I think I lucked out. After all the work I did in the garden moving plants from their pots into the ground, I think most, if not all, have lived. A week later and they have not turned in to dried up twigs is a good sign. They couldn’t dry up any way with all this rain, but the green leaves are a good sign. I know the rain is good, but I am really ready for Spring to hit. While cleaning out the pots I had stored on the other side of the house I found a ton of bulbs I had forgotten about, and I planted all of them in one large pot. Right now a few of them are peeking out of the soil. Once the tulips are peeking, Spring should be here. It’s a rule!

COZY MYSTERY: Murder At Starlight Resort (A Rare Catch Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Liz Turner
4.3 Stars (13 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Women’s Fiction | Literary Fiction

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Welcome to Starlight Resort, a luxurious getaway where you can enjoy some fresh mountain air, terrific nighttime views of the stars, fantastic cuisine, and murder?

This catering job is the big break Veronica Koche hopes will establish her business. As owner and head chef of her restaurant, the Rare Catch, a chance to cater for the influential Buckner family could be a fantastic launching pad.

Things are going great until one of the family members is discovered dead in the pool.

When the local police seem slow to investigate, Veronica and her sous chef Sakura are compelled to help solve the mystery. Working alongside the handsome Maximilian Bernard, a Private Investigator, they sort through some elusive family issues to finally uncover the truth.

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Steel, Blood & Fire (Immortal Treachery Book 1)
by Allan Batchelder
4.5 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Mythology & Folk Tales | Horror | War

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On the march, around the campfire, and in the taverns, they tell incredible stories about Tarmun Vykers, the Reaper – how he’s never been cut in battle, how he once defeated hundreds of men by himself, how he exterminated an entire people over an insult. These stories make Vykers seem like a god, but he is a man, an arrogant, ruthless and bloodthirsty man. For all that, he may be the only thing standing between the human race and utter annihilation at the hands of the mad wizard who calls himself the End-of-All-Things. Against this backdrop, smaller, lesser folks struggle to fulfill their own destinies, folks like Aoife, burdened with a secret so dark she is driven to do the unimaginable and seek an alliance with fey powers no mortal has ever encountered.

Readers 17+ please.

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The Lady’s Slipper
by Deborah Swift
3.8 Stars (30 Reviews)
Genre: Literary Fiction | Historical Fiction

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When English artist Alice Ibbetson discovers a rare orchid, the lady’s-slipper, she is captivated by its beauty and fragility. It is the last surviving specimen and she wants to paint it and tend it for future generations.

But she is not the only one who wants the flower – a herbalist wants it for its medicinal properties, and a ruthless landowner hopes that, like the tulip craze, it might restore his ailing fortunes. And pitted against them all is Richard Wheeler, the handsome man of new-found faith, whose searing honesty causes more danger than any deceit.

Soon Alice finds herself caught up in a web of danger, treachery and unexpected passion.

A story of drama, intrigue and romance set in 17th century England.

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WEBCAM – A Novel of Terror (The Konrath/Kilborn Collective)
by J.A. Konrath, Jack Kilborn
4.3 Stars (66 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Suspense

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Someone is stalking webcam models.

He lurks in the untouchable recesses of the black web.

He’s watching you. Right now.

When watching is no longer enough, he comes calling.

He’s the last thing you’ll ever see before the blood gets in your eyes.

Chicago Homicide Detective Tom Mankowski (The List, Haunted House) is no stranger to homicidal maniacs. But this one is the worst he’s ever chased, with an agenda that will make even the most diehard horror reader turn on all their lights, and switch off all Internet, wifi, computers, and electronic devices.

Jack Kilborn reaches down into the depths of depravity and drags the terror novel kicking and cyber-screaming into the 21st century.

I’m texting you from inside your closet. Wanna play? 🙂

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Homesteading: Guide For Beginners 
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Learn How to Build Your Homestead Today!

This book contains tried and tested techniques on how to become a reliable, self-sufficient homesteader. As you go through the chapters in this book, you will learn about what it takes to find a place for your dream homestead, or create a self-sufficient home even if you reside in an urban or suburban area.

If you have always wanted to learn the basics of vegetable gardening, or if you wished you had more ideas on how to start an herb garden, then you’ve found the right book! You will also get to know more about keeping egg-laying hens in your backyard, or in a proper coop on your homestead. In addition, the book will teach you the basics of goat raising and milking. You will soon find yourself equipped with enough knowledge to conquer the challenge of creating your own homestead!

You’re about to discover how to… Become a self-sufficient individual, raise organic crops and healthy livestock on any size of land, and provide your family and friends with premium, homegrown food! This book will change your life, and lead you on the path to becoming more independent, thrift and productive. You will learn about the basics of homesteading, and how to prepare your land for future vegetables and herbs, as well as livestock ranging from small chickens to medium-sized goats. This book will give you plenty of information on how to raise a flock of hens or a herd of goats for your family’s consumption, as well as how to prepare garden plots and compost pits.

Having and maintaining a homestead can be quite the challenge, but rest assured that you will benefit from fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat, eggs and so much more! Once you know the basics of homesteading, you will be able to engage in clearing a piece of land, and going straight to work on your goat pens, chicken coop, vegetable plots, and maybe even some cow or sheep pastures for future expansions.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

• Ideas for Urban and Hybrid Homesteads

• Tips for Turning Small Backyards into More Productive Spaces

• Learn How to Prepare Soil for Garden Plots

• Ideas for Herb Gardening

• Aquaponics in the Homestead

• The Basics of the Chicken Coop

• Incubators and Brooders: Add Healthy Chicks to Your Flock!

• Building Sturdy Fences and Pens for Your Goat Herd

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