Death at Egg Harbor is a full-length novel that is both funny and poignant, featuring the lovable small town characters, cat hijinks, adventure, and sweet romance readers have come to expect from Alannah Rogers, author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Beatrice Young cozy cat mysteries. Enjoy!

Death at Egg Harbor (A Jamie Burger Novel Book 1)
by Alannah Rogers
4.1 Stars (21 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Mystery | Satire

Three generations of women. One family funeral business. Two suitors. And a very fat cat.

After living in Minneapolis for twenty years, forty-two-year-old Jamie Burger moves back to her hometown of Egg Harbor, Minnesota heartbroken and broke. Her only possessions: a small suitcase and her faithful friend Fat Bob the cat. Moving back in with her mom and grandma is hard enough, but she soon finds herself doing what she’s always avoided — running the family funeral home.

Her first client: her best friend Duffy Davis, whose dad has just passed. But it seems like Mr. Davis had a few big skeletons in his closet, including a secret second family. As Jamie helps negotiate the ensuing court battle, she’s also busy being romanced by her high school crush, falling for Duffy’s brother, and trying to stay as far away from dead bodies as she possibly can.

This novel has no foul language, sex, or gratuitous violence, though there are some graphic details about the natural process of death and all that funeral homes entail.

**Please note that this novel was formerly titled “Nice Day for a Funeral.” The cover and title have been updated. As of 2017, the novel has been completely re-edited to fix typos.**

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