Abbi Blake draws you right into the storyline from the first page. She brings the characters to life quickly, and you become involved with each of them flawlessly as they are introduced into the storyline. The Monster Dating Agency is funny, imaginative, entertaining and one becomes easily addictive to wanting to read more from the series. It is refreshing and perfect for anyone wanting a little something different. Enjoy!

The Monster Dating Agency Boxset
Abbi Blake
5.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Satire | Romance | Teen & Young Adult

This is the 7 book paranormal series of The Monster Dating Agency short story collection, all in a single Box Set.

Amy begins her new job working at the dating office, but she could never have imagined the surprises which lay in store for her new career. Arriving at her workplace she finds that she will be working alongside a young female Ogre called Mimi. Mimi is a force of nature. Young and impetuous, Mimi has a knack of getting herself into trouble into which Amy is always drawn. Despite this, their friendship grows and their lives become interlinked. Among all this drama, Amy has to contend with creatures that she has never interacted with before, as they arrive looking for relationships, love, and companionship. Finding dates for zombies, witches, trolls, shifters, and some humans, often proves to be a challenging task for Amy. Even more so when she finds little help from Mimi, who is more interested in her own love life, than in the lives of their clients. This comedy collection of short stories will bring a smile to your face.

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