Junebug is finally back home! Poor little thing looks like she was run over by a truck. She has about two weeks of recovery ahead of her, which seems like a small price to pay for a long and happy life. I am worried though that she will blame all of this on me. She isn’t her peppy self. That could be the painkillers, but she keeps looking at me like I let these horrible people do this to her. It doesn’t help that I keep giving her medicine that tastes terrible and makes her drool. So not only did I take her to the vet where they did terrible things to her, but now I am forcing her to eat really nasty medicine. I am hoping lots and lots of snuggles will make up for it.

Broken (Nevada James #1) (Nevada James Mysteries)
by Matthew Storm
4.4 Stars (429 Reviews)
Genre: Crime Fiction | Mystery

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Three years ago, top San Diego homicide detective Nevada James played a deadly game of cat and mouse with an infamous serial killer called the Laughing Man… and lost. The Laughing Man spared her life, but the nightmares that followed ended her career as a police officer.

Having lost everything, Nevada is content to do odd jobs to keep a step ahead of the bill collectors and fund her out-of-control drinking problem. But that changes when Alan Davies, a local crime lord, comes to her with a problem. His wife and daughter are missing and he can’t go to the police. If Nevada helps him, he’ll pay her enough that she’ll never have to worry about money again.

But what should have been a simple missing persons case quickly turns deadly. Alan Davies has enemies, and in the course of trying to save his family Nevada finds herself in the middle of a gang war. But her own demons are even more menacing, and the Laughing Man is still out there.

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Interesting Times (Interesting Times #1)
by Matthew Storm
4.5 Stars (411 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Mythology & Folk Tales

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Oliver Jones is the most dangerous man in the world.

At least, someone out there believes he is. Oliver himself thought he was one of the world’s duller men, working as a financial analyst in San Francisco by day and eating microwave dinners by himself every night. That was until he befriended a stray cat, and then one lonely night the cat began to speak to him.

Now Oliver is on the run, hunted by an inhuman assassin whose client believes Oliver is the “Destroyer of Worlds.” His only hope for survival rests with a trio of unlikely new allies: A werewolf with a fondness for Hawaiian shirts, an emotionless little girl who is much, much older than she appears, and a genocidal gunfighter with a serious anger management problem.

And there’s that talking cat, of course. But that’s a little harder to explain…

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by Lexi Mase
4.3 Stars (12 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Humor & Satire | Contemporary Fiction

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Who knew turning 40 would be this much fun?

Bridgette Thompson hasn’t left her children for more than a few hours since she gave birth thirteen years ago, and traded a job for a baby and suits for sweats. Three kids and a zillion dollars in baby-butt cream later, her best friend, Doreen, asks her to celebrate the ‘biggie birthday’ with a long weekend in Canada. Bridgette is convinced her family would never survive without her. Plus, her workaholic husband would never allow it. Not that he is ever around to discuss it anyway.??

After too many glasses of wine, Bridgette agrees to the girl trip. Despite her lack of a vacation-suitable wardrobe or her brain-swelling worrying, she hits the road ready to relax and unwind. But Doreen has a few extra stops in mind along the way, and none of them are anywhere close to Canada.

The more trouble the girls get into, the more Bridgette begins to see the reality of what she left behind and accepts her fate to rediscover who she was before life became stale Cheerios and biodegradable diapers.

Bridgette is already walking the line in her so obviously bad marriage, sure its full of deception and a cheating husband but never quite able to prove it. She had big goals once, but now if she folds a load of laundry and remembers to eat lunch she’s barely checking anything off her list. Her parenting model consists of obsessing over websites with facts that must be true and advice that must be implemented.

She’s killing herself trying to keep her teenage daughter a little girl, and her toddler from acting like a teenager. She’s pretty sure her tween son is sneaking Playboy magazines. While navigating the challenges of parenting, Bridgette is fighting off a midlife crisis as 40 approaches, her husband consistently ‘works’ late at the office, and she’s still not accomplished anything close to what she thought she would in her once hopeful career.

How on earth did she get to the place she is in life? Oh yeah, she married a complete, total a-hole that has stripped her of the independent girl she used to be.

And it’s time to get that girl back.

Thank goodness for girlfriends. Doreen, best friend of over thirty years, single mom, and barfly that has the body of an Olympic Sprinter can be quite persuasive. Bridgette feels like her family won’t last without her; that they’ll starve, wear the same clothes for days, not a tooth will be brushed, and the house will just crumble to the ground. But Doreen is over it. It’s time for Bridgette to escape her domestic prison and see the world the way she once dreamed about.

The long overdue vacation introduces Bridgette to people she never knew could exist (hello vacation romance!), places she thought she’d never visit, and experiences she thought she’d never have.

As Doreen leads Bridgette further away from the vacation’s original destination, Bridgette realizes she just might be getting closer to the life she was meant to live, and the man she was meant to live it with.

Girl Trip is a story that celebrates the hard work it is to be a mom, the quest to hold onto our identities, the importance of our best girl friends, and the need to get away every now and then. The story of Bridgette and Doreen defines the type of friendships we girls crave in life, and delves into how our pasts dictate how we make choices in our future, and how maybe it all played out exactly as it needed to.

Follow this humorous journey between two best friends that will make you want to pack it all up and hit the road. Take an escape and leave life in the dust. You may just rediscover who you were meant to be.

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Desserts and Deception (Margot Durand Cozy Mystery Book 2)
by Danielle Collins
4.7 Stars (34 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction

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A delicious tale of desserts, deception, and murder

Margot Durand is running a growing bakery business in a quaint little town near Washington DC. When a man is murdered in the craft store run by her friend, she does everything she can to catch the killer and protect her friend. In the process, she uncovers a story of lies and deception. Can she solve the case, catch the killer, and keep out of harms way?

Desserts and Deception is part of the Margot Durand Cozy Mystery series. If you like fun cozy mysteries, you are going to love Desserts and Deception.

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Paleo Cast Iron Skillet Recipes
by Louise Davidson, Marjorie Kramer
4.2 Stars (11 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine | Health, Fitness & Dieting

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Delicious Paleo Recipes Cooked in Cast iron skillets! What could be better?
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To cook or not to cook – that is the question that comes to the minds of even the best of at-home chefs after a long and tiring day. Cooking can be a big production if you want to cook clean, healthy meals, and if you have switched over to the Paleo lifestyle, it can seem like an even greater challenge.

Paleo Cast Iron Recipes book is ready to rescue you from those mid-week cooking blues with simple recipes that can be whipped up in a single handy-dandy cast iron skillet. Yes, you read that right. Just one pan and you can have a meal that is fit for kings or the royalty sitting at your very own table!

Today we have become used to easy-peasy meals in boxes, frozen dinners, and microwaveable feasts to help us out on those lazy days. However, if you have gone Paleo, that just isn’t an option anymore, and that is why this book is here to help.

In this book, you will find a fantastic collection of recipes designed for the Paleo cook with precious time. The offerings include delicious meaty meals like Pancetta Meatballs and Beef Ragu or a Beef and Sweet Potato Casserole that is going to have everybody asking for seconds.

We have tried to give you some variety by taking this cookbook to all four corners of the globe, so be sure to try out Indian Chicken Biryani with Mint Chutney, Cashew-Parm Chicken, or Fish Tacos with a lovely Orange Cilantro Salad.

The cookbook has a delicious selection of vegetarian dishes that you can use as sides or as a stand-alone meal. Plus, the sides section provides standard recipes like ZuCa Noodles and Flaxseed Tortillas to accompany other dishes.

With 35 recipes, you are guaranteed to have a month’s worth of delicious Paleo meals that are easy to whip up in one dish. The dishes are clean, whole foods, and so delicious that you can bask in your at-home chef prowess without spending hours in the kitchen.

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