If you’re looking for a gripping story mixed wonderfully with history than look no farther than Geronimo’s Bones by Darrell Bryant. This compelling story will have you turning the pages always wanting more. This mix of story and history makes this a great way to also learn more about our past. Enjoy!

Geronimo’s Bones
by Darrell Bryant
5.0 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction

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On February 17, 1909, in the dark heart of winter, the great Apache leader, Geronimo, dies of pneumonia after 23 years as a prisoner of war of the United States. Days later, a young, highly decorated Marine corporal named Frank Kidd learns of Geronimo’s death. Kidd’s real name is Chaco, and he is Geronimo’s nephew. Orphaned at birth, Chaco was toughened by the cruelties of the white man’s Indian school, battle-hardened by guerrilla warfare, and severely wounded in the 1906 Cuban Pacification Campaign.

Chaco returns to Fort Sill’s Apache POW camp to find his adoptive mother dying and his sister trapped in a brothel. Long-held secrets are soon revealed: Chaco is the old warrior’s last son, and his father’s final wish was to be buried “in the country that knows my name.” To honor that request, Chaco must rescue his sister and liberate Geronimo’s bones from the Apache Cemetery.

During the escape, two white men end up dead. Once an honored hero, now a hunted outlaw, Chaco races west with his sister in a stolen motorcar. As the last Apache warrior, he must pay the price with blood in one of the largest manhunts of the 20th century.

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