Solar Storm: Season 1 by Marcus Richardson, is the complete set of all five Solar Storm episodes in one book, including a never-before seen bonus chapter previously cut from Episode 1. Over 400 pages of post-apocalyptic chaos and survival, Solar Storm: Season 1 is told through the eyes of average people, some more prepared than others, and offers a glimpse into a very real future that could happen at any time.

Solar Storm: Season 1: AFTERMATH
by Marcus Richardson
Genre: Science Fiction

When stars flare, civilizations fall.

What would you do to save your family if the world were plunged back into the Dark Ages? Jay Cantrell must face that question after a massive coronal mass ejection slams into our world and creates a global blackout that may last for generations.

His wife, Kate, is an airline pilot, on a routine flight to Hawaii when the lights go out and she’s forced to fight or die as she travels across the country.

Leah, Jay’s daughter, is trapped at school when the power grid dies and witnesses first hand what the collapse of society looks like, up close and personal.

The sun will produce another CME that strikes Earth — it’s not a question of if, but when. Are you ready?

-Episode 1: IMPACT
-Episode 3: FAITH
-Episode 4: ENDURANCE
-Episode 5: HOME

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