If you are ready for a fast-paced, heart pounding, page turning book, then look no further than JET:Oblivion by author Kim Cresswell. This book is exceptionally written. Very easy to stay with the plot, fast moving and very smooth. Ms. Cresswell was able to keep the tension heightened through the entire novella. From the introduction of a terrorist attack through tracking the people responsible, the characters are vivid and dynamic, and entirely believable.

JET: Oblivion (Kindle Worlds Novella)
Kim Cresswell
Genre: Mystery

After a catastrophic terrorist attack at a nuclear plant in California, JET, Mossad’s former deadliest operative, is leading a quiet life off the grid two-hundred-and-seventy miles away with her young daughter. But peace is short-lived when former FBI agent, Hal Decker, and ex-intelligence officer, Angela Donahue, track Jet down and blackmail her into helping them stop a new threat. In a race against the clock the team must hunt down an al Qaeda terrorist cell working with the Sur del Calle cartel before a dirty bomb is smuggled out of Colombia and into the United States unleashing a deadlier attack at a second nuclear facility.

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