracy 2)
by Steve M
Genre: Suspense

60 Million. That’s how many people were sent to the transformational labor camps.Welcome to the American Dystopia.

Ten years later and the initial boom is over. America is in a recession and only phony government statistics tell us that everything is fine.

The Income Paradox has arrived.

In the American future, much has changed —

Now there is a northern wall and a southern wall on our borders Getting into America is hard – getting out is even harder. Abortion is illegal again. Being LGBT is back in the shadows and illegal again. Church attendance is necessary to avoid the camps. Atheists now face a death sentence in god-fearing America
All pregnancy tests are transmitted to your church and they manage the pregnancy – even helping you choose an appropriate biblical name. English is the official language. Speaking anything else is a crime. Our military is now available for hire by other countries, and has become our largest source of government revenues.

In short, it’s the sort of America some people dream of. Strong and Wrong.

Bobby only survived the camps because of his one act of bravery. He’s not a brave man. But desperation causes some people to be something they are not.

Sydney Delos is Vice President and keeps it all running. He has the President’s ear and is her right-hand.. Still, he knows it’s not working the way it was advertised. And he’s scared. The person he loves the most is at risk from the rules he administers. Then, there is the Hinton Confession.

Chris Hinton ran the CIA for twenty three years. On his death bed, he confessed to the Reno bombing, San Diego and Boston, too. He confessed to every act of terrorism he orchestrated on behalf of the Democratic Party in order to swing elections their way. But as a life-long Republican, he didn’t mention a single act done for his side, and there were many.

Now Vice President Delos must decide whether to use the confession to transform the electoral map forever.

Enrique Saba is a member of The Inbreds, a card and chip copying gang that live outside of the law. They steal your data then they steal your money. This small-time thief dreams of getting his mother and sister safely to Spain.

Americans are tired. Americans are poor. Americans have become their own huddled masses.
Americans are angry. Only a spark is needed..

And it is coming.

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