The Corner Store Witch by H.D. Lynn is a nerdy, anime inspired fun read for fans of fantasy. Think Chronicles of Narnia but with more swearing, more katanas, and less allegory. Enjoy!

The Corner Store Witch: Book 1: You Meet at an Inn
H.D. Lynn
4.3 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | Teen & Young Adult

Leone owns Pulp Magic (Comics, Books, Games, & More). Angry customers are her biggest concern–until a man from another world literally drops into her shop. And oni have followed him. Leone defends herself with a magical staff, which marks her with powerful runes. Her supernatural tattoo sleeves make her desperately thirsty, yet practically allergic to water–and oh, they foretell the fate of the realms of demons, gods, and men. With her four friends and inter-dimensional guide, Leone travels to the realm of the gods, searching for magical cosmetic surgery. She doesn’t want to carry the fate of the world literally on her arms. But the truth she finds–of a war raging between worlds–changes her, challenges her. What’s a nerd to do with the fate of all worlds at stake? Ah yes, kick some demon ass.

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