The Crafted Series by Brooklyn Shivers are deliciously addictive cozy mysteries that are suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy lighthearted cozy witch mysteries. Enjoy!

Two Scoops With A Witch (The Craftfield Series Book 2)
by Brooklyn Shivers
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Short Stories | Mystery

Add in a jealous boyfriend, a town busybody and a corpse and Lily’s new life as a witch gets complicated.

Lily Thomas isn’t interested in learning more about her family’s secrets. As far as she’s concerned, they can just stay right where they are – hidden away. So what if she comes from a long line of witches? She’s got the town’s ice cream shop to run.

But being a witch comes with some perks. Visions. She tries to ignore them, but her so-called gifts won’t let her be. The images come whether she’s got her eyes open or shut. Even worse, her ex-boyfriend has taken the starring role in her visions.

Hunky, adorable, boy-that-got-away, Michael has been accused of murder. Lily knows he’s been framed and she can get him off the hook.

All she needs to do is close her ice cream store, track down Michael and set things straight. But even with her visions, Lily can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Add in a jealous boyfriend, a town busybody and a corpse and Lily’s new life as a witch gets complicated.

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A Witch’s Rocky Road (The Craftfield Series Book 1)
by Brooklyn Shivers
4.4 Stars (10 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

Lily Thomas runs an ice cream shop with her mom and believes her life is totally normal… until she has a nightmare. Thinking it was just a horrible dream, she brushes it off. Later, she has a vision of the same thing and freaks out when she can’t get hold of her mom.

Across town and stuck in traffic, she calls the cops to check on her mom. Sure enough, her mom’s dead. The problem is the cops think it’s an accident from a burglary. Lily’s intuition won’t leave her alone, and she decides to find the guilty party on her own.

Add in a busybody, a grumbling neighbor, aunt’s away on holiday in the Bahamas, a boyfriend acting weird and a new one showing up in town.
Lily’s got her hands full. But, the only thing on her mind is catching the killer and trying to figure out why she’s having visions with her eyes wide open and even when they’re shut.

A clean romance novella. This is the first volume of the “The CraftField Series”. It is a standalone.

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