A friend of mine showed me a puppy that her friend just adopted. I can’t even handle the cuteness. It’s another Chaweenie like Junebug and it’s five months old. She has two other sisters that are waiting for a loving home. Waiting for me to come along and give one of them a forever home. I realize I am under the influence of the cute, and cute only gets you so far when it comes to house training. Junebug is only 98% house trained. I should go back and re-read my posts where I complained that Junebug would never stop peeing on the floor. I look at her now and think she is the most perfect angel and I never had a problem with her. I should also note that my baby bassets can’t have their bedroom doors left open because she likes to steal their toys and chew on their Legos. I don’t like puppies, remember? REMEMBER????

Tipping Point: Arctic Terrorism Thriller
by Simon Rosser
4.0 Stars (109 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction | Thrillers

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Two Dead Climatologists… An International Conspiracy… A Looming Ecological Disaster…
Tipping Point: There will be no return…
1903: The Arctic’s fabled Northwest Passage is navigated for the first time. 2012: An eminent climatologist is found dead in his London apartment. For Robert Spire, an environmental lawyer, what appears to be a standard executor’s appointment in his client’s will, turns out to be anything but, as he is thrust into an international conspiracy involving a terrorist plot to push the Arctic to its tipping point, and the world to disaster…

TIPPING POINT is a fast-paced climate change adventure thriller which will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

When eminent climatologist Dr Dale Stanton – in the process of studying the Atlantic Ocean’s Thermohaline Circulation – is found dead in his London apartment, environmental lawyer, Robert Spire, is given the task to administer a large legacy left by him to global warming organisations. The job should have been straightforward, until a second climatologist, Dr Jack Bannister drops dead on the other side of the Atlantic.


Spire’s client – suspicious of her son’s death – asks him to travel to San Francisco to investigate Dr Jack Bannister’s death. Whilst there, Spire learns of a plan to seed the Arctic Ocean with an experimental substance – the aim, to prevent, or at least slow the Arctic’s melting ice. A deadly female assassin, graduate from the Russian Academy of Assassins, is tracking Spire’s every move however, leaving no doubt that someone has other plans for the region, and wants the climatologists dead at all costs.


As evidence of increased glacial melt in Greenland and reduction in the Arctic ice mounts, Spire becomes determined to join the joint US/French expedition to seed the Arctic. He soon finds however, that the lives of all on board are in peril as he uncovers a conspiracy which threatens to push the Arctic to its tipping point and the Earth to disaster…

TIPPING POINT is a Climate-Fiction themed Action-thriller, set in London, Paris, San Francisco, along the Northwest Passage all the way to the Arctic…

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by Casey Hays, Anna Faulk
4.7 Stars (49 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Fantasy

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Jude Gallagher thought she was crazy.

It all started when the boy next door made her hear music — inside her head. All the time.

It was torture.

She didn’t think things could get worse. But then one hot summer, her best friend Kane O’Reilly decides to tell her how he really feels about her. Music inside her head? That’s nothing compared what happens next.

Things only turn stranger when she and her lab partner Frankie Melmack begin a project to prove the existence of the Vatra u Krvi — a race of people tied to the mythical Phoenix. Add in a neglectful mother and a magic ring, and the insanity that defines Jude’s life is pretty well complete.

Heat surges across the Nevada desert, and the best and worst parts of Jude Gallagher’s life collide as myth meets reality. In the middle of the chaos, she begins to hear more than just music. And she has to wonder…

Maybe… just maybe… she really is crazy after all.

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Jack Be Nimble Jack Be Dead: A Penny Preston Cozy Mystery (A Penny Preston Mystery Book 1)
by Wendy Owens, Amy Donnelly
4.4 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Women’s Fiction

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Wyoming Ohio is the place you move when you are ready for the quiet life — at least that’s what Penny Preston thought.

Five years ago, Penny Preston found herself divorced and alone in San Diego, CA. With only her Dachshund named Piper and the possessions she could fit in her beat up Chevy Malibu, Penny decided to take her Aunt up on her offer to move in with her in Wyoming, Ohio, and help her run her coffee shop. She never imagined her Aunt passing away or her leaving the shop to her, but that’s exactly what happened.

Besides the occasional nosy community member creating a stir around unsubstantiated gossip, life was peaceful — that’s until Penny’s life got messy… as in red body messy. Jack Eggerton, the local dog catcher, is found dead in the back of the animal shelter Penny runs in her spare time. After a heated argument between her and Jack about a missing dog, it appears the finger is pointed directly at Penny Preston. Enlisting the help of her seamstress neighbor, Linda, and her chubby Dachshund, Piper, with whom she has a rather peculiar connection to, Penny sets out to unveil the killer before she is left paying for a crime she didn’t commit…

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Tempting Josh (The Truth Series Book 1)
by Brenda St John Brown
4.1 Stars (28 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Contemporary Fiction

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Sometimes second chances come with a price.

The last thing I need in my life is a man. Been there, done that. Have the vindictive ex and the lawyer bills to prove it. I definitely shouldn’t be noticing Josh Devereaux’s smile. Or his abs.

But he’s persistent, I’ll give him that. And it’s just one night. Or at least it was supposed to be.

And the question isn’t if you’ll pay, but how much.

What are the odds of Ella Ingraham walking into a bar in Horatio, Arkansas? Pretty high, apparently, because here she is. Smiling. Flirting. Look damn good in those Daisy Dukes.

I shouldn’t even be talking to her, let alone asking her to dinner and thinking about dessert. But she doesn’t know who I am or what I’ve done. If I’m careful, I can keep it that way.

NOTE: Previously titled Lies We Live.

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Italian Cookbook: 100 Italian Recipes to Make at Home
by Jack Johns
4.9 Stars (22 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Italia is the country of the different tastes and colorful ancient history!

It is easy to fall in love with the delightful food and traditions of Italy. This country is famous not only for the food but also by legendary places that are worth to visit for everyone!

The Italian dishes have fabulous taste and unforgettable smell! All the meals are original and unrepeatable! If we talk about Italian desserts, it is very difficult to forget the fluffy and melted taste of tiramisu or pannacotta. It looks like these desserts are very easy to cook and everyone can do it.

This book will open to you the huge world of Italian cuisine – extraordinary and sometimes spicy. Some of the recipes need special preparations and some can be cooked by the beginners.

This book will help you to cook the most omnibus meal in easy and clear to understand way. Here are no any complicated directions and unknown ingredients.

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